A comprehensive tourism report about the tourist attractions in Interlaken, and the various activities that tourists can participate in. To learn more about this dazzling city, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland and most attractive to tourists, we will get to know it in more detail on the website of Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist activities in Interlaken:

We show you the most important places in Interlaken, which you can not not visit, as well as activities and events that can be practiced everywhere to drink this unique experience.

St. Petos Cave:

  • It is one of the most important and most beautiful tourist places in the city, and it is a very huge cave that contains about a kilometer of corridors and the layers that are illuminated dazzlingly, and it is located near Interlaken and reaches a height of more than 200 feet above sea level.
  • St. Petos Cave is located in the northeastern part of the shores of Lake Thun.
  • What makes this cave unique and a destination for tourists from everywhere is the large winding, stones, and corridors made of it, as it contains many rooms and alleys, including the ascending and descending ones in strange but stunning shapes, all of which were made by nature over the years.
  • Do not worry about the climate in the cave, as it has a cool, cool atmosphere and comfortable air for itself, which makes it a favorite destination for tourists from all countries of the world.

Tourist activities in St. Petos Cave:

  • Starting from the long paths that will reach you to the cave of St. Petos, your wonderful journey will begin, where you will pass by Lake Thorne and you can stop in the fun for the rest or take memorial photos with family and friends to document these unrepeatable moments.
  • You can enjoy seeing the impressive waterfalls, which come from inside the rocks at the bottom of St. Petos Cave in an appearance that the tongue cannot describe as you will pass a wooden bridge that connects you directly above the waterfalls.
  • You can add more mystery and excitement to your trip if you explore the cave, walk in the corridors of the walk, and the lighting accompanies you and guide you on your way.
  • The cave is one of the pieces of art that needs a lot of research and exploration.
  • You can also eat in the restaurant at the entrance to the cave or have breakfast in the café near you for an unforgettable view of Lake Thun and the nature around you on each side.
  • We advise you to visit the museum near the cave, where an audio guide will accompany you in the language of your choice, and it will inform you more about the history of the cave of St. Petos, the extent of the nature change in it throughout the ages and who discovered this charming piece of art in addition to geographical information about the place and the neighborhoods that lived in it over The ages.

Spice Castle:

  • It is one of the most beautiful castles, which is characterized by its view of Lake Thun, and what makes it truly distinctive is the impressive impressive architecture that reflects the skillfulness of Switzerland in the field of architecture and sculpture.
  • The castle has unique views of the lake and green gardens, which will enable you to take the most beautiful pictures with your loved ones.

Tourist activities at Spice Castle:

  • It is one of the most important monuments in the country, which expresses the greatness of the history of Switzerland as it dates back more than a thousand years and contains a pansy museum, which displays many impressive paintings and precious artifacts, antique objects in addition to the presence of an ancient church and an unparalleled garden of its beauty.
  • You can walk around the castle and see how beautiful they are in architecture, and how beautiful the antique decor is inside and outside.
  • Do not miss to know the antique collections that are found in the castle, from impressive antiques and unparalleled paintings, and there are many historical exhibitions in the castle that are held permanently and some are temporary exhibitions.
  • You can visit the castle museum, which contains a huge number of weapons and armor used by Swiss soldiers throughout the ages in addition to their clothes and different needs, and most of the holdings in the museum dating back to the Middle Ages.
  • You can climb to the top of the castle tower in order to see the city differently. You can also go through the ancient church that follows the castle in order to see the possessions and sculptures dating back to ancient historical eras. This visit will surely enrich your historical knowledge.
  • Do not miss breakfast in the small café located at the entrance to the castle, as this is one of the most beautiful tourist activities that can be done in Interlaken.
  • But if your trip is nearing completion in the castle and you get to know its various features, do not miss the visit of the garden, which is filled with an enormous number of rare and rare flowers and a water fountain decorating it at the front of the castle balcony. You will feel that you are in the house of an emperor or a great character and you will not want to leave the place without exploring the attractions of the charming garden.

Schilthorn Summit:

  • It is one of the highest peaks in Europe, it is located within the Alps in Switzerland, and it has been classified as one of the most beautiful natural places around the world, making it a wonderful tourist attraction for visitors from everywhere.
  • It is located 22 kilometers from the center of Interlaken, and you will need an hour or an hour and a half to reach the summit, and this is done by using the cable car that will connect you in several stages between Berg and the Schilthorn summit.
  • It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country, and it is intended by tourists in the summer in order to enjoy the charming green nature, and wandering in this relaxing atmosphere for nerves. In the winter, it does not lose its ancient audience, as tourists go to it from everywhere for skiing, snowing and exercising Activities in need of ice where the top is covered in magical white.

