The most beautiful tourist attractions in Kuwait are recommended to visit

المسافرون العرب

Learn the most important Kuwait tourist attractions suitable for families, from the best natural places, Kuwait Towers and entertainment places to spend the best times in this distinguished country and more details on Arab travelers.

Best tourist attractions in Kuwait:

Kuwait is one of the most popular tourist destinations for families, as it is one of the most famous Arab countries in the field of tourism, where there are a lot of wonderful tourist places in Kuwait, and it is the secret to everyone’s visit to every place in the world as it is one of the vibrant countries, activity and attractive places.
Kuwait is known for its high towers, which directly overlook the Persian Gulf, and we will talk about the best sights for a great vacation.

the green Island :

  • The green island belongs to the lake front from Kuwait and it was built in the year 1988 AD, as it is considered the first industrial island that was built in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • On the island, you will find many activities and entertainment places suitable for families, which is the secret of the great popularity that it enjoys in Kuwait.
  • There is also the Romenian International Amphitheater in the Green Island, which is enough for more than 600 spectators, and many dance performances are displayed in addition to the beautiful concerts, and there is a special tower in the island that reaches a height of 35 meters, which directly overlooks its courtyard and provides a view of Kuwait from Wonderful height.
  • You will enjoy your time with the family in these dazzling leisure activities, in addition to sports activities, shopping on the island, and popular festivals, which take place throughout the year, making it one of the best places to visit with your family in Kuwait.

Kuwait Towers :

  • The Kuwait Towers consist of 3 very high towers expressing the great recovery in the country’s economy, and it is one of the most important tourist places in Kuwait, which was opened in 1979 AD, as it is one of the most famous attractions in the city, and a living proof of its being a modern city.
  • As for the design of Kuwait Towers, it combines Islamic art and its well-known designs with modern architecture, and it is very popular especially for those who wish to take the most beautiful memorial pictures in the city, as it is one of the most important symbols that enter into prosperity and luxury that exist in Kuwait today.
  • As for the location of Kuwait Towers, it is located in the city center, and extends on the beach, which is located in the Arab Gulf Street specifically in the Sharq region. Do not miss to visit this tourist attraction with your family to spend an unforgettable time.
  • In the towers you will find many restaurants that provide tourists with international hospitality, at an altitude of up to 80 meters above sea level. We recommend you to visit Horizon Restaurant, which provides international services for visitors, and also organizes an open buffet that serves delicious international dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • In the main tower there are excellent cafes that provide snacks in addition to breakfast and pastries, and the best hot and refreshing drinks, which directly overlooks the Arabian Gulf and exceeds 76 meters above sea level, it will be a comfortable and beautiful experience with your family from eating different drinks and healthy food from fruits And snacks with unforgettable views of the Arabian Gulf.

Aqua park :

  • It is the first water park that was established in the Arabian Gulf, as it is one of the largest parks in the peninsula. As for its location, it is located on the Arabian Gulf Street near Kuwait Towers.
  • It can be considered a giant water city with an area of ​​60 thousand square meters, and it was built in the year 1995 AD.
  • It is one of the most beautiful parks for families, as it allows many water games for adults and children in addition to many activities and special offers, and it is not only possible to watch where you can dive, play football or any sport you want as it provides many distinctive entertainment services as there are mosques Separate for both men and women, as well as places to change clothes.
  • The best recreational places in the Aqua Park include the Kiddie Pool area, children’s pools, and lots of great activities so that both adults and children can enjoy great times.
  • In Aqua Park there are many restaurants that prepare delicious dishes, from snacks and fast food, to grilled food in addition to ice cream and nuts in its various forms.
  • The most amazing thing about Aqua Park is that Tuesday is reserved for women only, while the rest of the days are for families and young children.

Liberation Tower :

  • The Liberation Tower is one of the best tourist places in Kuwait and suitable for families, as it is one of the most important symbols of liberation in the city, and it comes second in the tallest towers in the city, and within the fifth rank among the tallest communication towers in the world, where the length of the liberation tower reaches 372 meters, it is made of ceramics in relation to the structure of the tower and enjoys a very poetic lighting in the evening that reveals the intensity of the beauty of the architectural design of the tower.
  • In the Liberation Tower there is a private restaurant in addition to places to see Kuwait from an altitude, and it contains the offices of radio and communications.
  • It has great popularity and historical significance and is the reason tourists visit it, and it would be very nice to visit the tower with your family.

The Lagoa Tourist Region in Kuwait:

  • It is one of the most beautiful areas that enjoy a dazzling nature in Kuwait, where you can practice a lot of water activities, and it is the best alternative to the beaches where you will find dazzling lakes in addition to forests, and tourists come from everywhere to spend a comfortable holiday, whether from Kuwait or outside.
  • It would be very nice to sit on the charming sands or participate in marine activities from taking a cruise or swimming. You can also wander on the west coast from the wonderful lakes in the Lagoa region.

Kuwait Zoo:

  • It is one of the most beautiful tourist places suitable for families in Kuwait, where children love very much to see their favorite animals in front of their eyes and take the most beautiful memorial pictures, and it will be an amazing idea for your children to see the various animals up close with its many types and different sizes.
  • The park is one of the most beautiful areas that attract tourists, which extends to more than 80 thousand square meters, and in 1990 a injury occurred in one of the buildings during the period of the invasion of Iraq, which caused the death of many animals due to bleeding and starvation. The garden was restored again, and brought types Several animals to be opened again in the year 1993 AD.

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