The most beautiful tourist places in Algeria

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President’s Palace

The Palace of the Rais located in Algeria is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in it. It is a huge Ottoman palace dating back to the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight by order of the Dai Mustafa Pasha (English: Dey Mustapha Pacha) that was used as a For him, the palace includes a group of houses with large areas, which formed a large, unique complex overlooking the waterfront, and the palace is characterized by being a center of art, culture, as it hosts many wonderful art galleries, performing arts, and graphic arts H.

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque located in the city of Tlemcen is considered one of the most important monuments in the city, and the most famous of them is an example of the architecture of the Almoravids, as it was built by Sultan Yusuf Ibn Tashafin in the year one thousand and eighty two, and it was rebuilt again in the third century after The dome, and the minaret above it now.

Bardo Museum

The Bardo Museum is one of the best museums in Algeria. It is a museum of history and ethnography, in which there are very old exhibits dating back to pre-history, in addition to videos, models, and graphs, and the museum also includes a group of fossils. Pottery from the Stone Age, rock carvings, and others.

The shrine of the martyr

The shrine of the martyr is considered one of the most famous monuments in Algeria, as it was established in honor of the sacrifices of the unknown martyr.

experiments Garden

The Experiment Garden is considered one of the best tourist places in the country; it is one of the largest natural greenhouses on a global level, and the French established the project, in order to experiment with crops, so that the best of them can be chosen in its growth, then the project developed after Algeria became independent. The most beautiful gardens.

Churchill Museum

The Churchill Museum (English: Cherchell Museum) is one of the best museums that includes mosaics and statues in Algeria, as it is distinguished for its collection of statues and art pieces, including: a bust made of marble, and it belongs to the second family of Juba, and a statue of Apollo White marble, pieces of Egyptian Cleopatra, and other works.


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