The Philippines is one of the most beautiful and one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world, due to its distinguished nature, which is surrounded by a lot of strange and distinction, and it enjoys a charming natural and environmental diversity that deserves to be seen and followed.

The Philippines covers an area of ​​300,000 km2 (116,000 sq mi), bordered by the Philippine Sea to the east, and the South China Sea to the west, while the Borneo Island to the south and north, Taiwan.
The Philippines is one of the richest biodiversity regions in the world and most of the mountain islands where tropical forests originally cover volcanic forests. It includes approximately 1,100 species of wild vertebrates, 100 species of mammals, and 170 species of rare birds.
the climate
The Philippines belongs to the humid tropical climate, dominated by rainy and dry season and summer monsoons bring heavy rains to most of the archipelago from May to October, while monsoons in winter bring cooler and drier air from December to February.
customs and traditions
The Philippines has a population of approximately 92 million people, belonging to multiple ethnicities and cultures throughout the islands. The Filipino people are distinguished by eating by hand and holding on to their old customs and traditions. Respect for the elderly in the Philippines is a social initiative that relies on respecting the old person.

This practical and useful guide to the best and most famous tourist places in the Philippines.

1- Makati

The financial heart of the Philippines

Makati Philippines
Makati Philippines

It deserves to be taken out of the capital, Manila, as it is the financial and vital heart of the Philippines, and includes in its flanks the most important financial and business centers, in addition to modern infrastructure and huge shopping malls and unique gardens, this city offers a practical and modern residence especially for families, with a lot of luxury and regular hotels The famous shopping mall “Green Belet” is the most important tourist attraction in Makati, where you can watch the latest international movies in the many cinemas here, and the complex consists of several buildings that include a variety of the finest and most expensive expensive brands, in addition to the stores that Goods and clothing prices do not miss, which is the most suitable place to eat and choose from dozens of international cuisine restaurants.
You can visit the "Green Belt" Church located in the heart of the lively complex, and it is an oasis of calm and tranquility and escape from the bustle of shoppers. The Ayala Museum also provides all its modern entertainment means that display the history of the Philippines in the most distinctive artistic ways, while taking you gardens Ayla Triangle ”to a green oasis in the heart of Makati City, which is an ideal place for hiking and walking especially in the refreshing evening times, with dozens of elegant restaurants and cafes, and the visitor here moves between trees and roses and amazing fish ponds and pools, as this garden turns during the Christmas and New Year period A festive theater Yeh lights, music and passionate feelings.

2- Manila

"In Amanullah O traveler!

Manila Philippines

Manila Philippines

Manila is considered the political, historical and cultural capital of the Philippines. This million city is replete with dozens of churches, museums and archaeological palaces. Its name was taken from the Arabic word “God’s safety”, as it was blessed with security and stability until the arrival of Spanish colonialism, and the effects of colonialism are strongly manifested in the ancient neighborhood called “Intramoros” where One can tour the motorbike to witness the effects of vandalism and destruction suffered by the neighborhood over successive wars, while the Church of San Agustin stands tall and sticks to successive wars and earthquakes, and with an entry ticket of 100 Philippine pesos (<2 Du Lar) You can tour the oldest church in the Philippines, and it includes a small museum in addition to sculptures and wonderful drawings, which makes it a haven of tranquility in the overwhelming crowd of Manila, and do not forget your share of shopping in the huge mall "Robinsons Place", which extends over 5 floors with hundreds of shops and restaurants Which offers all the good and delicious, and the tourist can spend a full day in this mall, which resembles a small city air-conditioned, comfortable and entertaining.

3- Quezon

The city of youth

The City of Games in the Quebec Memorial Square
The city of games in the Quezon Memorial Square

Quezon has developed into a huge and vibrant city, and this city is a popular attraction for young people, as it includes the University of the Philippines building that is not limited to science and knowledge, but also tourism and entertainment, as the university is surrounded by many wonderful gardens and forests for hiking, cycling, exercise or even lying down In the sunshine and quietness, as well as many artistic and cultural exhibitions in addition to the presence of the famous "Vargas" art museum, the "Eastwood" neighborhood is the largest gathering of hotels, restaurants, shops and shopping centers, which is the heart of an active nightlife, and includes Quezon Many beautiful natural parks, such as Ninoy Aquino Gardens, which are located beside the "memorial square", and are visited by families on weekends for picnics and dining on the banks of the small lake. The gardens include various wild animals and many food stalls that sell meals at the cheapest prices.

4- Boracay Island

The most beautiful islands of the Philippines

Enchanting Boracay Island
The charming island of Boracay

It is difficult to choose an island to visit in the Philippines, because it is an archipelago and includes thousands of inhabited and uninhabited islands, but certainly we all agree on the splendor and beauty of "Boracay Island" in the western Philippines, which is described as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and is characterized by white sandy beaches and shallow turquoise waters Most notably, the “white beach” which is divided into several stations and beaches, and some of them become very crowded in the tourist seasons, and many restaurants and vendors spread around it, and if you are fed up with congestion and want a more peaceful place, we recommend visiting the “Yapak or Bucca beach and there are parasols and chairs for the Meet, and the stalls selling delicious coconut juice, in addition to restaurants and cafes with stunning views, and if you have enough enthusiasm, you can jump from the "Ariel jump point" at a height of 10 meters from one of the majestic wooden pallets, and don't forget to take a photo of the "brave" jump , And try taking a boat trip to visit Crystal Island to live a rare adventure in the heart of the amazing caves.

