The most beautiful tourist areas in Turkey

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Pamukkale is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the country, and it is a strange landscape in the western side of Turkey, as it is famous for its natural white limestone terraces, and amazing rock formations are located at the bottom of the ancient Greek city, and these formations look like a white fountain, As the Pergamon kings built the ancient city of Hierapolis over the hot springs, and this site has become a protected place for the UNESCO World Heritage, and the word Pamukkale in Turkish means Cotton Castle.

Mount Nimrod

Mount Nemrut represents one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey, reaching a height of about 2,134 meters, and it is believed that King Antiochus I built a tomb in 62 BC, and this tomb contained huge statues of himself, and statues of two eagles, two lions, and a number of Greek gods Persian, and at the present time the site suffers a state of ruin with the heads of upturned statues, scattered in many places of the mountain.


Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Turkish tourist places, as it is the largest city in the country, and it hosts many famous historical scenes on the international level, in addition to its fame in advanced art, and art of cooking, along with its cultural importance, and its international excellence, and therefore it is an unparalleled city It has a place worth visiting.

Qapi Brick Palace

The Topkapi Palace is considered one of the distinctive tourist places in Turkey, as it was the headquarters of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years, and it is indicated that its construction was in the fifteenth century, when Muhammad Al-Fateh built the first phase of it, and shortly after the conquest in 1453AD, It is reported that he lived there until his death in 1481 AD, as many sultans lived in it until the nineteenth century, and the palace is characterized by its pebbles, and the fountain that Sultan Ahmed III built in the Rococo style, in addition to the decoration of its construction, and the wonderful Ottoman architecture, and also contains A number of ES effects Illiteracy and Christian People.

Other tourist places in Turkey

Turkey embraces many beautiful tourist places, as follows:

  • The city of Mardin: It is one of the most exciting cities in Turkey, where this ancient city consists of exquisite carved stone houses, and many mosques and churches that date back to the Artistic State.
  • Ankara City: Characterized by its stunning architecture, it contains the shrine of Anit Kabir and the historical district with its famous castle.
  • Patara Beach: Patara Beach is one of the longest sandy beaches in Turkey, and is located on the coast of the Turkish Riviera, and extends for a distance of 14 km, overlooking the Roman ruins and the ruins of ancient Lycia.
  • Bodrum Castle.
  • Ephesus The city is one of the most magnificent ancient Turkish cities, and it is the best place on the Mediterranean coast, and it is mentioned that it was a distinguished commercial city, and a center of worship of Siebel, the fertility god in Anatolia.


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