An integrated guide to the best tourist places that exist in the famous city of Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, which includes a large number of tourist destinations that attract the admiration of many visitors from all over the world, besides it is a great tourist attraction, so let us know the most beautiful Places to visit in the charming city of Bangkok.

The most popular tourist place in Bangkok Thailand:

First: The Grand Palace:

  • The Grand Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions that exist in the city of Bangkok, because it is one of the ancient landmarks, which includes magic and attraction, as the history of the establishment of the Grand Palace dates back to the times that were in the seventeenth century.
  • The palace also contains a large collection of statues dating back to the fourteenth century AD, as well as decorations that include the bright golden color.
  • The palace also has the famous Buddha Temple, which houses Thailand’s strongest landmarks in architecture, starting from the colossal statues located at the beginning of the temple.
  • You can also enjoy visiting the museum in the Grand Palace, which includes many artifacts, statues and some ancient cannons.

Second: King Rama IX Garden:

  • King Rama Park is one of the best attractions for tourists in Bangkok, because it includes many scenic and stunning scenery, which gives it an attractive and distinctive view.
  • You can also enjoy visiting this park by renting a boat, wading in the lake and seeing the most beautiful scenery around it from all directions.

Third: Madame Tussauds Museum:

  • The Madame Tussauds Museum is one of the museums that many visitors resort to visiting, because it includes many statues that were made of wax.
  • The museum is also distinguished by the presence of many departments in various fields, and each section has statues of celebrities in it, whether in the field of art, sports, politics, and other different fields and sections.

Fourth: Wat Arun Temple:

  • The Wat Arun Temple is one of the ancient places that visitors are usually attracted to, and they prefer to go there in order to enjoy many different and charming scenery.
  • The temple houses many different and numerous statues, among which is the Buddha statue which has been given distinct design and also the enchanting golden color.

Fifth: the ocean world:

  • The world of the ocean is one of the most famous places in the city, because it is a great source of attraction for visitors, whether they are from within or outside the city, as it includes many different marine creatures, shapes and sizes.
  • One of the most important and best ways to enjoy inside the ocean world in Bangkok is that it is possible to walk in a large tunnel, and through that tunnel can see marine creatures from all directions, and this provides the pleasure of viewing.
  • The ocean world also includes strange and unique marine creatures such as crabs, as well as a unique water spider creature.

Sixth: Dreamworld:

  • As for if you are a fan of entertainment venues and game parks, Dream World is one of the best places in Bangkok for the family, as it includes many different departments that suit all family members, whether they are adults or children.
  • The city includes a special section called the Snow World, through which you can spend quality time between snow and skiing as well, and this section is a product for all family members.
  • The city also has another section devoted to a wide range of interesting and fun games, as well as water games for children, in addition to the section for children, which includes a wide range of anthropomorphic figures.

Seventh: Safari World:

  • The safari world is one of the best places to visit in Bangkok, because it includes many different landscapes, among which are various wild animals including lions and tigers, and some other wild animals.
  • There are also many entertaining performances, performed by sea lions, among which are acrobatic shows.
  • You can also enjoy watching predators such as crocodiles and gorillas, as well as take a boat tour into the park.

Eighth: Dusit Garden:

  • Dusit Park is one of the best places in Bangkok, because it is a large zoo with many different animals, which number more than a thousand and six hundred different species.
  • The park includes a large group of predators, including crocodiles and lions, to which many visitors are attracted.
  • Among the entertainment in the park is to enjoy watching the white tiger, which is one of the most beautiful rare animals.

Ninth: Chatuchak Park:

  • Chatuchak Park is one of the best parks in Bangkok, with many stunning landscapes, beside the distinctive and attractive artificial lake.
  • The park also includes many recreational areas through places for walking and cycling, as well as for running.

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