The most beautiful tourist places in Ethiopia

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A guide to the most beautiful places for tourism in Ethiopia is recommended to visit, Ethiopia has many components of tourism and tourist attractions, so tourism in the country of Ethiopia continued to flourish, achieving more positive progress in terms of numbers of tourists coming to visit it during the past years, and perhaps one of the most important tourist attractions is that it It has a rich and distinctive cultural heritage, as the vast spaces in unique natural areas, and they contain many unique historical monuments such as ancient rock churches, all of these things helped her to be one of the most important tourist destinations in the world.

Visit times:

Ethiopia is famous for its varied climate, as the desert of Ethiopia is considered one of the drier regions on the planet while snow is formed the highest of the highlands of Ethiopia, and most of the Ethiopian countries are exposed to two rainy seasons, the light rainy season which is in February and March, while the heavy rainy season starts from June Until September, the best time to visit Ethiopia is from January to early February because the weather is sunny and dry.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Ethiopia:

  • Vasily metaphysical city:

This historic region known as the fortified city, and is considered the ancient capital of Abyssinia, and is famous for being home to many historical castles and royal palaces as it was the seat of the emperors of Ethiopia in the period from the 16th and 7th centuries! Historical design in the Arab and Hindu style.

  • Blue Nile Falls area:

This region is one of the most natural areas in the tour of Ethiopia, where it is near the city of Bahr Dar overlooking Lake Tana feeding the waterfalls of the Blue Nile, and the height of the waterfalls is approximately 40 meters while its width varies according to the different seasons, where it may reach 400 meters.

  • Low Danielak:

This depression is located in the northern part of the state of Afar in the northeastern state of Ethiopia, and it is one of the most important geological and natural sites on the planet Earth, this depression is home to many geological regions that are represented in the yellow hillside region that consists of mineral deposits, sulfur and salt, and there is also this low The volcanic mountain of Ayalo and many sulfur lakes, along with the presence of Ertal, which is an active basaltic volcanic shield, and the Danakel depression is known as one of the most elevated regions of temperature in the world where the temperature reaches 125 degrees Celsius, also known as NH One of the most regions in the world where a decline is located 100 meters below the sea surface.

  • The town of Lalibela:

This town is located in the Amhara region in northern Ethiopia, and it is considered one of the ancient historical countries dating back to the Middle Ages, which earned it a great reputation as a home for the historical buildings that embody Ethiopian civilization during the Middle Ages, and the most famous historical buildings in it is the ancient rock churches that number 11 churches Rocky, each sculpted in a massive granite block.

  • Semin National Park:

This park is located in the north of Kundra in Amhara region, and the area of ​​this park is more than two hundred square kilometers, as it is home to many areas that extend over charming natural areas, which include abyssal abyss and abyss and includes many deep valleys, and is described as the Grand Canyon of Africa, and is well known as well It is home to many rare wildlife species such as the mountain antler, fox fox and the Ethiopian wolf.

  • Omo Valley:

In the Omo River region, which is located in southwestern Ethiopia, more than fifty tribes live, and this valley is considered one of the tourist destinations for tourists interested in African culture, and despite its location and difficulty to reach it, it is one of the most important sites that its residents maintain their traditional traditional beliefs and among the most people Adhering to customs.

Tourism in the State of Ethiopia:

  • Addis Ababa :

It is considered one of the largest Ethiopian cities with a population of approximately five million people, and one of the most distinctive features of Addis Ababa is the ethnic and religious diversity between its people and is the political capital of Africa because it contains many continental and international organizations such as the United Nations Economic Committee and the headquarters of the African Union, and includes many Among the cultural sites such as the National Palace, the Imperial Palace, the Holy Trinity Cathedral and many museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Addis Ababa Museum and the National Museum of Ethiopia, in addition to it include the Addis Mercato Market, which is the largest African open market, in addition to the landmarks of Adi S. Ababa, such as Mount Antoine, which overlooks the capital, is characterized by its picturesque beauty, as well as the park of lions that abounds in flowers and trees and abounds in lions, as well as the park of Africa, which contains many wild plants and rare wild plants in Africa.

  • Dar Bahr City:

It is the second city after Addis Ababa in terms of its area, and it is the capital of the Amhara Province, which is located in the northwest of the country, and includes many amazing tourist attractions such as Lake Tana unique in terms of its own beauty, and this lake includes 37 islands they have many ancient museums and churches, and there is a bridge Hanging Blue Nile, which people go up specifically to see hippos and crocodiles and see many animals that live there, and on the banks of Lake Tana there is St. George Church, which is one of the largest churches in Bahir Dar and dates back to the 12th century.

  • Awasa City:

Where the scenic beauty, natural and wonderful forests, there abound green spaces, and the city includes two very beautiful lakes, Lake Abaya and Lake Camus, separated by only a bridge of the sky, are considered the ideal facades for natural tourism lovers.

  • Harar City:

It is famous for being the fortified city, where in the old days it was an old walled city and its walls are still present, and this city was famous for its gates from which only the gate of Gagol was left, and it was several centuries ago that it is called the poison the capital of the Islamic Kingdom of Africa, and with the large numbers People have become outside the city walls until they have become one of the big cities and strategic cities, in this city a large number of Islamic monuments can be seen, and most of the population in this city belongs to Arabic origins who speak Arabic.

  • Debrezet:

This city, which enjoys its beautiful and beautiful nature, and there are five huge fresh lakes in Debrezit, which includes many beautiful marine lakes, and this city is famous for the presence of many modern resorts and high-end hotels.


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