Tourist places in France are more than counting or counting, there are major tourist cities such as Paris and Lyon, but there are also dozens of small cities that are known only to travel and tourism professionals. Tourism in the French countryside, for example, needs to be given to tourists for days and weeks, as there are natural places, volcanic lakes, and peaks. The most beautiful mountain in the country in addition to the historical places.

The most beautiful tourist places in France

Tourist places in France


“Peillon” occupies a different position among the tourist places in France, as the small city is located on a high hill, reaching an altitude of 11 km north of Nice. On the other hand, the city of Beilun is devoid of modern and commercial life, as there are no crowded restaurants or gift shops. The city is quiet, suitable for single or group walking tours, whether in green rural areas or on the sliding hills.Tourist places in France


If you are a fan of ancient cities with streets paved with stones and timbered houses, “Dinan” is your best place. Many tourists consider “Dinan” the most beautiful city among the medieval cities so that the traveler does not need to visit traditional museums, the city itself is an open museum. Close-up of the people of Dinan, their nature and culture, one can visit the weekly market every Tuesday morning in the main square.Tourist places in France


“Eze” is a small town on the French Riviera, famous for its ancient castle overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Visiting the medieval castle and climbing mountain paths until reaching it is an enjoyable tourist experience. You can also visit the old church, which was originally a Phoenician temple .Tourist places in France

Sant Antonio

Saint Antonio is one of the most important tourist places in France, which occupies a privileged location above the surface of the sea by about 640 meters !! Due to the high location of the city compared to the rest of the other cities, it was called "Eagle's Nest", but there is more that Saint Antonio offers to its visitors. The city includes only 75 homes Connected to each other in an antique architectural theme, as well as church ruins, military castles and baking ovens. One of the most famous tourist activities in “Sant'Antonio” is bugging for mountain climbing and water sports on the beachfront.Tourist places in France

The village of Roussillon

Roussillon is a small village that can be called the colorful village because of the many flowers and colors that cover it. The houses of the village of Roussillon are covered in red which he moved through time from the mountain cliff rich in iron oxide. Red is not the only color that colors Roussillon village, there are other colors Most of the colors are in painters' paintings.Tourist places in France


The village of “Gordes” is located in the province of “Liberon” and it is characterized by its buildings consisting of white and gray stones and historical buildings that occupy the hillsides. One of the best places in the village is to take pictures of the memorial “Rock Bel Air” on the road (D15). The old one dates back to the twelfth century AD, where monks make honey so far.

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