The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children

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We offer you the most important information about tourism in Cyprus for children. Visiting the Greek island of Cyprus is one of the most enjoyable tours, and its visits are not limited to adults only, but they are the most beautiful tourist visits that your child will never forget.
Where the island contains many fun and entertaining tourist places that are popular with children’s hearts, most notably the clear water beaches and the mild atmosphere, in addition to green parks and historical attractions, and there are many interesting water parks that can be fun and fun while practicing some water games.
Therefore, we offer you an article on the most prominent tourism places in Cyprus for young people and families from the Arab Travelers website.

Tourism in Cyprus for children

Cyprus contains many tourist attractions in which various activities can be practiced, including:

Aphrodite Water Park, Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

  • The Aphrodite Water Park is one of the most beautiful places for children and adults to enjoy, and it is one of the three largest water parks on the island of Cyprus, which is located in the city of Paphos.
  • Children can visit and play many water games and enjoy the beauty of the gardens and the surrounding landscape. There are also many shows and concerts that are offered to children in addition to the participation of some cartoon characters for them in these shows.
  • The cost of entering the park is 30 euros for an adult, and 15 euros for children under 12 years. The park provides its services throughout May to October of the year, and it opens its doors from ten in the morning until six in the evening.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes in the park to serve visitors in addition to a number of sub-services the park provides for the convenience of visitors, including providing places to leave their belongings and belongings, in addition to providing a single bracelet with a bar code that is used to pay for the cafes and restaurants inside.

The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children - The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children

Play Planet In Mall Limassol

  • One of the fun places that your child can spend the day during your tourist trip to the island of Cyprus, where the play planet located in the famous shopping mall in Limassol provides a wide area of ​​games that are completely dedicated for children with the possibility to follow their parents and see them.
  • Children live on the planet of play a state of fun and happiness, as the place offers some activities and games that develop children’s intelligence and give the opportunity to discover their various talents.

1581260694 547 The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children - The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children

George’s Fun Bus

  • One of the fun tourism experiences that your child will never forget, which is a large truck that is dedicated to receive a number of children to give them an entertaining tour around Paphos city and learn about the history of the island of Cyprus.
  • By visiting a number of places dating back to prehistoric times, children can experience the places and learn about the primitive ways in which people lived during this period.
  • Children go their way through the College of Art, to be dazzled by the beauty of this building, which is created entirely from recycled materials, to introduce children to the importance of preserving the environment.
  • Then they pass the Ayios Novitus Monastery, located on a steep mountainous hill, to learn about the religious culture of this place.
  • Finally the bus reaches the sea caves and the Maverock Columbus Dam, where children can swim in the clear waters, hold barbecues, and take some memorial photos of the place.

1581260694 329 The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children - The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children

Limassol Zoo

  • Limassol Zoo provides many recreational services for children and adults alike, as it contains more than 300 different types of animals and birds, and there is a museum of natural history with a huge number of birds, fish and different animals.
  • The park offers many games and activities such as drawing close attention to pets that attract children’s attention, such as rabbits, chickens, goats, and sheep. It also includes an entertainment center with lots of games and fun spaces for children.
  • There is also an educational educational center for children in the park, through which seminars and seminars are held on preserving the life of plants and animals, and documentary films on the natural and wild life of Cyprus are also shown.

1581260694 492 The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children - The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children

Paleontology Museum

  • The Museum of Fossils is one of the most prominent tourist places in Cyprus, which is located specifically in the city of Larnaca, and it is one of the tourist places that bring children fun, entertainment and education together, as the museum has many primitive creatures that lived before the history of the existence of humans on Earth.
  • The museum contains many dinosaur fossils, and fossils of other animals such as dwarf elephants, hippopotamus, which dates back more than 10 years BC.
  • The museum offers a unique activity to add more fun to the children’s visit, which is telling them to collect the largest number of shells in the museum during their tour, which they replace with a wonderful gift when the tour ends in the museum.

1581260694 561 The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children - The most beautiful tourist places in Cyprus for children


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