Tourist activities at the Schilthorn Summit:

  • A cable car ride is a popular attraction for adults and children, and it is independent from Sichtenberg, which is one of the most important places in the region, and you will feel a lot of fascination while riding the cable car and seeing various natural places until you reach the summit of Schilthorn.
  • In the case of your visit to the summit in the summer months, the place is very suitable for families and youth trips, where you can take a walk in the charming nature curiosities from each side.
  • For lovers of skiing in the winter months, you should visit this impressive summit, which is one of the highest peaks in Interlaken.
  • You can visit the high restaurant, which will enable you to enjoy dining with a full panoramic view from the top of the summit. There are also souvenirs shops from the top stores.
  • There is a special platform to enable you to see the horizon differently, where the enchanting nature surrounds you from every side, all the way to the Interlaken Center and the sights in it. It is truly a landscape that cannot be described in words.
  • It is one of the most beautiful places to take souvenir photos with family and friends thanks to the beauty of the landscape in the place, just do not forget to take the camera with you and unleash your skills.

Harder Kulm Mountain:

  • The Harder Kulm mountain belongs to the Swiss Alps, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Interlaken and in Switzerland as a whole. Thanks to the spectacular view you will have from the top of Mount Harder Kulm.
  • At the top you will find a wonderful restaurant that prepares delicious Swiss dishes, in addition to many excellent cafes to enjoy coffee, breakfast and nature bordering you from all sides.

Things to do in Mount Harder Kulm:

  • Meditation on the beauty of nature and its charm is the most beautiful thing you can do at the summit of Harder Kulm, enjoying unique views of Lake Burns and Lake Thun, the center of Interlaken and the mountain ranges surrounding it.
  • You can take the mountain train that will take you to the summit, which is very wonderful and this high distance will take only a quarter of an hour, as this train is one of the most beautiful tourist activities in the place.
  • You can stand on the wooden area at the top and enjoy sweeping views of all that surrounds you in a magical shape.
  • You will not find anything better than eating, and nature surrounds you from all sides, in the restaurant at the top of Harder Kulm. Inevitably, your meal and samarra will definitely have another taste.
  • If you are fond of skiing, you must visit the mountain in the cold winter months, where the snow covers its entire surface, which will enable you to practice sports that need ice, and you can buy or rent ski equipment and clothing that you will need from the ports in the mountain .
  • Harder Kulm is a family friendly attraction, as there are spaces for young children to play within walking distance of the restaurant. Your children will have a lot of fun and joy while you eat your food with this unique panoramic view of Interlaken, the most beautiful part of Switzerland.

Interlaken slide:

  • The Interlaken Zoo is one of the most important summer activities found in the Swiss Alps.
  • The slide attracts tourists from everywhere thanks to its dazzling detour, it will definitely be an experience full of fun and fun, and it is unlike any other place in the world.
  • It is located fifty kilometers from the center of Interlaken, and is affiliated with the UNESCO World Heritage Organization.

Tourist activities in Interlaken

  • You can use Oceanin vehicles that will add a lot of pleasure and excitement to your trip, as it will reach you to the top of the Swiss Alps in order to see nature uniquely.
  • You can wander around the place and nature surrounds you from every side, as it is one of the best places in Interlaken to take memorial photos and the lake in the background, and the huge trees and many plants surround you from each side. You will definitely spend unforgettable times on the Interlaken slide.
  • Riding a slide is one of the most beautiful summer activities in Interlaken, as it is the longest slide in Switzerland. You will feel a lot of excitement, fun, and sleigh turning around as you descend from top to bottom. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Interlaken Lakes:

  • It is one of the most important lakes found in Interlaken and in Switzerland alike.
  • Lake Brienz is located in the Swiss Alps, more specifically on the northern side of the Alps, and it was named by this name because of its proximity to Brienz that extends on the shores of the lake from the north.
  • It is well known about the lake, the intensity of the beauty of nature around it, in addition to the intensity of the beauty of the lake and its high purity, as it is one of the most pure and serene lakes in Switzerland.
  • The length of Lake Interlaken reaches 14 kilometers, while its width equals 2.8 kilometers, and it is one of the deepest lakes whose bottom reaches 270 meters under the sea, making the total area of ​​Brienz Lake 29.9 kilometers.
  • The lake has a very large area, but at the same time it lacks a fish revolution in general, and generally once you see Lake Brienz you will be amazed by the picturesque turquoise water color.

Things to do in Lake Brienz:

  • You can enjoy taking a lake tour in the lake boats, in order to see the beautiful scenery in a more beautiful way, and you will find clouds surrounding you from all sides with green mountains that will increase the intensity of the scenery.

Jess Waterfall:

  • It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Interlaken, and is located within walking distance of Lake Brienz. It would be nice to visit these charming spots of Interlaken in order to hear the sound of water flowing in the form of a dazzling freshwater where you will make the most beautiful memories amid the green nature that surrounds you from each side with the sound of the magical water ravine.

Lake Plausee:

  • Also called Blue Lagoon, it is located within walking distance of the village of Mithols, which is equivalent to 40 km from Interlaken.
  • You can reach Lake Plaois by taking a bus or train. The place is very impressive and suitable for taking the most beautiful pictures

Lake Ocean:

  • They are within walking distance of Lake Plaucia, but they are superior in size.
  • As for the location of Lake Oshen, it is located between the Doolenhorn, Mount Euchenhenhorn, and both Vurndihorn and Bloemelsalp, and it is intended by tourists from all over the place to enjoy swimming in its magical waters or practicing various activities and sports of the lake.

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