The Kingdom of Cambodia includes many natural areas, and it is considered one of the ancient countries, which dates back to the discovery of the second century AD, has been subject to many of the rule of the Mamluks as well as to French colonialism, and Cambodia is characterized by being a country rich in many tourist and archaeological attractions, Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia where It is bordered on the south by the Gulf of Thailand, on the west by Laos, on the east, Vietnam is located, and on the west, it is bordered by the State of Thailand. I white sand and historical temples as well as the sun’s warm and clear waters. Here the most important details on Arab travelers.

The most important advice before traveling to Cambodia:

  • Getting a Cambodia visa is very easy, as most Arab countries can travel without a visa.
  • The weather in Cambodia is more moderate in the period between December to February, and the period from May to November is warmer and this period is considered a rainy season.
  • The Cambodian riyal currency is used in physical transactions in Cambodia.
  • The Khmer or Cambodian language is the official language of the country, but it is possible to speak English where many people can speak it, as well as the Malay and the French language among the elderly, as well as the Malay language.
  • Buddhism is the country’s official religion, and the percentage of Muslims there is 6%.
  • The Cambodian people are very nice and friendly people, just like the rest of Southeast Asia.
  • The Tuk Tuk is the most popular form of transportation to Cambodia along with taxis.
  • This town is considered one of the safest countries for tourists, especially in the Indochina region, as the police there take care of something more seriously, besides that hotel employees always advise visitors to keep their valuables and take care and caution.

The most famous tourist attractions in Cambodia:

  • Phnom Penh:

Phnom Penh in CambodiaPhnom Penh in Cambodia
It is the capital of the country and is considered one of the most densely populated areas in the country, and this city is distinguished by that it combines the French character and the traditional Khmer nature, and it has many historical museums and monuments, and it is considered one of the most vital areas where there are many cars and motorcycles and many restaurants and cafes spread Throughout the city, in addition to the presence of many historical sites such as the National Museum and the Royal Palace, which provide many examples of traditional art, and a water festival is held in the month of November every year.

  • Angkor Wat:

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
It is a complex of temples and away from the north of the modern town of Siem Reap at a distance of 5.5 km, and Angkor Wat is teeming with many important monumental buildings, Angkor Wat is located in the southernmost of the major landmarks of Angkor, and in the early 12th century the Angkor temple was built to be a Hindu temple dedicated to the worship of the god Vishnu And Angkor Wat is the country’s official temple and symbol of the capital, as the temple symbol is drawn on the Cambodian national flag, and attracts many visitors every year, due to its design genius that attests to the creativity of this era from the time, and there are three corridors on the distance A rectangular shape above each one The other, and in the center of the temple there are five towers on the lotus.

  • The beaches of Sihanoukville

The beaches of SihanoukvilleThe beaches of Sihanoukville
It is one of the fun beaches in Som Kompong Province, and despite its location away from historical monuments, it is located in the Sahel region that is filled with many tourist resorts and many picturesque beaches that are characterized by its white sand, so many local residents and tourists from different countries of the world are accepted to visit it To enjoy relaxation and relaxation in the warm sunlight or to shower in its wonderful waters, and enjoy the best times in the beach huts located directly on the sand, this province has many high-end hotels and a number of cafes and restaurants.

  • Prasat Preah Vihear Temple

Prasat Preah Vihear TemplePrasat Preah Vihear Temple
It is a Hindu temple and is one of the best temples in Cambodia being one of the most dramatic sites in the country, as it is located at the top of Mount Dungrik and surrounded by a number of wonderful flood plains, and consists of a group of huge temples, and includes many wings that have been intricately carved and linked between them Many long bridges, and were built as a tribute to the Lord Shiva.

  • Sampur Peri Cook

This site dates back to the early seventh century AD, and includes the place for more than a hundred temples, all built of bricks, which were built specifically for the worship of many different Hindu deities within the forest, and this archaeological site is one of the most distinctive monuments in Cambodia More than half of the temples on the site have been hidden, because the roots of huge trees have swallowed them. This site includes many old buildings that still exist today, and the rest of the temples include many clear sculptures that he drew on the walls of the temples.

  • Kampot

It is considered one of the most beautiful river countries that are distinguished by its special charm. This country includes a number of ancient monuments that tell about the stories and tales of the past that are found in the remains of historical monuments there, such as the frightening and abandoned church. There are many ancient temples and limestone caves.

  • My balls

Krati town, CambodiaKrati town, Cambodia
It has become one of the most important destinations for Cambodian visitors to enjoy watching the tours of the dolphin dwelling in the Mekong while swimming on the banks of the river, but now security precautions and measures have been put in place to protect and preserve dolphins, as well as boat trips available there in order to watch dolphins while they are fun in the middle of the river .

  • Battambang

This place holds the best quiet and charming rural scenes there, which can be seen clearly in the small villages and in the middle of rice fields, and is home to many historical monuments and evidence such as historical temples and old colonial buildings, it is always intended by tourists in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city as an opportunity Great for calm and relaxation.

  • Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap LakeTonle Sap Lake
It is considered one of the largest fresh lakes in the Asian continent, as its capacity reaches 12000 meters, then it shrinks to a small lake in the dry middle of the year, where its area at this time of the year reaches 2500 meters, and this lake is considered one of the most important sources of food and a vital tool for irrigation, and it is considered a lake Tonle Sap is home to 170 floating villages where the residents of these villages depend on their fishing profession from the lake, and there are many simple buildings on the shores of the lake that were built directly on the shores of the lake, in addition to the presence of a number of temples, shops and schools, and there are many means of transportation, This region is a great place to visit You will discover the splendor of simplicity and traditional rural life.

  • Ratana Kerry

It is a group of red dirt roads and is located in a remote area, and it is always intended by visitors who love to experience the atmosphere of excitement and adventure, because this region is home to many safaris in Cambodia, where adventurers there can enjoy discovering the monkeys that spread in the region, and enjoy walking even long distances under the rays Warm sun, watch the many magical views of the waterfalls flowing from above and swimming in the water of the emerald lake.



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