The most beautiful tourist areas in Puncak, Indonesia

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Puncak includes some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Indonesia, such as mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls and many landscapes that attract large numbers of tourists from all over the world. Here you can see the lake changing color and natural waterfalls and sipping tea in the picturesque nature and tranquil atmosphere.
Location: West Java, Indonesia
Best time to visit: August and February

Lake Warna

Be sure to visit this beautiful lake located in the heights of Dieng which changes color according to the surrounding natural environment. Located on a hill, it provides visitors with a charming view that is considered among the best in the world.

Korog Kimbar

The most beautiful tourist areas in Puncak Indonesia - The most beautiful tourist areas in Puncak, Indonesia
Enjoy watching these waterfalls in Patulayang Village, which tourists from all over the place come to see and see natural caves and transparent waters that flow from a height of 15 meters in a small green lake.

Wisata Ryong Gunung Park

Don’t miss to visit this beautiful park and have a good time in the picturesque nature of the southern village of Togo. Breathe in fresh air, see mountain scenery, and spend the best times in the arms of nature.

Matahari Tourist Park

We advise you to visit this beautiful garden where we guarantee you to have a good time practicing the recreational tourism activities provided by the park, which is located in the southern village of Togo.

Kelember Falls

Who among us does not wish to visit natural waterfalls, which are believed to cure some diseases. Head to Kelember Falls and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere there.

Agro Gunog Mas tea plantation

Enjoy tea in the charming nature of the Agro Gonog Mas tea plantation. This is one of the largest tea plantations in the village of Togo.

Busat Pendidikan Nature Preserve Center

Find out about ways to conserve the environment at the famous Outreach Center located in the Lido-Kigumbong area. This center was established in 1999 and aims to raise awareness about the benefits of preserving the environment while traveling with a focus on Gunung Guid Forest.

Taman Safari Park

Get ready for a safari ride in the jungle, forests, and predators like tigers, lions, and many wild beasts in Taman Park in the Kisurua region.

Taman Bungah Gardens for Flowers

Enjoy a walk in the most beautiful gardens of Indonesia where you can see a huge variety of flowers that are brought from all over the world, which gives the place a special luster. This park is located in Java Barat area.

Kebudas Botanical Gardens

Don’t miss the Kebudas Botanical Gardens, which have many species, from Mexican pine trees to species imported from Japan, as well as high waterfalls. This park is located in the Gunung Guid Mountain area


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