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Lebanon or in English (Lebanon): It is a country located in the southwestern continent of Asia, and the region in which it is located is called (the Middle East), and Lebanon is located in the eastern side in relation to the Mediterranean Sea, where it overlooks the eastern Mediterranean coast, and occupies a long part of it, and reaches The length of the coasts occupied by Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea is about: (225) km. This special geographical location has given Lebanon great importance. Lebanon is considered part of the Levant, which is also called (Nature Syria). Lebanon is bordered on the northern and eastern sides by Syria, and on the southern side by Palestine, on the western side, it is completely bordered by the Mediterranean Sea.

The area of ​​Lebanon

Lebanon extends over an area of ​​about (10,452) km2, and water constitutes 1.8% of this area. The population of Lebanon is estimated, according to 2014 estimates, to be (4,965,914) people. Based on these numbers, the population density in Lebanon is approximately: (475) people per square kilometer.

Climate of Lebanon

Lebanon is characterized by a mild and hot climate in summer, and cold in winter. In coastal areas, the climate in summer is moderate or hot, and in winter the climate is cold and rainy, while in mountainous regions the climate in winter is very cold, as snow falls a lot, but in summer The climate is mild and warm.

The most beautiful thing in Lebanon

Lebanon is distinguished by its diverse geographical topography, and its picturesque nature, in it there are beautiful coastal areas, valleys, mountains, and plains, but the dominant geographical feature is mountains, in Lebanon there is an eastern mountain range, and a western mountain range, and is located between these two series a broad plain called (the Bekaa Valley) Or (Bekaa Valley), as this plain is considered one of the most fertile regions in Lebanon, and there are two rivers in the Bekaa Valley that are considered one of the largest and most important rivers in Lebanon, namely: the Litani River and the Assi River. The mountainous areas in Lebanon are among the most beautiful mountainous regions in the world, where they are distinguished by their high elevation from the sea, with regular annual snowfall on them, and most of these mountains are distinguished for their ability to practice skiing, so many winter ski resorts have been established in these mountains.

Lebanon is also distinguished by its biological diversity, as there are many animal and plant species in Lebanon, and many forests that cover large areas of it are spread in Lebanon. These forests include: oak forests, cypress forests, cedar forests, pine forests, pine forests, juniper forests, And some other mixed forests, and these forests are among the most important features of Lebanon, as it is considered one of the most beautiful in it.

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