The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung, Indonesia

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In the following paragraphs we show you the most prominent tourist places in Bandung Indonesia, Bandung is one of the most important cities in Indonesia that depend on its economy for tourism, and what distinguishes it is the presence of places and landmarks that help in attracting tourists from different parts of the earth, due to the presence of hot sulfur springs, volcanic springs, in addition to To waterfalls, tea plantations, lakes, and strawberry plantations, we find that the city combines the beauty of nature, between ancient civilization, luxury buildings and high-end hotels, and the government is seeking to develop services in the place to attract more tourists, and if your next destination is B Andong, we will show you through the following Arab travelers article the most important places that we recommend you to visit, in addition to the activities that you can do in the city.

Tourist places in Bandung

There are many tourist and heritage places in the city of Bandung, we find the natural places that make the city distinct from the rest of the cities of Indonesia, such as the highlands and high mountains, as it is one of the most attractive cities for tourists due to its moderate and gentle temperature, in addition to the sweet and gentle breeze in its atmosphere, therefore The city is suitable for various tourism activities, as it is intended by many tourists and visitors to exercise sports and fitness activities that help to relax the mind and renew the spirit, and we will show you in the following lines the most beautiful tourist places that we recommend you to visit in the city.

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Wonderland Bandung

Kampung Gajah Wonderland is one of the largest mega parks in the state of Indonesia, and this park contains a large collection of tourist and leisure activities that suit adults, in addition to the presence of areas designated for games for young people, so you can go on a car tour in the park Or, ride custom cars on the tracks there to see all the activities in it, as it is possible to go on a fun horse riding tour, in the park there is a large yard that contains a large number of horses, and there are professional coaches to help visitors and accompany them on the tour.
There are also many distinctive and exciting water games, such as high slides and huge pools, in addition to the small pools for the younger age group, you will find in the park what suits all ages and all family members.
The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung Indonesia - The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung, Indonesia

Cheatur Bandung District

The “Ciater” Park, or what is called the Surrey Park in Bandung, is a large area that contains many mineral springs, and hot springs that were formed by the explosion of the Burqa long ago. In the park we find small streams, hot springs that increase the degree of Its temperature is about forty degrees Celsius, as well as sulfur water springs that contain many minerals that the human body needs, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.
This area is also distinguished by forests that contain huge trees, wide green areas, as well as amazing gardens that can be visited with family and friends on a pleasant tour. You can also go to the park to see Tangkuban Perahu in a clear way and take pictures of it, and if your next destination is Cheatre District, we advise you to take an umbrella with you, because it rains a lot of times.
1581262444 271 The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung Indonesia - The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung, Indonesia

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Bandung tea plantations

The tea plantation area is one of the most visited areas when tourists go to Bandung, so “Ciwidey” is one of the largest tea plantations in West Jazah, so tourists go to it to enjoy the picturesque nature, watching the green hills and high mountains, so you can feel You are over the clouds, there are gentle and cool air breezes that relax.
It is possible to go on a tour to see green farms, or to climb over the mountains and to drop by parachute from an altitude of more than 300 meters, also you can camp in the area and discover the area.
1581262444 420 The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung Indonesia - The most beautiful tourist places in Bandung, Indonesia

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