The most beautiful tourist attractions on the island of Tenerife, Spain

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A guide to the most beautiful tourist attractions on Tenerife Island or Tenerife Island and the places that are recommended to visit from travelers experiences, is one of the Spanish islands and is located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean specifically next to Hero and Palma and Gamma, and these islands are considered one of the largest immortal islands, with an area of ​​2034.38 km, and a capital Tenerife is the city of Santa Croce, which is one of its largest cities in terms of population density, and the history of this island dates back to more than five centuries when the Spanish conquered it. This island was greatly affected by the Guache tribe and they are indigenous people, and this island includes on its land Mont Ted (the summit of Mount Ted) The highest peak in the ASB country Nea, it also includes one of the most famous Spanish resorts, which is the resort of Los Gigantes, and there is the Lauro Park, which includes huge numbers of tropical birds and Las Kendas National Park, where the volcanic rock formations of the Ted Summit are presented, and there is a monkey park and a zoo, and always offers a lot of Offers and discounts, and here is more information for Arab travelers.

Tenerife Island features:

  • It is considered one of the largest of the Canary Islands, and is considered one of the most attractive islands due to its wonderful climatic contradictions. It is a poetic mixture of nature, entertainment, sand and sun, which helped it to be one of the most famous and most popular Canary Islands in Europe.
  • The island stretches 269 km from the coast, which allowed him to provide many places overlooking the sea and enjoy the sea and the sun.
  • On the southern side of the island there are many beaches that are originally mostly volcanic areas, while in the northern side there is a steep countryside with cliffs, and there are many natural pools and small bays.
  • It is possible to sunbathe and swim there throughout the year, as most days are sunny and the temperatures are always moderate, ranging from 18 degrees in the winter months to 26 degrees in the summer months.
  • It is visited by more than five million tourists annually, as it attracts the highest numbers of tourists on the Canary Islands, and there are many international festivals such as the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The most beautiful tourist attractions on the island of Tenerife, Spain:

  • Guimar’s pyramids:

These pyramids consisted of volcanic rocks, and the number reaches 6 pyramids visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year in order to see this miracle, and there is a belief that these pyramids date back to the sunken city of Atlanta.

  • Tenerife National Park:

This park was built around the third largest volcano in the world, and is considered one of the twelve treasures in Spain, and included by UNESCO among the World Heritage sites, and the summit of Mount Ted rises above sea level by a distance of 3718, which provides an opportunity to enjoy watching the most beautiful scenery in the State of Spain.

  • Tenerife beaches:

The beaches there are distinguished in different colors to meet all tastes. There are beaches with golden sand, others with black sand and some beaches with sand from gravel.

  • Discovering dolphins:

Tenerife is a migratory route for many aquatic animals such as dolphins and whales, which can be seen close up while swimming and snorkeling, watching dolphins and their fantastic jumps in the water.

  • Mount Teddy:

Tourists can climb to the top of Mount Ted by cable car on an eight-minute trip, enjoy the scenic views of Tenerife Island and watch Canaria, Gran and La Palma.

  • Vegas Falcons Adventure Park:

It is a garden of plants and animals very beautiful, located near the beach of Las Christina Nos and a garden area of ​​7.5 hectares, and contains about 500 different animals, as it is equipped with many tunnels and paths and a number of suspension bridges, in addition to the presence of many landscapes Picturesque lakes, waterfalls, and a number of ancient caves, and many tourists mean this garden in order to get to know many types of animals such as raccoons, monkeys, red pandas and crocodiles, in addition to the presence of wonderful groups of birds such as eagles, falcons and parrots as well as penguins.

  • Diving:

This island has an opportunity for surfing, diving and horse riding, and many prefer to take a submarine to enjoy this island and see marine creatures under the water.

  • Siam Park:

It is one of the largest water parks in Europe, as it is an ideal interface for those wishing to spend an exciting adventure experience, where rides and enjoy the dragon as well as a sense of excitement while riding waterfalls and bridges.

  • San Cristobal de la Laguna Cathedral:

This Catholic Church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, peace be upon her.

  • Loro Park:

This park combines the splendor of wildlife and water, which includes many local animals, and more than a hundred different species of endangered animals, there can take some wonderful memorial photos among the parrot and penguins.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

Built in 1899, this Masonic temple is one of the few temples that have not been demolished, and dates back to the days of the rule of Francesco Franco.

  • The Museum of Nature and Man:

It is one of the largest museums in Spain, and it contains many barbarian pottery vessels and groups of Egyptian pharaonic pieces, and includes huge numbers of plant fossils and animal and insect fossils, a number of archaeological discoveries and a number of archaeological materials dating back to prehistoric times.

  • Mask: It is located in the northwestern part of the island, where it is located in the picturesque village of Masca amid the Tino Mountains, where it clings to the slopes of the Green Valley on the side of a small and narrow road filled with wonderful curves.
  • Boat trips:

These trips are especially popular with dolphins and whales, as they are usually very close to the boat.

  • Garacheco City:

This quiet city with ancient history was in the old days a port, but it was destroyed in 1706 by a huge volcanic eruption, and in this city there are many historical monuments, in which there is St. Michael’s Castle, and Garcico is considered a living museum and many prefer to go to it for Explore it.




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