The most beautiful tourist cities in Ireland

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The most beautiful tourist cities in Ireland Things you cannot miss when visiting this wonderful country, which is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world, an integrated guide to wonderful tourist cities is recommended to visit in Ireland on the site of Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist cities in Ireland:

Galway City:

This city is considered one of the largest cities in the western Republic of Ireland, and it is famous for the presence of a large number of galleries and shops for the most famous international brands, as for its streets and roads, it is characterized by pavements that date back to the past centuries, and this city is very interested in music, as it is one of The main centers of music have many wonderful musical halls, and the Galway Cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks of this city, and there is a museum that provides a historical overview of the city to the museum visitors, and it contains Lynch Castle dating back to the 17th century, in addition to this. The Spanish arch, which is the rest of the city wall, which is located near the River Corrib, you are always in Galway, you must eat oysters in that city, where Moran’s house to eat oyster dish is one of the most wonderful places in Ireland, where it is made traditional straw net, and dates back For 250 years ago, it houses a wide variety of oysters, providing an opportunity to choose from.

Cork City:

This city hosts a mix of shopping malls and cafes, where there are a huge number of shops as well as buildings that are distinguished by its historical architecture, as this city is considered a kiss for food lovers, due to the presence of a number of roofed markets, in which there are all goods And amazing Irish products.
In the case of planning to visit Ireland, the city of Korek, which is characterized by the presence of many bridges, must be located. This city is considered the second largest city in Ireland. Initially it was an island, but now it covers all of the banks of the River Lee. This is along with a number of The picturesque water channels that run in close proximity to many of the main roads that are there, and walking on foot is one of the best ways to give a greater opportunity to contemplate the southern mountain region, and after completing the hiking trip on the road that is surrounded by many picturesque monuments, passage can be made to Saint Church Finn Bari and traffic on the Sah Wide access to the university so that the Church Chandon with white and red colors, which are located on the top of the mountain.

Things you can’t miss in Ireland:

  • Don’t miss the Janes store:

There is a Guinness store in Dublin, and this store is proud to be the largest beer exporter located in St. James in the heart of Dublin, and it is considered one of the most popular attractions in Ireland, where in the year 2000 which saw its opening attracted nearly 4 million visitors in its first year, where Visitors come to take a tour around the store for a period of about an hour and a half, in which many of the landscapes are displayed through the seven floors of the Janes store.

  • Dublin Kraol Pub:

In the field of Irish literature and culture there is always a strong relationship between bars and arts with Irish life. In the event that you go anywhere there you will find cafes, bars and literary arts that have been able to embody a wonderful relationship between literature and pub in Ireland in a wonderful way, it is enough to take the pub in the center of the capital And other pubs that are closely related to writers and musicians, but the Dublin pub is Literary Crowl which is the most famous, and on the way to this pub there are a number of musical performances besides that the pub gives its visitors an opportunity to listen to the clips of traditional Irish music, which group A bunch of bands playing it.

  • Connemara Tourism:

Connemara is located to the west of the city of Galloway, and this region is famous for the beauty of primitive naturalism there, as Oscar Wilde described it as a country of physical beauty, and this city is located on the Gulf of Cliffden, and is considered a starting base for exploring Connemara, and one of the most important activities that can be practiced there is golf, horse riding, degrees and sports Watersports and hills walking, and in the recent period there has become a Connemara marathon that is a frequent destination for many tourists.

  • Dingle:

Dingle is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Ireland, as it combines the magic of nature with the Iraqi heritage of Ireland, and Dingle is one of the well-known coastal cities, it is a natural port located at the foot of Mount Sylvia, and this city includes a number of restaurants, shops and bars, It is a meeting point for the enchanting European nature with the climate of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is also found in the waters of the Dingle Peninsula Plaskat Islands These islands that were until 1953 inhabited by the indigenous people of Ireland, who are Irish-speaking and relied on the fishing craft as their craft, the peninsula is distinguished These rich as a number of tourist attractions that are worth had such Rainun castle corridor Connors ELC Tower next to this cruise.

  • The Buren scene:

Burin, which is located in North Clare and in southern Galway, has a scene worth seeing, this scene is one of the most attractive scenes in Ireland and in Europe as a whole. In the Burin region combines distinctive limestone rock formations and between the chains of animal and plant life, and the word Burin It means the place that is crowded with rocks, this region that formed this unique scene as a result of eroding limestone over thousands of years due to acid rain water, and this place is considered the most suitable for walking enthusiasts, as there is a walkway that extends about a distance of about 45 km, besides that this place It is considered a kiss for geologists Jia, researchers and students, because it is the environmental diversity that characterized by this city is not available in any other place in Europe, Veugd there are more than 700 different strains of animals and plants.


Ireland is characterized by the abundance and diversity of festivals there, because the nature of the Irish people knows very well how to organize a wonderful festival, regardless of the time of the visit to Ireland, usually there will be a festival that attracts you to visit it, and perhaps the most famous and most prominent festival that is held in Ireland is the Dublin Theater Festival, Which is held in the period between September and October every year, and this festival is one of the oldest theater festivals in Europe, as it was established by Brendan Smith in 1957, in order to display the works of famous artists such as Neil Jordan and Rudi Doyle And there is no The Galway Arts Festival This festival is his residence every year in the month of July and is the host artists, writers and musicians from all over the world, this festival next to Kilkenny Cat Wolves, one of comedy festivals that come on top of the festivals that are set up in Ireland.


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