There is no disagreement that Sharm El Sheikh is a coastal city with distinction as it has clean water and clean beaches that make it a center of polarization for swimming lovers besides its many bays that made the city one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt and among these bays our article will review Shark Bay and the most important tourist places that It gives it more beauty.

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Best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

There are many hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh to create intense competition that makes the task of selection somewhat difficult, but finding the best hotels in Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh will be very easy through our article .. Read more

Shark's Bay

The best activities and tourist places in the Shark’s Bay area

Shark Bay Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and its tourist resorts that simulate the world with its details and luxury, but the most important thing that distinguishes it is the pure Gulf waters that contain the best diving centers and the most beautiful cruises that will not be enjoyed anywhere else. Our article will lead you to some of the most beautiful places in this region and the most important activities that will bring you the most enjoyment there.

Soho Square

The Soho Square name has always been closely related to the Shark’s Bay area, how not! It is one of the most prominent places that brings together many activities on its soil, such as:

Getting around the square and shopping at its stores all over the place are the first indispensable activities when visiting Soho Square.

• The place embraces one of the largest and most famous musical dancing fountains in Sharm El Sheikh, so you and your family can spend time watching and enjoying the music and colorful lighting that decorates the place.

• There are many restaurants, cafes, and night clubs in the place. From restaurants, it is recommended to try the Acuna Matta Restaurant, and from the cafes, Café Chino enjoys wide popularity in addition to the White Night Beach Bar, the ideal place to relax in front of the sea. And music.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful and active beaches in Sharm El Sheikh. Visiting it will hide a number of interesting activities for you, such as:

• Relaxation and recreation, which represents the most important activities that the place provides to its visitors through its soft sand, clean water and the high-end services provided by the beach.

Shark Bay Sharm El Sheikh beach is a destination for many swimming and diving lovers thanks to the clarity of water and the diversity of marine life between the colorful fish and the amazing coral reefs.

Finally, you can go on a boat cruise on the beach and get to know him more deeply.

Shark Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Shark’s Bay restaurants

Shark Bay Sharm El Sheikh is characterized by the availability of many restaurants that have won the approval of a large number of visitors to the region, as we can mention some of them, for example, but not limited to, Shark’s Bay Sea Food Restaurant, Sheesh Beach Restaurant and Vue Lounge Restaurant.

Shark Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Shark Bay Sharm El Sheikh

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