The list of the most beautiful tourist areas in India includes a wide variety of natural areas, monuments and recreational places that are suitable for family tourism. However, tourism in India has a different cultural character as the country includes different varieties of beliefs, human origins and different cultures, which makes its visit a rich civilized experience. India is also a low-cost tourist destination, as it has a group of the best economic tourist destinations that can be visited with less than $ 100 !!

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The most beautiful tourist areas in India

Tourist areas of India

The Holy City of Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the ancient cities sacred to Hindus, since its existence dates back to the eighth century BC. Varanasi is one of the best tourist areas in India historically. There are ancient neighborhoods near the famous “Gangi” river with many temples. Varanasi is one of the popular local rituals such as diving seasons and devotional swimming before performing the rituals. Among the tourist places in the city is the University of Banaras, which was founded in 1917 AD and includes one of the largest libraries in India. The manuscripts Handicrafts and galleries devoted to the local history of the city.Tourist areas of India

The village of Elora

The village of “Elora” is located in the northwest of the city “Aurangabad” It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in India and one of the wonders of religious monuments in the world. One of the most famous tourist places in “Elora” historical caves of the same name. The Elora Caves each group represents a religion Certainly there are 12 caves for Buddhists, 17 caves for Hindus, and 5 caves for followers of the Jain sect! Archaeologists believe that the excavation of caves took approximately 250 years. 34 caves are now arranged in chronological order from oldest to Sunday Th.Tourist areas of India

Corbett National Park

India is famous for its charming natural areas, but this time the beauty of the natural scenes meets the appearances of wildlife and wild animals. Corbett National Park is one of the best family tourism destinations in India, where the place is a pleasure for young and old alike. Wandering in the park with the morning of licensed guides and taking pictures with animals Predatory.Tourist areas of India


The most beautiful tourist areas in India must include this state, which is famous for growing the most famous Indian tea around the world. “Darjeeling” is located near Himalaya in West Bengal state in India and is known as “Queen Hills”. Green color and mountain terraces covered with tea plant are the most prominent landmark In the place, it is also possible to climb its mountains to see the famous Everest summit. Darjeeling is considered one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India due to its calmness and magnificent climate throughout the year.

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