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Istanbul has many distinctive tourist attractions, the most prominent of which are:

  • Blue Mosque: The Blue Mosque was built, or as it is known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, between 1609-1616 AD. This amazing building caused a stir in the entire Islamic world at its end, and it included six minarets, and this famous mosque gained its name from its interior decoration that was used tens of thousands of Iznik tiles in it.
  • The Grand BazaarIt is a large roofed market, surrounded by thick walls, located between the Osmaniye Mosque and the Bayezid Mosque, and can be accessed through eleven gates, to roam the corridors lined with stalls and shops that display all Turkish souvenirs and handicrafts.
  • Aya Sofia: This church was first built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 536 AD, then it was converted into a mosque after the Ottomans entered Constantinople, then to a museum in the twentieth century.


Antalya is one of the well-known tourist destinations in Turkey, and it provides tourists with many charming beaches, historical monuments, and the most prominent landmarks in them:

  • Duden Falls: These waterfalls are divided into two parts, upper and lower, surrounded by gardens, which are famous places for hiking for tourists and locals alike, and the upper waterfalls of them reach a height of 15 m, and hide a natural cave behind it.
  • The city of KaleiciIt is the old city of Antalya, in which Ottoman and Romen architecture blends, and to enter this city it is necessary to pass through the Hardian Gate, which is a gate made of three arches, the date of its construction dates back to the second century AD, as can be seen in the Yalfi Lighthouse, which reaches a height of 40 m , And it was built in conjunction with the Seljuk Mosque in the thirteenth century AD, which is now converted into monuments.


Among the most prominent tourist attractions in this city are the following:
  • Bodrum Castle: This castle is located on a small rocky peninsula on the southwest coast of Anatolia, and was built by the Knights of Rhodes in the beginning of the fifteenth century AD, and it is currently considered the seat of the Bodom Museum of Underwater Archeology which is a unique museum of its kind in Turkey, and from The most important museums in the world.
  • The old amphitheaterIt is located on the main roads to Turgutreis, and its construction dates back to the fourth century BC, with a capacity of 5,000 spectators, increased to 13,000 spectators in the third century AD, and at present the runway hosts many parties and activities during the summer.

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