Our trip today is in one of the beautiful and wonderful Arab countries, it is Riyadh, one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today we will get to know the most beautiful places and sites in Riyadh and love the times to visit them and how their scenery is breathtaking during the night.

The best beautiful sites at night in Riyadh:

Olaya Park in Riyadh or what you call the farm garden:

Olaya Park in Riyadh or as it was called in the past in the name of Al Mazra’a Garden is one of the most beautiful and most beautiful gardens in Riyadh, it is characterized by several features that no garden has ever been found in it is full of vast areas full of tall green trees and places for rest shaded by the sun, it is worth noting that Olaya Park in Riyadh has a special place crowded with games for children, and there is a special corner of the park to play football. Also, the most appropriate times to visit Olaya Park in Riyadh are in the evening where the weather is calm and the presence of a fountain in the center of the park made it look impressive at night, where it is done Illumination th Iftar at night seems beautiful. As for the dates to go to the park, you can go all days of the week, but the dates vary according to the days. On Saturday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 12 pm and on Thursday from 2 pm to 1 am on Friday from 2:00 pm We wish you a pleasant time in Olaya Park in Riyadh.

Salam Park Riyadh:

Salam Park Riyadh is one of the best parks in Riyadh, where there are many and many wonderful things that attract attention. For example, there is a peace park in Riyadh, a lake whose area is very large, you can sit around this lake if you feel bored and hot weather and you can inhale some wet air There are also different types of small fish that you can see while sitting around the lake. There is also a unique experience, which is water bubbles that every person wants to experience these bubbles. It is worth noting that these bubbles are completely safe, and there is no harm to humans. Also, there are boats and boats in the lake, large and small boats, some of which are for children, others for adults and families, through these boats you can tour this lake and see all parts of the park, and you can also see many fountains distributed throughout the park in addition to this lake there is a special place for amusement parks to play Children, you can go to the park in the evening to enjoy these scenic views under the dim lights.

King Abdulaziz Park in Al-Malaz:

The King Abdulaziz Park in Al-Malaz is one of the most important and famous in Riyadh. The King Abdulaziz Park in Al-Malaz is located in Riyadh in the Al-Malaz neighborhood, as it is one of the most important and best parks in Riyadh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is the best choice for families. The King Abdullah Park was established In Al-Malaz in Riyadh on very vast areas where there are 5 entrances to the park and this indicates the large area, as its vast area is filled with green and wonderful spaces at the same time, and there is a very large dancing fountain through which you can draw wonderful shapes on the water in addition to the presence Time to make it It looks wonderful, beautiful and dazzling for everyone who looks at it and to see all these beautiful things, you should go to the park at night because this fountain begins with the show in the evening, and there is a place dedicated to shows and special events, and it is also worth noting that there is a special place for children to ride bikes and ski, and there is a garden Especially flowers designed a wonderful and beautiful design to draw eyesight we advise you to visit the garden in the evening to enjoy it and all the offers.

Al-Malqa Park in Riyadh:

Although the Al-Mulqi Park in Riyadh is one of the public parks, it is characterized by calm, comfortable and picturesque beauty, as it has vast areas of green that surround the eyes and attract them and which dazzles everyone who looks at them, as Al-Malqa Park in Riyadh contains many high green trees as it has Plants and flowers are wonderful, and there is also a small place for children to play so you can go in the evening to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Granada Park in Riyadh:

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Riyadh in terms of its design, its remarkable design that attracts attention that makes you like one of the legendary fairy tales, it is not an ordinary garden but rather a unique garden of its kind and because it dazzles the eyes and visitors flock from all over the country, the garden has been renewed in the recent period After it was neglected, but it was renovated to become more beautiful than before, as it has many fountains and vast spaces full of trees and green spaces, as it is the best choice to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenic views.
Our tour ended in Riyadh and we got to know the most beautiful places that you can visit in the evening to see the scenic views and enjoy the beautiful shapes. We wish you to have a good time with the family in the shadow of the wonderful evening.

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