5- Davao

Home of nature reserves

A beautiful waterfall near Davao Mindanao island
A beautiful waterfall near Davao Mindanao Island

The city of Davao is located on the island of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, and it is a popular destination especially for lovers of natural reserves and eco-tourism. The region includes many important attractions such as the Aden Nature Reserve and the park, which takes the tourist in a world of dense forests and simple wildlife. Half an hour from Davao City, which is a bird and animal reserve, and includes a "butterfly garden" and a crocodile garden, and it spreads around many restaurants and souvenir stalls. The "Bone Collection" museum is one of the distinctive tourist experiences in Davao, where you can see the skeletons of the count D of animals and dinosaurs, the museum runs on 3 floors with entry ticket 100 Philippine pesos.

6- Cebu City

Religious and historical monuments

One of the temples in Cebu Philippines
One of the temples in Cebu Philippines

Cebu City is located on the island of the same name, which is one of the most important and largest cities in the Philippines, and embraces many archaeological churches and important historical monuments, and is a beloved kiss especially for religious Christians who flock to visit the Basilica of Santo Nino Church, which is the most important religious attractions and shrines in The Philippines, surrounded by a beautiful garden with an excellent location in the center of the old city, also a visitor can take the most beautiful panoramic pictures of Cebu by going by taxi to the “summit” mountain which is 12 km from the city, and holds on top of it an observation tower, and with an entry ticket of 100 pesos can Enjoy the sights Breath taking, drinking tea in one of the mountain cafes with a charming view, and do not miss the opportunity to acquire the latest conflicts and models in the "Ayala" shopping center that takes you on a round-trip shuttle throughout the day, with the most famous brands and relatively high prices, and can enjoy various options from local and international restaurants .

7- Puerto Princesa

"Princessa" Filipino tourism

Underground river in Puerto Princesa
The underground river in Puerto Princesa

It attracts thousands of tourists annually to enjoy its unique picturesque nature, located on the island of the western Philippines and overlooking the Malaysian coasts, and this region is famous for scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing, which is a paradise for adventure lovers in nature, and the river cruise on the boat along the Puerto Princesa underground is the most important tourist activities here Where the trip can be booked from the many hotels scattered on the island, and the boat takes you on a half-hour tour of the underground river, which is a dark journey in the heart of the dark caves in which the sailor is guided only by the lights of the dim boats, and this place becomes crowded with ducks. Most visitors, especially in tourist seasons, cruise cruises in Honda Bay are one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences, and boats take you on an expedition to the islands, forests, caves and beautiful bays suitable for diving and swimming, while eating in the most delicious marine restaurants, and visiting the small and impressive Rich in coral reefs and exotic fish, and to complete adventure and suspense must climb the Ugong Mountain, which is 850 meters high, to enjoy a magical view from the top only for those with strong hearts.

8- Baguio

The first summer resort

View from the Baguio Mine Park
View from Baguio Mine Park

The city of Baguio is located, or "the city of pine," as it is called on the island of Luzon, which is a popular tourist destination especially in the summer. It rises above the sea level and is characterized by its pleasant cool weather on hot summer days. The region includes many ancient churches, natural gardens and hot spring water. Burnaham Park is one of the most beautiful places for families to enjoy a picnic and dining on the banks of the lake, as well as rowing boats rowing and watching dancing fountains lit at night, and there is a center for renting bicycles, and extensive playgrounds for children, while the "Good Shepherd Monastery" is one of the distinctive tourist attractions here, In addition to the quiet monastery, the place includes dozens of cafes and shops that sell the finest types of natural jam, such as raspberry jam, strawberries and "violet" jam, in addition to herbal and natural aromatic drinks, and you can walk on foot to the mine garden. You can taste delicious grilled corn with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Green extending to infinity.
And camping trips on Pulag Mountain are among the most exciting youth adventures in Baguio, where trips are organized to climb the second highest mountain on Luzon Island, spend nights in the arms of clouds and observe the captivating sunrise, and finally do not miss the opportunity to visit the BenCab Museum that attracts art and nature lovers, and mixes them It has several art sections, some outdoors, with an impressive café overlooking the mountains that look like an unreal painting!


Holiday in the "Mall" shopping

Pasay City Center
City center in Pasay

With 16 other cities, what is known as "Metro Manila" is formed. It is originally neighborhoods of the capital that have evolved and grown into huge and independent cities. Pasay is not more than 6 km from Manila, so it can be visited during your stay in Manila hotels or choose to stay in Pasay hotels. Luxurious and close to shopping centers, Pasay is a paradise for shopping lovers and shopping trips, as it includes many huge shopping centers such as the "Asia Arena" mall that offers everything people desire, food, drink and clothing, and needs to explore this place for more than a day, with hundreds of shops Varying prices, local and international restaurants and shop The green vegetables and the supermarket, and if you are in Pasay, you will enjoy hours of entertainment in the amusement park overlooking the beach, which is near the Mall of Asia, and the garden includes wonderful games for children and chairs to sit across the sea to inhale the fresh air and enjoy fast meals or "sandwiches".


Gardens in the sky

View of Tal Tagaytay Lake

It is one of the popular and famous places in Luzon Island, and it has a mild climate in summer due to its high altitude on the surface of the sea, and it is one of the most beautiful places with nature and scenic views, where families rush to visit what is known as the "Promenade Garden" which is a mountain garden overlooking Lake Thal Charming, with scenic greenery, trees and orchards, comfortable for the soul and body, and with an entry ticket of 50 pesos per person, one of the huts or dining tables can be rented for lunch in an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty, and the garden includes many children's playgrounds, and types of animals such as monkeys, birds and snakes, in addition to There is a Our Lady of Manaoag Church, which is a haven of tranquility, calmness and contemplation, and do not forget to wear a warm coat before heading to the “Sky Park” or the Peoples Park in the Sky. This unfinished mansion Turn into a popular tourist attraction, savor tea or coffee in one of the cafes with breathtaking views of the volcano island and the amazing Lake Tal.

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