A guide to the most famous and most beautiful tourist cities in Ukraine is recommended to visit from the experiences of travelers. The country of Ukraine is known as the second largest country in Eastern Europe, and is famous for its republican and half-presidential political system with the separation of legislative, judicial and executive powers, and Ukraine is bordered to the east by the Russian Federation, and from the western side Poland As for Slovakia, from the north Belarus, and from the southwestern side Romenia, and Mawlafa Wafa, from the south the Black Sea and the Arov Sea, Ukraine owns 24 cities, and it also has the second largest army in Europe after Russia, and Ukraine is a colorful and picturesque country and has a lot of Taq picturesque, and there are many rugged beaches, wild forests, and many rocky mountain plains, along with its ancient history and folk traditions, and various cultural influences, many of which have been included on the list of UNESCO which is characterized by its world heritage, so the site of Arab travelers has been keen on Inform you of Ukraine’s most beautiful tourist attractions.

The most important tourist cities in Ukraine:

Ukraine has many famous cities and tourist attractions to which tourists from all over the world are attracted, and among the most important cities and tourist attractions in Ukraine:

  • Odessa:

Odessa is one of the third largest cities in Ukraine, as that city was known as the “pearl of the Black Sea”. Odessa was in the past a legendary port on the Black Sea, but at the present time it has become an important commercial city that attracts tourists due to its sandy beaches and summer climate and is characterized by its wonderful gardens, The city is also distinguished by its narrow and winding paths, and its secluded squares, but one of its most famous tourist attractions in the city is the mighty staircase that is produced from the city center to the beach, as it is the appropriate place for researchers from culture and art, and Odessa owns many theaters and the Opera House Odessa.

  • Poltava:

It is a cultural city characterized by comfort and tranquility, through which it overlooks the Forskala River, and it is also famous for Poltava with its distinguished military history, due to the legendary battle it had suffered in the 18th century between the Russian Tsar I, the first Cossack, which made it attract many tourists. To see its ancient ruins, which are still standing to this day, including the Pillar of Glory, and part of the battlefield in Polnava, along with many sacred museums of military history, as it contains many wonderful tourist attractions, the most important of which are theaters, the main cathedral, and a cathedral. Virgin, and For many of the tourist attractions that have attracted tourists.

  • Mayerhurd:

That city is famous for “the city of sleeping baths”, due to the wealth it owns from many springs located under its soil, and attracts tourists to take advantage of its mineral properties, and there are many sites that are used for bathing in its pure waters, and other places for those who do not want to swim, you can visit the plates. Luminous and musical fountain, as it is possible for the tourist to rent a boat in order to wander in the Korol River, and the city of Mayrhurd also contains a lot of forests that you can roam and in the wide roads, through a cart pulled with beautiful horses.

  • Stimulation of Nehev:

The city of Tencio Nayhev is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Ukraine, located on the base of the Carpathian Mountains, and its fame is due to the fact that it was previously the main complex of chief priests, but at the present time it has become the main home of Chase Nevtsy National University and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. As for the architecture of the city of Chisnevtsi, it is similar to that in Vienna, which made it famous as the “Little Vienna”. The city owns many famous libraries and bookstores.

  • Bakota:

Where the village of Bakota is located precisely in Bodilla, which is the main home of the well-known cave monastery, where it was built by the Orthodox monks headed by Anba Antonius Kiev, this monastery was built in an underground cave in the twelfth century, when visiting the monastery the visitor can see the murals that were well preserved Also, it is the property of the monks who lived in it, and Bacotah has become part of the National Park for the time being due to its rural location, which is characterized by local hills and plants.

  • Uzhhorod:

The city of Ozhurd is located on the border with Slovakia and near the border with Hungary, it is a vital city for most of its inhabitants from Hungary and Romenia, which gives it an international atmosphere and the matter that helps to famous the region as an important flag of tourist attractions that attract tourists, and one of the most important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Uzhhorod The astonishing is the Uzhhorod Castle, which dates back to the nineteenth century, and also the Romen Catholic cathedral from the seventeenth century.

  • Kamyanets-Podolskiy:

It is a city located in western Ukraine, and it was for a great time a destination for the Armenians and Poles, whose influence appears in the city’s structure and is distinguished by its culture, and the city that is covered in ancient monuments, including the cathedral castle and large fortifications, because of the city has a privileged location on the Smotrich River that provides a lot Among the outdoor activities, the most important of which are club trips and also race cars.

  • group:

The historical center of Lviv has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its many antique buildings dating back to the thirteenth century as an integrated center with exhibitions spread throughout the city, and the most important of which is the National Art Gallery, which is an important habitat of more than 50 A thousand artworks and sculptures.

  • Kiev:

It is the capital of Ukraine and one of its most prominent cities, as it is distinguished by its population diversity, as well as the architecture of interest, as the city contains a large number of UNESCO sites that are distinguished by its world heritage, the most important of which is the Kiev Monastery and St. Sophia Cathedral, and there are also many museums and theaters Kiev is a green city with two botanical gardens.



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