The most beautiful tourist areas in Marmaris are recommended to visit

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Directory of the most famous tourist areas in Marmaris for tourism and entertainment, Marmaris or Marmaris This wonderful city which is the most beautiful tourist place and the sweetest resort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, we will review on the site of the Arab Arab travelers its most important features, where the city of Marmaris is located in the southwestern side of the state of Turkey, and is considered One of the most important Turkish tourist facades, where the splendor of green nature and the beauty of the blue beaches blend each other in a natural artistic image unlike any other along the city’s coast that is filled with bays, in addition to the marine activities available there that suit all, and the number of visitors Every year, at least half a million tourists.

Marmaris travel guide:

  • The climate in Marmaris is characterized as a Mediterranean climate, with rainy and cold winters and very hot summers that may reach 40 degrees and summer peaks in July and August. The price of temperatures begins to decrease slowly until the climate becomes warm during October and the sun becomes shining, So many tourists prefer to visit at the beginning of the fall season.
  • Transportation is recommended by city buses, as they are extremely clean and luxurious and the driver schedules are convenient and accurate.
  • The shopping experience in Marmaris is a wonderful experience, due to the diversity of goods and products and the diversity of prices. Perhaps the most famous products of this city are leather goods such as jackets and bags in addition to shoes, and it is advised while shopping from there to negotiate the price as possible.

The most beautiful tourist areas in Marmaris:

  • Marmaris Castle:

It was built in 1044 BC and is considered one of the oldest historical castles in the city, but it was destroyed and destroyed, until it was rebuilt in 1522 AD after Suleiman the Magnificent ordered this, in order to use it as a military base to protect the city, and the castle includes many art and antiques exhibits of weapons, jewelry and works. Textile, cooking tools, cash, carpets, copper works, etc. The castle is distinguished for its prime location, as its location from above provides a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

  • Sider Bay:

It is located in the northern part of the city and is known as the Cleopatra or Adassi Island. This island includes many Roman and Greek ruins and has a runway and many olive trees that shade on the island, besides the presence of Cleopatra Beach with wonderful golden sands that teem with seashells.

  • Icmeler Beach:

It is about 8 km from the city, and it is considered one of the most popular beaches in the country, with golden sand and clear water in addition to the pine trees that shade the place, and there are many water recreational activities and high-end hotels on this beach.

  • Neymar Cave:

This cave dates back to the ancient Greek era, and was known as the temple of the Greek god Leto, where there is an altar for offerings.

  • Hisaronu Bay:

This bay is located in the middle of Sal Lycian, between the city of Kindos and the mountains of Driyat and the Greek island, and it is considered one of the most preferred areas in Turkey for wells, besides it includes many wonderful green scenery and many historical monuments and is one of the most famous places of tourism in Turkey.

  • Halegi Ahmed Orkay Museum:

This museum is located in Tashan region, on the road that leads to Mopla, about 10 km from Marmaris, and it is considered a private museum of artifacts, where it displays many coins, accessories, pottery, furniture, crafts, jewelry, jewelry, utensils, traditional clothes and others.

  • Marmaris Bazaar:

It will lend one of the most famous and largest bazaars of Turkey, known as the Roofed Bazaar, and this market includes more than a thousand stores that meet all the needs of tourists at very reasonable prices, from traditional artifacts, spices, souvenirs, sweets, carpets, jewelry, folk food and traditional artifacts.

  • Friday market:

It is considered one of the most famous markets in the city and it is located in the area of ​​the old bus station, and it has many kiosks and outlets that provide all food commodities, gifts, clothes, spices, crafts, etc.

  • Aqua Park:

This city is devoted to water games and marine activities, and is considered one of the largest recreational cities in Aqua Dream, with an area of ​​about 44 thousand square meters, and is located at the top of several hills, which provides visitors with more than wonderful views, and this city was provided with many swimming pools and many water games In addition to the presence of many high-rise slides along with a number of restaurants that offer delicious traditional cuisine.

  • Dalian District:

It is considered one of the natural wonders as it includes many monuments that were carved in the rock above the mountains.

  • Termal thermal baths:

These baths are famous for the hot water that is used in the treatment of many diseases such as diseases of the digestive system, rheumatism, gallbladder, gout, liver and treatment of diseases caused by obesity.

  • Pocket safari:

It is considered one of the most enjoyable activities that are preferred in Marmaris, as the safari trip plan includes a number of off-road tracks, and these roads are driven by a Land Rover military jeep driven by a professional driver, and safaris in Marmaris are characterized by enjoying the trip in the scenic scenery in the forests , In addition to the possibility of holding a barbecue party, you can communicate with the local people of the villagers in the area and learn about the activities they are making to earn a living, as well as knowing the traditions and customs of these villagers.




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