The city of Gmunden contains a picturesque and distinctive natural environment as we are used to from all the cities of the state of Austria, one of the most important of which is the famous tourist climate, which is mild for most days of the year and is slightly cold, and this famous federal country knows that despite its occurrence in the middle and middle of the continent European, which led to it not containing any marine or oceanic coast, and on the side is the tourist city of Vienna, which is known as the largest and most important tourist state in the region.

There are also eight other states that enjoy the same distinctive and picturesque natural beauty and many areas for relaxation and recreation are available to them, as the state of Austria is one of the countries most famous for its abundance of money as it is one of the richest European countries in the region, and it is considered a city Gmundin is one of the most beautiful and richest cities in terms of the picturesque natural environment in it, it is located on the famous Tarun River ,,

The area of ​​this city is about more than sixty-three square kilometers, which is always considered by the inhabitants of Austria as one of the most important resorts on the territory of the state, as it reaches the number of residents of this city, with a total of more than thirteen thousand and two hundred people,
And among the most important civilizational landmarks in which the city is famous are the large areas cultivated with distinctive green plants, and the most important plants that grow on its land are the cone-shaped pine plant, and one of the most beautiful natural monuments in it is the presence of a mountain chain that wraps around the city, the most important of which is a mountain The famous Transten, where it reaches a height of more than five thousand feet and almost half, and there is also the Lacogel mountain, which reaches a height of more than five thousand feet, and the Wilder Kogel mountain of six thousand and eight hundred feet approximately in height, and lives in this city some Turks and Germans also, but it is the basis of what is in it The Austrians.

One of the most important cultural monuments in it is
Lake Traunsee

It is famous that many tourists flock to see and take many pictures next to it and its area reaches about more than twenty four square kilometers and reaches a depth of about one hundred and ninety meters approximately as it is found close to the famous Mount Transtein And it has many different water sports activities, the most important of which are diving, swimming, boating and fishing as well.

Schloss Ort Castle
Which directly overlooks the famous Lake Traunsee, and this castle was built by Mr. Hart Ndes in about the year 1080 AD. Also, this castle has been subject to many developments in the thirteenth century AD by Mr. Hart Ndes V specifically in 1244 AD But it was soon bought by the Friedrich and Rein Brecht I brothers from Mr. Hart Ndes V and this fortress continued to be cared for until about the end of the fifteenth century AD. Currently, this castle is under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Lands and Forests which it uses for study.

Parish Church

One of the most beautiful areas that it is preferable to visit during your tour of the city, as it is a Romen Catholic Church which was since ancient times a famous cathedral that had been built in the famous Gothic style at that time, but then it became a church and it has been restored and built to be a church Catholic, as the location of the inner choir has been modified, and it is worth noting that this development and restoration was done in the sixth year of the fourth decade of the last century AD, and this church contains many paintings and different works and The most important of which is the presence of three solutes H is a large church that was designed by the Baroque Baroque.

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