With the advent of spring, the first flowers bloom to paint the most wonderful natural paintings, the most famous of the most beautiful and most beautiful cherry blossoms, or as the Japanese call it (Sakura). These flowers are symbolic and of great importance in Japan, where we find their drawings in traditional clothes such as kimonos, pots, paintings, manga and anime. Sakura flowers are accompanied by samurai and kamikaze warriors. Cherry blossom leaves are used in Japanese food, where they are pickled with salt and placed on Japanese sweets or prepared by sakurai tea by adding cherry blossoms in hot water. Tea is served at weddings and important occasions.
Cherry flowersThe Japanese are very interested in the issue of opening cherry blossoms where they go to public parks, temples and shrines to establish “Hanami”, which is a festive beauty that opens sakura blossoms and other flowers such as peach tree flowers, which is also an opportunity to relax, relax and enjoy the scenery of flowers and beautiful trees. Cherry trees are found in most school gardens and government buildings. Since the fiscal and academic years start together in April, the first day of work or study coincides with a season when cherry blossoms open.
Japan is the most famous country for celebrating the opening of cherry blossoms, but these blossoms open in other countries and give a special luster and character to the spring. We will give you the most beautiful places around the world to see the cherry blossoms open:

1- Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan


2- Jin Hye Goo, South Korea Jinhae-gu, South Korea

South Korea

3- Washington DC, USA

Washington cherry season opens4- Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Sweden cherry trees5- Bonn, Germany

Bonn Germany cherry trees6- Middle Atlas, Morocco

Morocco, cherry trees7- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand cherry trees8- Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Canada9- Paris, France

Paris France10- Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul cherry trees

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