Here are the most beautiful tourist attractions in Georgia, Arab travelers. If you dream of traveling to a distinctive European tourist destination, you should see the most important tourist places in Georgia, which are characterized by their charming nature represented in mountains, forests and beaches, as they are suitable destinations for those looking for calm and relaxation.
It is worth noting that Georgia is one of the countries that require obtaining a visa when traveling to it. As for the climate condition, the cold weather prevails some months of the year from December to February and the weather becomes better in the summer in July and August, and through Arab travelers we will inform you of the most famous landmarks Tourist worth visiting.

Tourism in Georgia, Arab travelers

We show you the most important sights in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Borjomi, Batumi, through the following:

1. Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge

  • The Peace Bridge is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Georgia, specifically in the city of Tbilisi, and its length reaches about 150 meters and its opening date dates back to the year 2010 AD, and this bridge becomes more beautiful at night time.
  • Peace Bridge is distinguished by its unique architectural design, as it is made of glass and steel in the form of an arc extending over the Kura River in the heart of Tbilisi.
  • You can see many historical monuments as you walk around the edge of the bridge, and there is also a child-friendly park near it with a range of fun games for them to have a good time.
  • Overlooking the bridge are a number of restaurants that you can sit at and eat the best local cuisine while enjoying the beauty of the bridge and the river, especially at night time.
  • If you are looking for accommodation in hotels near the bridge, the Hotel Frida and Marisali are among the best hotels in Tbilisi.

2. The historical district

Historic district

  • If you travel to Kutaisi, you should visit the historical district, the most famous tourist attraction in the city, which includes a lot of important tourist places, touring this neighborhood gives you the opportunity to know a lot about the history of the city along with the traditional lifestyle prevailing in this place.
  • One of the most important tourist attractions to visit in this neighborhood is the historical museum that displays many artifacts and ancient weapons, along with the fountain of legendary statues, which is an architectural masterpiece, it is designed in the artistic style of the Stone Age.
  • Within the neighborhood, there are many hotels, most notably the Old Town Hotel and Macudro Hotel, and they are among the best in Kutaisi.

3. Mineral water park

Mineral water park

  • Among the tourist attractions worth visiting in the city of Borjomi is the mineral water park, which is one of the most beautiful and oldest parks in Georgia, as it dates back to the year 1850 AD, and for the reason that it is called by this name is due to the city’s fame in the mineral water industry, where there are many inside the park Water fountains.
  • You can enjoy more inside the park by taking a cable car and seeing the landmarks of the place up, or if you want to have a degree of comfort and calm, you can sit in the seats designated for that inside the place.
  • The garden includes many mineral springs that you can taste and enjoy its pure taste, in addition to the presence of a small pond characterized by its warm water, where its temperature reaches 27 degrees Celsius.
  • Visiting hours start from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening.
  • Among the best hotels near the park are Lilo Inn Hotel and Deluxe Natalie.

4. May 6 Park

May 6 Park

  • Among the most important tourist attractions in the city of Batumi, which are suitable for families, the May 6 Park, which is very popular with its local visitors, as it is very popular with them on holidays, and includes a zoo along with many recreational games for children.
  • Inside the park there is a lake where you can wander through the boat or visit the zoo, which includes a variety of animals from monkeys, kangaroos, and zebras.
  • If you want to stay in a hotel close to the park, the Hilton Batumi hotel is one of the best in the city.

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