The most beautiful regions of Belgium for tourism and entertainment

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Guide to the most beautiful regions of Belgium is recommended to visit, traveling to Belgium is one of the most beautiful adventures that you can do in your life because the town is beautiful, attractive, and it has many cities that are characterized by modern practical life, and that contains a lot of shops and galleries for shows in addition to the spread of museums in it so what are The most important cities in the city, and where you can enjoy a unique experience, and where can you buy Belgian clothes, souvenirs for parents and loved ones? All this, and more, follow us.

The most beautiful regions of Belgium – a tourist program in Belgium:

We show you a comprehensive tourist program about the cities in Belgium, and the most important tourist destinations in each of them, so follow us.

Belgium tourist cities:

The most important tourist cities that you can visit in Belgium are the following:


It has all the important institutions in the country thanks to its excellent location in addition to being the capital of the country, especially the middle of it, and it was built in the thirteenth century, and there are many bars in addition to the buildings designed on the magnificent Gothic styles, shops selling clothes, trade, and theaters filled with art lovers , And the theater in addition to restaurants that prepare Belgian food at the highest level, and cafes in the streets, which have the character of the modern city fast.


The capital of the Limburg region is one of the places known about the magic of nature, the beauty of the climate, and the nature of the atmosphere in general. Gothic architecture.
You can visit the collegiate church from Sainte, which is one of the most beautiful churches built in the sixteenth century in addition to the alabaster statues.

Belgian Dinant:

The city is located along the Meuse River, which follows the province of Namur, just five and sixty kilometers from the capital of southern Belgium.
Among the most important landmarks are the Han Cave and the Dinant Caves, which attract many tourists from all over the place. These caves are among the most beautiful and exciting places around the world, which belong to the wild reserve, and spread in it natural plants, rare animals in addition to the many landmarks of the city, and ancient churches, which makes visitors accept them every year.

Bruges Belgium:

Bruges is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the town. It is famous for it, the presence of water channels, and the abundance of bridges prepared from beautiful stones, which resemble the bridges of Venice, which is the reason for the name of Bruges in Venice North. Many people who are getting married choose this city for their honeymoon, due to the beauty of windmills and the number of poetic birds such as pelicans.


It is one of the cities located near France, and it is a favorite of tourists looking for tranquility in Belgium, due to the greatness of its cultural history, which included many of the events that occurred in the city for more than two thousand years.
It is considered one of the most beautiful places where churches spread, and among the most famous of them are the Church of Gothic and Roman Notre Dame, which were built in the 12th and 13th centuries.


There are among the hills, forests with beautiful green areas, and famous for their water purity, the abundance of springs, and their extreme purity, which makes them an attraction for marine tourism lovers, and enjoying the scenic views in addition to the spread of resorts


If you love architecture, unique designs, you will definitely love the Verne buildings and its huge square. Many tourists visit the city with the aim of visiting the Church of the Saint, and the medieval Bargha.

She sang:

It is one of the cities of Belgium with a great history, which is clearly embodied in its medieval architecture, and still preserves the beauty of heritage, the greatness of construction, and training. There are many museums in Ghent, the cathedrals that you have to visit in addition to the Gravensten castle, known for its beauty.


It is home to Catholics around the world with a population of more than 100 thousand people, including 35 thousand students, which makes it one of the vital cities in Belgium, and there are many shops with international brands, and amazing exhibitions that always offer unique art of its kind. You can buy a lot of things from the Leuven Market and you will also find the most beautiful dishes prepared by the most skilled chefs around the world in addition to the possibility to enjoy sitting in cafes spread in the side alleys.
The city of Leuven makes it come after Brussels as a way to explore Belgium and move between its different cities.


It is the smallest city around the world as a whole, and the coolest cities in the town at the same time, no one visits the path, and does not feel the splendor of engineering design, green green hills, and alleys that smell fragrant from the ancient past, the roads are lined with gravel, and tourists are advised to walk around the city on foot In order to explore its magnificent streets, shopping in shops that include international brands have a western character, there is also on the bank of the River Urs, a giant seventeenth-century castle in Derby, in addition to the Topiary Park, where the plant is designed in the form of animals, and humans.


Antwerp is one of the important cities that you cannot miss because it is one of the most important centers of the diamond industry around the world, which is the reason for the proliferation of diamond stores in it in addition to clothing stores, and modern fashion with innovative designs, and unique.
The beauty of the architecture can be seen in the city’s antique palaces on the Gothic and Baroque styles.

Two problems:

It is considered one of the cities whose economy is based on tourism, where many tourists come to visit a school of Carillion, and obtain instructions on the instrument for playing this difficult type of bells.

Shopping in Belgium:

Stockwell Square Belgium:

There is in the capital of Belgium, Brussels, and St. Peter comes after it, which is one of the largest commercial centers that contain a lot of stores that sell everything from clothes to different foods, and it is very popular among tourists, and the city’s residents provide everything you need It contains even hard-to-get products.

Place de Grand Sablon:

It was called this name because the land in the beginning was sand, and now it is filled with art galleries, restaurants, and elegant cafes, and museum dealers are concentrated in it, making it one of the most vital centers in the city, especially after converting the surrounding old houses into shops for trading in antiques, and to buy souvenirs. Distinctive, expressing the history of the city.

Avenue Louise:

It is considered one of the biggest markets in the city of Brussels, and it is very attractive as it contains various branches of international brand shops, which sell children’s clothing, toys, and Belgian clothes known for their beauty and mastery of their manufacture.
There are many libraries on Avenue Louise in the street, stores that sell valuable books, movie theaters, and cafes that will make you feel comfortable because of the calmness and beauty of this street.

City 2 Belgium:

It is one of the closed centers in the city, which contains more than a hundred shops for trading in international currencies, whether famous or not famous. It also contains many designs for designers who started their professional lives or well-known veterans in addition to the many commercial centers that sell clothes and widgets at reasonable prices for all.


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