The most beautiful rural and modern areas of Germany for tourism and recreation will amaze you

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Would you like to see Germany differently? The following are the most important and beautiful tourist cities in Germany that are not known to many, in addition to the most beautiful rural areas that you can visit for the purpose of tourism, we will get to know them in more detail on Arab travelers.
Germany is one of the most beautiful magical areas and the best country to relax and enjoy the intense beauty of nature, whether we are talking about cities with modern life, shopping centers, museums, and various recreational activities or we were talking about the countryside and the most beautiful villages in it, where Germany is one of the most beautiful places on the level of a continent Europe.

The most beautiful regions of Germany for tourism:

Among the most beautiful tourist cities that exist in Germany are the following:


  • The country’s capital, and at the same time it is the largest, most exciting and exciting modern city.
  • Berlin has many impressive natural areas, with dense forests, fresh lakes and various sights.
  • It is easy for you to notice that the city is full of historical places and monuments and modern tourist attractions, starting with the Brandenburg Federal Gate which is the most famous historical place in the city and which reflects the history of the country throughout the ages.
  • Berlin also has many places to visit, if you are passionate about music and arts, which makes it the most popular tourist place in the country.


  • One of the most important tourist areas in the state of Bavaria that will take you to the Alps.
  • It is one of the most beautiful natural cities in the country, and it contains a large number of museums known for the beauty of classical architecture. The Oktoberfest is held in Munich every year, which attracts nearly six million tourists every year.
  • Among the most important pillars of the culture of Myung football, arts and music, where art galleries and archaeological museums abound, and a large number of temporary exhibitions are organized throughout the year and there are sixty one impressive theater and nearly 36 antique museums.
  • In the case of your visit to Munich, do not miss to visit Covinger Street, which is one of the major shopping centers in Germany, which will reach you to Carlsplans, where you will find many international shops and fashion that you will not find anywhere.


  • One of the most important economic cities in Germany, as it is the financial hub in the country and in Europe in general.
  • You will find many skyscrapers in the city, and a book conference is held every year in October, as it is considered the largest book exhibition in the world and a book from different regions is participated in. There are approximately 14 archaeological museums in the city, which makes it one of the most important cultural places in the country Most visitors love the Bridge Museum, which consists of more than all buildings dating back to the 19th century and has border museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Communications, as well as the opera, theater, yoga and ballet teaching places.
  • One of the city’s most important attractions is the convention center, which was rebuilt after the Second World War to restore the unique Italian character.


  • One of the most famous ports around the world, and it is ranked second in terms of size at the level of the continent of Europe, where it is located in the second largest city in Germany and it is located in the northern side of the country.
  • Today, the city of Hamburg is considered one of the most important places where its economy in Germany is based on transportation in the northern part, as it has many strategic waterways, which is why it is called Venetia in northern Germany.


  • It belongs to the state of Saxony, and it is ranked third among the largest cities in East Germany.
  • The city is located on both sides of the river to it, near the border with the Czech Republic, and near the south of Berlin
  • In the city there are many public parks and monuments that extend along the river, in addition to the hanging train and the Kabul railway. The city was included in the UNESCO global heritage in the year 2004 AD because of the many archaeological monuments in which it is located, as it contains a huge number of ancient monuments and unique treasures, despite the damage that occurred to them during the Second World War, but the restoration made to the city It was expanding and successful to restore its first beauty and historical grandeur on the map of Europe.


One of the most important centers of classical literature in the country, which embodies the eighteenth century and its art where his intention, Schiller and other greats of classical literature lived. As for the nineteenth century, Weimar helped enrich artistic history, as it was the home of the greatest composers in Germany, and a large number of art schools were created and the greatest artists were brought up and started by the Bauhaus movement and other great artists and illustrators. As for the year 1998 AD, it was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and to this day it retains its historical, literary and artistic greatness, and is intended by tourists to learn more about the development of art throughout the times of the Greater Germany.


One of the rare cities that did not have any destruction in Germany during the Second World War, which makes it one of the most beautiful natural places in the country with cobbled alleys, which enjoy a unique view through its famous castle. There are also in Heidelberg the oldest and most famous universities in the country in addition to the River Idlik, which is one of the most famous areas that attract tourists from everywhere.


