Through this article, we look at the places of tourism in Tunisia for young people, so follow us. Tunisia is one of the famous Arab tourist destinations that many Arabs prefer because of its diverse tourist places, between sales aspects and appearances of ancient civilizations as well as recreational places, so it is full of tourist attractions that are searched for by every tourist in any place in the world to enjoy In his time, on the website of Arab travelers, we present to you the following the best tourist attractions in Tunisia for families and youth that are recommended to visit.

Tourism in Tunisia for young people

  • Going to Tunisia for the purpose of tourism requires obtaining a visa, and you can obtain it easily by going to the Tunisian embassy or consulate in your country.
  • Tunisia is one of the countries that does not require a huge budget for tourism. Prices vary in terms of accommodation and dining to suit middle-income people.
  • The best time to travel is from January to June.
  • As for the tourist places, we show you the most important ones below.

In this article, we review with you the most important tourist attractions in the city of Sousse, Tunisia

Sousse Archaeological Museum

  • One of the prominent sights of Sousse, because it contains a collection of mosaics, making it the second after the National Museum of Bardo.
  • It houses a huge number of antiques and relics dating back to ancient civilizations.
  • You can take a tour of the museum to enjoy watching the paintings and exhibits left by previous civilizations, the most famous of which are the painting of the Bacchus Victory, and the head of Medusa made of mosaic.
  • The museum receives visitors every day except on Monday from nine in the morning until twelve noon, and from three until seven in the afternoon.

Medusa head

Marina of the serfTaoist

  • It is a place of entertainment that greatly attracts tourists.
  • The marina overlooks the Mediterranean coast, providing its visitors with a charming view.
  • It houses a wide range of restaurants and cafes where you can spend time and enjoy delicious meals and drinks.
  • You can also rent a small boat and enjoy a cruise, or spend time fishing.
  • You must not miss the great adventure of diving underwater to enjoy the treasures carried by the sea.
  • On the banks there is an area designated for sports activities, where there are tennis, golf, horse riding, and others.

Port El Kantaoui
The city of Hammamet in Tunisia contains many tourist attractions, including the following:

Carthage Land

  • It is one of the famous parks in Tunisia, which has a large number of tourists throughout the year.
  • It is a suitable place for families because it contains attractions that suit all members of the family of all ages.
  • You can take a walking tour around it to take souvenir photos with statues representing the Carthaginian era scattered everywhere.
  • It also includes many recreational games suitable for all ages.
  • It features a large water park, which is one of the most vital areas within it.
  • You can visit it on a daily basis, except for Mondays, so it opens its doors to receive visitors from ten in the morning until six in the evening.

Carthage-Land 1

Hammamet beach

  • It is one of the stunning charming beaches of the Mediterranean coast.
  • You can enjoy a quiet day at the beach in a charming natural setting.
  • You can also have a wonderful time by cruising with one of the yachts lined up on its coast.
  • To spend a totally different and enjoyable time there are tourist centers that provide visitors with horses to take a tour on the beach.
  • You should visit the beachfront restaurants for a delicious meal overlooking a breathtaking view.

 Hammamet beach

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