Guide to the most famous tourist areas in Sousse, which is recommended to visit, the Tunisian city of Sousse is located on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, which is 160 km to the southeast of the capital, and this city attracts more than a million and a half million tourists annually, and this city is characterized by a moderate climate that encourages all Recreational activities, which helps to make that city a favorite destination for tourists throughout the year, and the city of Sousse is called the jewel of the coast, because it is one of the most beautiful cities in Tunisia, as its area extends over a distance of 179 km length and an area of ​​25 meters width.
It is one of the Tunisian cities rich in natural resources, in addition to that city is distinguished by its location near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and the city is divided into two parts, the first of which is the old neighborhood and is surrounded by a wall and is located in the famous Rabat This neighborhood includes most of the ancient Romen and Arab monuments and there is the old neighborhood and a number of Traditional markets in which traditional manufactures are sold, such as copper, wood, and carpet, while the second part of the city extends over an area of ​​5 km along the coast. This part is characterized by modern buildings that are mostly tourist hotels for each hotel. It has its own private beach, in addition to the presence of swimming pools and playgrounds, and there are nightclubs where traditional folklore is presented to Tunisians, and the hotels of this city are distinguished by their design in the style of Arab engineering style.

History of the city of Sousse:

The history of this city dates back to the era of the Phoenicians, where they established it and called it the name of Hadhramaut. In the sixth century BC this city enjoyed its independence, then it became a colony after the Punic War during the reign of Trajan. The city has its place again, and after them the Arab Islamic conquest, and the city of Sousse still retains the authentic character that distinguishes it, as it includes many important monuments dating back to the second and third centuries of migration, the most prominent of which is the archaeological museum that contains A unique and rare collection of mosaics and has a drawstring and the Great Mosque.

The best tourist areas in Sousse:

  • Port El Kantaoui:

It is considered one of the most beautiful recreational ports in Sousse, and even at the level of the whole world, as it achieves the entertainment and enjoyment of all its visitors, as it is a port for many tourist yachts, as it is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, providing a distinctive place to stay suitable for those who want to spend the honeymoon vacation on the beachfront There, it is possible to enjoy eating the most delicious seafood on the Tunisian way aboard the yachts there, and it is a great fit for adventure lovers and lovers of diving under the water to enjoy watching coral reefs. There can also be a hobby of surfing or any of the water games available on the marina. You can enjoy the most beautiful cruises by riding motorcycles or any of the horses there. You can also play volleyball or tennis.

  • Dar Al Seid Museum:

This museum is considered one of the most attractive tourist places in Sousse, as it is located in one of the palaces of the city, and was once the seat of aristocratic families in Tunisia, and it is possible to explore the daily urban lifestyle of the people of this ancient city, in the period between the 18th century to the 19th century .

  • Rabat (Sousse castle):

Rabat is considered one of the oldest tourist attractions in the city, since its foundation dates back to the late 8th century AD, where they depended on it in the past to protect the city against the attacks of enemies, and it consists of two floors overlooking a wide area that includes many corridors and balconies, and what distinguishes this castle is its location In the east of the city, where it features a wonderful view directly on the sea, so visiting the distinctive castle courtyard that was built in the style of the Abbasid style of the palaces, and the courtyard includes a minaret and a number of distinctive balconies with a distinctive design, and it is possible inside Rabat to get a better understanding of the high-class architecture that Tammy G Abbasid era, which is represented in the ancient mosque inside the castle, and Rabat opens its doors for visitors from eight in the morning until seven in the evening in exchange for a small fee.

  • Great Mosque :

It is considered one of the main destinations for tourists when they visit the ancient city, and the date of construction of this mosque dates back to the year 236 AH, as it was built by order of Prince Abu Al-Abbas Muhammad Ibn Al-Aghlab, and was built to accommodate larger numbers of worshipers and to reduce pressure on the Rabat Palace Mosque, which includes The mosque is a wooden mihrab built in a refined architectural style, and the stones are covered with rubber strips and elegantly paved.

  • Old Arab Quarter:

This neighborhood which is considered one of the oldest historical neighborhoods in the city of Sousse, as it attracts thousands of tourists every year, as it fills the fence all day long because it includes large markets such as the traditional Arab market.

  • Bu Jaafar Beach:

This beach is characterized by its beauty and magnificence and it contains a number of stunning landscapes, where it has all the means of pleasure and comfort and all the services the tourist needs.

  • Sousse Archaeological Museum:

The Archeological Museum of Sousse contains the second largest mosaic collection in Tunisia after the National Museum in the city of Bardo, and this museum was founded in 1951 in the old city of Sousse, this city that was included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO, and the museum contains a huge number of antiquities and artifacts dating back to ages There is a small historical library, inside the museum there is a small library that includes many books, and beside it there is a hall dedicated to seminars and exhibitions, and the museum has many archeological columns that give a wonderful idea about the nature of architecture in some ancient times in the history of Tunisia, and inside the museum there are a lot of mosaics, most notably and most T Vsesfa head of Medusa, and has its many mosaics dating back to the period between the second century until the fourth, this as well as the presence of many of the statues that have been made of clay maturity, and there are also a number of pottery, paintings and commemorative pieces that relate Palmslat and Ganaizaat.

  • Damesis Sousse:

In Sousse, there is a group of the oldest ancient burial sites, known as the Damesis of Sousse, which are located in the northwestern side of the old city, and they contain five ancient burial sites located close to each other, and at the bottom there is a very rocky ground in magnificence, many amendments were made to these The tombs carved into the rock very carefully and have been supplied with many funerary inscriptions found inside.

  • Popular arts and dishes in Sousse:

As is well known from the Tunisian people in general, how much he loves the night life and his love for fun, as some of them were affected by the tourists who come to their country, but in the city of Sousse we find that the night life is very different and prosperous, in all nightclubs there are paragraphs of Tunisian folk dance in addition to offering many From Western dances and foreign performances, and in the nightclubs located in the middle of the old city, Tunisian folk art mixes with one of the Western music (jazz), as tourists spend unique times that combine the magic of the East with what they are accustomed to from some familiar Western dances.

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