It is known for her combining the greatness of the past with the splendor of the present at the same time, where there are a large number of traditional factories, and the city witnessed how the movement of art and architecture developed over the ages.
One of the most famous places is the shopping street, which contains a large number of well-known brands, known as the Konigrali Street and contains the largest shopping centers and fashion houses in the world. There is also the Academic City of Arts, which displays the most beautiful and greatest works of well-known painters and artists in the country through temporary and permanent exhibitions organized in the city.

The most beautiful rural cities in Germany:

It is known from the German countryside that the beauty of the green nature is limitless, as it is the best place for a relaxing and relaxing vacation, especially the countryside that extends in the south of the country, where it enjoys a picturesque nature to the utmost degree. Chance.

Rudesheim am Rhein:

It is one of the most beautiful rural places, which is located in the southern part of the Rhine River Valley specifically in Ringo in Hesse.
It will be very wonderful to walk around the city and walk in its impressive fields or take a tour of the cable car, which will enable you to see the tourist attractions of the town from a great height, as it is one of the most beautiful rural places in Germany

How to get to Rudesheim or Rhein?

To reach this amazing town, you can independence from any of the following:

  • Rhine River boats: which will take you to the Rudesheim station or you can take a lesson that will take you directly to the town from the River Rhine and it will cost you 2 euros.
  • Train Independence: There are few daily train times to the town, but if you succeed in catching up with any of them, it is cheaper than the marine vehicle, and it connects Rudesheim and other rural places in Germany.

The most important landmarks of Rudesheim am Rhein are:

  • Bossenberg Castle, which is one of the most beautiful castles in the German countryside, and which is visited by tourists from everywhere as it is one of the tallest buildings in the countryside, and its impressive architecture reaches a height of approximately 38 meters. As for the thickness of the castle walls, it exceeds three meters. The castle was built in the nineteenth century AD and can be visited at any time from March to the beginning of November from nine o’clock in the morning until six in the evening.
  • Drossel Gas Street, which is one of the most beautiful streets in the town and a main reason for tourists visiting the town, where almost 3 million tourists come to it every year. The length of Drossel Street reaches 144 meters, and it contains a lot of wooden houses known for the beauty of architecture and unique design. You can also buy souvenirs from shops on the street and take the most beautiful pictures.

Shuangu and Fusen:

  • One of the most beautiful places of meditation, which is located at the top of the Alps, surrounded by water on each side in a breathtaking way.
  • You will feel that the clouds touch the top of the city very comfortably.
  • With regard to the location of the city of Shuangu Fusen, it is located on the country’s borders with Austria, which makes it the preferred point for tourists crossing between the two countries.
  • It is much better to live in Shuangou or Fusen than Karmash, and it takes only an hour at most to reach it, and you can reach it by trains that connect with Myeong and only two hours to reach it.
  • Shuangu is located 4 kilometers from Fossen, one of the most important geographical locations in the Alps, known for the abundance of fresh lakes with pure water, making it one of the most suitable tourist destinations in the German countryside.

Shuango and Fusen attractions:

In addition to taking a tour to learn more about the charm of the two cities and the magnificence of the region, here are the most beautiful places to visit

Neuschwan Stein Palace:

It is called Badra Tourism in Bavaria. It was established in the year 1869 AD and a huge number of tourists come to it from everywhere. In addition to the intensity of the beauty of the architecture, there are around it impressive waterfalls of breathtaking appearance and in the winter the water freezes, which makes the place suitable for skiing. An estimated ten thousand tourists visit the palaces every day.

Lake Vasin Sea:

Also known as the White Lake, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the countryside of Germany. You can enjoy sitting on the lake shore, contemplating its pure waters, its dazzling appearance, seeing citizens in the countryside roaming on horses and learning more about the history of German countryside, their lives, and the nature of people in the countryside. They are very welcoming to tourists and extremely friendly.

Tigersee area:

It is one of the most beautiful rural places that belong to Upper Bavaria and has an area of ​​20 km. As for the population, there are about 4 thousand citizens, and it is famous for its wonderful health resorts with warm healing waters from diseases.

Lake Tegernsee:

  • It is located in the southern part of the state of Bavaria, and it belongs to the Alps and is close to the country’s borders with Austria.
  • Lake Tegernsee has an area of ​​nine kilometers, while its height is more than 700 meters above sea level.
  • As for the water reaching the lake, it is renewed by many rivers.
  • It’s the best place to take a cable car tour over it to see magically and see the surrounding countryside.

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