Canada is a tourist country unique in many of its characteristics, on the one hand, Canada is the second largest country in the world, and on the other hand, every city is considered an entrance to a magical world of wild and natural life. Cities in Canada are divided into very large provinces and very small cities, and there are vast distances Every city has made it one of the best ski resorts in the world.

The most beautiful tourist cities in Canada


If you love visiting the big, vibrant cities in which traffic does not stop, day or night, the city of “Toronto” should be your first tourist destination in Canada. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of the region of the same name, which is a global city where multiple human races are mixed. Each of them left its mark on life in the city. Recreational tourism is the most prominent activity in “Toronto”. In addition to the presence of many international places of entertainment such as the CN Tower, the third largest tower in the world, there are also many artistic events, perhaps the most famous of which is the “Toronto Festival” Annual ”.


If you are a fan of beautiful cities with charming landscapes, we recommend that you visit “Victoria”, the capital of the province of “English Columbia”. The city of “Victoria” is located on the island of “Vancouver”, so tourists will be able to enjoy seeing the mountains, the ocean and the heavenly horizons clearly in more than one place. In the city. Also, the city of “Victoria” in Canada is the best place where you can see aspects of wildlife closely, such as elephants and whales. Do not leave the city before you visit the “sea port” most famous tourist attractions where there are many restaurants and international cafes that It was built on the background of Ar Ar landscape.


For sports lovers and excitement lovers we have chosen for you one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Canada, the city of “Calgary”, which is held for ten days each year, the most famous rodeo cow rides in the open air as the largest competition of this kind in the world. The city of “Calgary” is located in the county “Alberta” is the gateway to the famous Rocky Mountains where permanent competitions are held in mountaineering no less than exciting rodeo matches. On the other hand, there is another aspect of the city represented by the “Museum of Living History” through which the tourist can get to know alive the nature of life in this region In the period between 1860-1950 AD.


At the end of this short list of Canada’s most beautiful tourist cities, it is necessary to mention the city of “Ottawa”, the capital of the country, and the most bustling cities with the most famous of which are the “Parliament Building” and a number of high-end museums. One of the most famous tourist attractions in “Ottawa” is the Rideau Canal, which In summer, the city’s best outings by boat while its frozen page uses a winter ice rink.

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