Guide to the most famous places of tourism in Zakopane, the city of Zakopane witnessed an international turnout of tourists from all parts of the world in the recent period, whether with the aim of spending holidays or relaxing, and enjoying the beauty of the city, and its charm that is not compensated by any other place, what are the secrets of this city ?, and what are the available opportunities To have fun? A lot of mysterious things are revealed to you in order not to miss the opportunity to visit all the amazing places in Zakopane.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Zakopane:

Tourism in Zakopane is an unforgettable experience, especially by nature lovers. Wherever you go, you will find green areas, calm weather, high mountains, and rivers. You will also be able to wander around, and the cable car rises more than two thousand meters above sea level.

Majestic Tatra Mountains:

The city has a height of more than 110 km, which makes it very suitable for lovers of snow where you can go to Mount Gionet, which exceeds a thousand meters, and it enables you to see the entire city with a wonderful panoramic view.


It is prepared for the cities in Europe, which are very close to Zakopane, which allows you to enjoy the calm climate, its beauty in this small town, and the inhalation of the outdoors.

Mountain nature, wonderful waterfalls:

There are many mountains with lush landscapes, in which an infinite number of paths that extend long distances in the woods extend in addition to the impressive waterfalls. You can easily reach the sparkling lakes, which are indispensable to mention the most famous lake Moorsky Oko lake around the world.

Zakopane traditions:

Many residents of southern Poland have their own customs and traditions, and this can be seen by noticing the design of houses, and the buildings made of carved wood with many very attractive decorations. Many festivals and festivals are held in the summer to develop and foster pride in Zakopane heritage.

Food in the city of Zakopane:

There are many restaurants in the city specializing in preparing Polish food dishes famous for the beauty and splendor of taste, and one of the most famous main dishes of Zakopane restaurants is the Osebik dish that contains mountain cheese made from sheep’s milk, and stuffed in many pastries presented dazzlingly, and very beautiful as it is The case in all dishes served in this city is distinct architecture. You can also stroll through these streets where you will find a lot of carts in the city center, which sells cheese made from sheep’s milk as a separate meal on its own, and for a small price if you want to try it.
Freshly prepared cheese can also be bought from huts found in many villages, and the fields are located at the foot of the mountain.

Various activities on tourism in Zakopane:

There are many activities that can be done in the city thanks to its height above the ground with a distance of one thousand kilometers, and the abundance of slopes so you can practice hobby climbing mountains or take advantage of the vast green areas for jogging or snow skiing. It can be said that the city allows you to practice all sports, regardless of the environment that each sport needs due to the climate diversity that exists in it because of the multiple heights in the city. They welcome tourists from all over the world, and rejoice with tourists as an important economic factor for the country.

Zakopane Airport:

Zakopane has no airport. As for the closest airports to the city of Zakopane, they are represented by the following:

  • Krakow airport, which is two hours away from the city only eight minutes.
  • Airport, Warsaw, which is 5 hours away from Zakopane, a quarter by car.
  • Vienna Airport, which is 4 hours away from Zakopane, is one-third by car.
  • Shopping in Zakopane:

    • There are many shopping opportunities available in the city of Zakopane, in addition to the purity of the atmosphere, the beauty of nature, and the calm of the city, which will make you feel a lot of relaxation during the purchase. Zakopane has many local products, gifts and souvenirs of the most prominent landmarks of the city.
    • You can stroll down Kroyuki Street to take pictures or shop, and buy widgets as it is the town’s main street and trade center. You will find many tourists, and indigenous people on the street throughout the day, and at night you will also find many cafes, fine restaurants and popular cafes.
    • You can ride a horse to take you on an unforgettable tour, and it gives you the opportunity to see the city from a different angle, and enjoy the view of the convincing wooden buildings as well as the large number of shops, the presence of all areas, and luggage in this lively street.

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