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Colmar, if you are looking for a city of picturesque nature, simplicity and tranquility while at the same time searching for history and history, you are of course looking for the French rural city of Colmar, when you walk through the streets of Colmar you find yourself suddenly living in one of the films that depict Europe in the past, So allow me to tell you today about that city and about tourism there, and about the best hotels that you can stay in, all of this in today’s article on Arab travelers. Follow us.

What is the city of Colmar

  • It is located in the state of France near Germany and Switzerland, specifically 64 km southwest of Strasbourg on the La Roche River, one of the tributaries of the Io River, and has a population of sixty seven thousand people, meaning that its population is small, which guarantees you calm and away from crowding.
  • What distinguishes the city is its colorful buildings with beautiful colors, cheerful and compact, next to each other in remarkable harmony, and the houses there are characterized by being half-timbered.
  • This city was built in the nineteenth century, which indicates that it is an ancient city with a long history.
  • The city has a warm and sunny climate, so it is considered the warmest city in France, which allows the cultivation of Alsace wine. It is called the capital of Alsace wine. An annual wine exhibition is attended by approximately thirty thousand people in only fifteen days, where concerts for music, dancing and good taste are held. Wines, as well as carrying another title, which is small Venice, where there is a romantic and cosmopolitan neighborhood called Little Venice.
  • In that city there are many famous restaurants with high services and delicious food as well, so don’t worry about good food on your trip to Colmar.

Tourism in Colmar

  • In Colmar everyone enjoys adults and children of all tastes, whoever loves nature can enjoy the beauty of the city in terms of appropriate and warm climate and strolling across the La Roche River in addition to enjoying the cultivated green areas and seeing the flowers scattered everywhere and enjoying the view of the mountains.
  • And who loves to enjoy museums and ancient architecture, he has found its way there because it has architectural and religious landmarks spanning eight centuries of German and French art, with additions of locals who prefer to build using yellow and pink sandstone with wooden frames placed on the houses. Here are the most famous architectural monuments there.

Historic buildings in Colmar

It will be divided into two parts as follows:

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First, buildings of historical and cultural significance

  • Maison Adolph
  • Koïfhus also known as Ancienne Douane
  • Water tower
  • Cour d’appel
  • Gare SNCF
  • Poêle des laboureurs
  • Maison des Chevaliers de Saint-Jean
  • Ancien Hôpital
  • Colmar prison
  • Theater municipal
  • Colmar prison
  • Marché couvert
  • Ancien Corps de garde
  • Cour d’Assises
  • Hotel de ville

As for the buildings of religious importance

  • Église Saint-Martin is the largest church in Colmar.
  • Église des Dominicains
  • Église Saint-Matthieu
  • Chapelle Saint-Pierre
  • Couvent des Antonins
  • Église Sainte-Catherine

Museums in Colmar

Colmar has five distinguished museums

  • Unterlinden Museum: It is one of the major museums in the Alsace region, and it displays a large and distinctive collection of medieval paintings and also includes a collection of archaeological artefacts and some types of modern art.
  • Musée Bartholdi Museum: It is in fact the home of the French sculptor Friedrich Auguste Bartholdi and one of the most famous works of this sculptor is the Statue of Liberty, so as you walk inside this museum you will see paintings, furniture and sculptures of this artist, and there is a special section for the heritage of the Jewish community in this museum.
  • Musée d’histoire naturelle et d’ethnographie: includes a large collection of stuffed animals and handicrafts from the ancient French and German colonies in Africa, as well as some relics of the pharaohs.
  • Musée du jouet: It is known as the Toy Museum and was built in 1993, and it is very suitable for children. You can take your child with you on your tourist trip to Colmar, and don’t worry, they will enjoy themselves too.
  • Musée des usines municipales: the industrial and technological museum, and this museum includes the history of the industrial development of daily technology.

Classic fountains in Colmar

Colmar also has three classic fountains

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  • Fontaine de l’Amiral Bruat, founded in 1864.
  • Founded in 1888, Fontaine Roesselmann.
  • Founded in 1898, Fontaine Schwendi.

Colombian music

If we are talking about such a prestigious city, then of course we will not lose sight of classical music, as since 1980 Colmar has held a world summer classical music festival called the de Colmar Festival.

The most famous Colmar hotels

If you are going to travel to Colmar for the purpose of tourism, then of course you need to stay in comfortable and clean hotels. Below is your guide to the most famous hotels and the best service, which got Highest rating (excellent or exceptional rating) On hotel reservation sites.

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  • Colmar Hotel
  • Appartement Meublée Tout Confort proche – Petite Venise
  • Au nid de Colmar
  • Les Appartements Saint-Martin
  • Saint-Martin Opens in new window
  • Appartement Luxueux Center Ville

The hotels that got a very good evaluation are:

  • Mercure Colmar Center Unterlinden Opens in new window
  • Best Western Grand Hôtel Bristol Opens in new window
  • Résidence Pierre & Vacances La Petite Venise
  • Odalys City Colmar La Rose d’Argent
  • In the end, we wish you a pleasant travel, and you can tell your experiences traveling to this beautiful city through the hashtag # Arab Travelers on Twitter.


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