The most beautiful places to walk in Dubai

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The best places to walk in Dubai, there is no doubt that the sport of hiking is one of the beneficial and enjoyable sports on the psychological level and the physical level as well. The commitment to walking helps to gain a positive and pleasant habit, and stimulates the energies of the body to face all diseases in a good way, and in our following article is a guide to the most important places for walking in Dubai in Arab travelers.

The most beautiful places to walk in Dubai

The places designated for walking in Dubai are of great importance, as they are listed below the list provided by the Emirati community in general, and Dubai community in particular for the tourist places. That is why we discover with you the most important of these places as follows:

Dubai Marina Walk

  • Dubai Marina Walk is characterized as one of the oldest spaces offering a chance to stroll alongside the Dubai Port. There you will find many and varied restaurants, and you will enjoy watching the city lights at night, as well as the sailing yachts view. You can also ride bikes or enjoy running all day.
  • The walkway thrives with visitors on weekends, which makes walking a little difficult, and makes the decision of tourists is to walk the days of the last week or rent a car or bus to take a walk on the day of rent.

Dubai Creek Corniche

It is considered one of the tourism projects that was established to divide Dubai into two parts, and it is considered a natural port for ships and commercial trips.
It was also possible to rent a private boat to take a cruise to see the wonderful sights of Dubai.

Festival Walk

The walk is located near Dubai Festival Mall. It features walking near the waterway, and laser shows that take place every half an hour. There are also various restaurants and cafes on the walk, as well as places for children to play, beautiful seating and cinema.
There are also shops for the most famous international brands of clothing, cosmetics and furniture. Visitors will also enjoy the scenery of the Dancing Fountain and the panoramic view of Dubai.

City Walk Dubai

  • This modern space has been designed according to the latest international models. You will find yourself surrounded by shops, restaurants, hotels, and residential buildings, which allow you to walk around in order to get the most pleasure.
  • Busy Walk offers restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines from around the world, satisfying for all tastes, as well as cafes, perfumes, clothing, cosmetics, health care, furniture, accessories, and arts, and children’s play stores.
  • City Walk also has spaces for fun and learning for children. There is Cloud 7 to help children create technology, and there is also a field to explore Green Planet Forest, as well as Zero Zero, the Activity Center, and Honey Bee Nursery, all of which provide children with a fun environment that they love and love to spend time in a way security.
  • City Walk also offers beauty salons and various shops to provide treatment and health care.
  • It remains to point out that the Walk Walk area is distinguished as a tourist destination for visitors to the emirate of Dubai, who go to it, and you really enjoy it.

The Walk

  • One of the best places to walk in Dubai is the walkway located in Dubai’s GPR entertainment area. It has shops, restaurants and cafes to serve the purpose of shopping and hiking at the same time.
  • This is in addition to the fact that it is characterized by the presence of temporary stores for accessories, jewelry and outdoor accommodation, in addition to the presence of an external cinema, as well as some entertainment shows presented by a group of artists.

Emir of Dubai

Among the latest projects that were opened in Jumeirah, Dubai. It is located on the shore of Jumeirah, and the La Mer promenade provides a lot of shops, restaurants and cafes that overlook the sea shore, and there is a parking space and a cinema. Visitors to Emir Walk Dubai enjoy the Box Park design, in the cheerful and bright colors of the walkways.


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