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Dubai is located on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and in the southwestern part of the Arabian Gulf, and was established with the establishment of the Emirates in 1971, and what is distinguished by the presence of large areas of deserts in it, in addition to the presence of beaches and luxury hotels, and international shopping centers, and there are Dubai also has wonderful heritage landmarks, and Dubai is known for its hospitality and generosity. The city receives millions of visitors, businessmen and tourists from all over the world annually.
Dubai is an Emirate of the United Arab Emirates with an area of ​​3,885 km2, as it is second in the Emirates in terms of area. It also occupies the first rank in the port and the commercial center in the entire country, and the subtropical climate prevails in Dubai, where the temperature is the highest that can be in The months are June-September, and the mild temperatures prevail in the months of December-March.
Islam is the main religion in Dubai, and the Islamic culture is prevalent, but the presence of Hindus, Christians and others in it has added cultural and religious diversity to it that no one can deny, and Dubai is considered one of the cities most famous for engineering and architectural designs in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the many centers Shopping and hotels, a city that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The most beautiful thing in Dubai

Here is a list of the most beautiful places to visit in Dubai:

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the main building in Dubai and it is the tallest building in the world with a height of 829.8 meters, and what most visitors do in Burj Khalifa is to climb to the observation deck on the 124th floor through a high-speed elevator, where the city of Dubai can be seen in a stunning image with the desert On the one hand and a side of the ocean on the opposite side, as well as organizing in the Burj Khalifa Square a lot of reviews that attract visitors especially at night, in addition to the presence of gardens surrounding the tower, and the presence of a water fountain from the longest fountains in the world, which gives it a water feature as well.

Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is located in Al Fahidi Fort, which was built in 1787 AD, which was a residence for the ruling family, and characterized by its walls built of coral blocks inlaid with lime. It is now a museum that includes a number of ancient maps of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular. A number of old boats and a palm tree, in addition to the presence of the wind tower. It also includes the presence of a hall displaying various types of weapons, which is the right hall of it. As for the left hall, there are various musical instruments, and the ground floor contains a hall that contains artifacts from graves ranging between 3000 years old. Up to 4000 years, and pictures of Emirati characters In addition to showing aspects of Dubai’s old life, including pearl fishing, and desert nomadic life.

The Dubai Mall

It is through the way to enter the Burj Khalifa, and there is a museum of aquatic life known as the Dubai Aquarium, in addition to the presence of a games area and a large cinema complex, and a special ice skating rink. As for the shopping aspect, it is considered a Dubai shopping center, and it has many restaurants, and shows are held. Various music, fashion shows, and festivals, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival which takes place in January and February, in addition to the Dubai Summer Festivals in July and August.

Jumeirah Mosque

It is one of the most beautiful mosques in the city of Dubai, and is considered a copy of the Al-Azhar Mosque located in the city of Cairo, and is especially distinguished in the evening hours because of the attractive lighting around it.

Jumeirah Beach

It is the first tourist destination in Dubai, where it is characterized by white sand, and along the beach there are popular hotels, in addition to the presence of public facilities with private chairs to enjoy the sunlight. There are also restaurants, and visitors can do water sports such as water skiing.

Burj Al Arab

It is the tallest hotel in the world with a height of 321 meters, and is located on the artificial island on the coast of Dubai, and the building resembles a complex sail, and is characterized by its attractive lighting, which forms a luminous night show, and Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotels where it costs one night in it To $ 15,000.

Kite Beach

It is a beach located to the south of Jumeirah Beach, and is known as the main destination for kite fans, as people enjoy kite boarding over the water.

Arts District or Al Serkal Avenue

It is the main art center in Dubai, and home to the most important art exhibitions in it. One of the tasks of this region is to highlight new talents in the Middle East, and in this region there are many restaurants, in addition to cafes and fashion and clothing stores of local designers.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera Building was opened in 2016 AD, and it is a cultural center and entertainment place at the same time, concerts are held in the Opera Building by international musicians, in addition to opera shows, ballet shows, and comedy programs, and the building is characterized by its amazing architecture, in addition to the walls made of glass And steel, whose design resembles the curves of a sailboat, gives it its own luster.

Emirates Mall

It is one of the most famous shopping centers in Dubai, and inside it contains shops and world-famous restaurants and restaurants, in addition to the presence of a closed ski hall with a temperature of -4 degrees Celsius, and there is an entertainment center for families that provides the possibility of several activities such as horse riding.

Tips and information

Below is some information about trips to Dubai city, adding a set of tips:

  • The best time to visit Dubai is in the period from November to April, when the weather is nice and pleasant, because Dubai’s temperature in other months may reach 48 degrees Celsius, and during this period there are many sports tournaments such as the Dubai Tennis Championship, rugby and others that enjoy Visitors watch them.
  • Dubai International Airport includes a special area for people with special needs, and they receive their treatment, and taxis are equipped to accommodate the size of a wheelchair, while in hotels there are special rooms for them, and in shopping centers there are usually special facilities for people with special needs.
  • Dubai is a favorite city for children, as it has many activities for them, whether in hotels where it provides special meals for children and their babysitting services if necessary. Children also enjoy in parks, museums, swimming pools, and various entertainment centers.
  • It is very expensive to stay in Dubai, and prices may drop during the summer because it is not the right time for tourism. If a person does not have enough money, it is advised to stay in decent and appropriate hotels for the money they own, and to enjoy the rest of their money on the hike.
  • One can take a lot of photos for themselves, as there are many high quality image processing shops in Dubai, and it is usually advised to avoid photographing military installations, government buildings, and communications equipment.
  • It is preferable for the visitor to know whether the area he visits is free from communicable diseases, and tetanus injection is usually advised if the trip is long to avoid any health infection, as it is advised to wear sunglasses with a high degree of protection in order to avoid exposure to sunstroke, and it is also advised to put sunscreen on the skin and a cap on Head.
  • If a person drinks alcohol, it is permissible to buy it from the free market and enter it into Dubai. As for drinking alcohol in the streets, it is forbidden, as it is prohibited while driving and in public places.
  • With regard to driving, it is permissible to use the international driving license in the event that the person is on a temporary visit, but if he is a resident, he must submit to the driving test to obtain a driver’s license, as is dealing with the local laws of driving, and must be observed as the fines of leadership errors are very large, you may reach Imprisonment and deportation, but the use of taxis is very expensive in Dubai, so it is better for one to rent a car of his own.
  • It is common in hotels for service providers to request a tip, which is not mandatory, but it can be provided according to the quality of the service provided. In restaurants, the service fee is calculated from within the final bill.


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