The most beautiful tourist places in Italy is recommended to visit

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Tourism in Italy For those who have not seen it yet, it is a pleasant pleasure, but due to the presence of places that retain the divine features that God has bestowed on those areas, as well as an indication of the results of the serious work represented by the newly established tourist attractions and making them distinctive, and we will present it as follows:

First: Italy:

Politically, it is a country that adopts the republican system politically, and it is located in southern Europe, off the coast opposite Libya.
The Italian borders converge with French, Austrian, Swiss and Slovenian in all directions, as for the local trend, it is a parliamentary system and uses the euro currency, and most of the Italian languages ​​are used as the first language of the country, English and others and for various dialects.
As for its geographical topography, it is close to three hundred thousand one, two hundred and twenty five square kilometers, and the Italian state is not considered similar to others in many matters, especially what it is famous for in romance, and it is also a European Union country and despite its area it is inhabited by nearly 70 million people Roughly, it represents the world with the highest density, number twenty-three in the world.

Why was Italy called so?

It is said that it was borrowed from the Greeks, which means (the mature land of cattle), and it was called the southern region of it before it gradually expanded to become all the regions of present-day Italy.

Second: the most beautiful places of tourism in Italy

When we go into the issue of tourism in Italy, we will find that during the one year more than forty-six million people are visited by tourists only, it is the fourth country internationally among the prosperous tourism, and the reasons for prosperity, the tourist and practical presence also enjoy artistic features and historical landmarks as well as being a citizen of the fashion industry and culture Current secularism.
Italy endowed coasts that can only be described as distinct and beautiful, as well as a mountain presence on the one hand and on the other ancient ruins similar to the ancient Greeks such as those found in Greece and the ancient civilization of Rome.
Tourism in Italy is one of the factors of its prosperity in the economic financial way as well as it is the largest producer of pasta of luxury and distinctive manufacturing quality, not only so, but as a country of pizza.

Third: The most important and important tourist cities in Italy:


When you think of Italian tourism, you never neglect its capital, that is the largest and most crowded of people of different origins, and it is Rome that attributed to it the ancient Roman civilization affiliation and succeeded famous landmarks such as the Colosseum.
Rome has a private international airport in its name, and it is called an affiliation to the painting Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci Airport, it only takes several minutes to an hour in the worst expected conditions from the heart of Rome at a distance of 35 km, and in order to enjoy the vision of its beauty and its features you can stay in it for four days if you do not want More.

Among the most tourist areas in Italy in Rome:

Spanish stairs related to the exposed museum of Rome, the baroque-style architectural fountain, the alleged, wished around it to throw money inside.
Platinum Plateau, Caracalla Baths that accommodate more than five hundred people, and many others, you will enjoy it on real viewing.


Many of my passionate novels mention the city in their novels, due to the city’s enjoyment of a special tourist flock, which is a captivating city and its buildings are designed in harmony that suits the beauty of the place, and it has canals in which boats can be strolled as a tourist part as well, you arrive from Venice Airport.

Among the most famous or more places to visit or stay in Venice and in general Venice, which implicitly enter the square in Italy:

The gondola of the Grand Canal, its experimenters go through the experience of seeing the landmarks of Venice on the natural and most important landmarks, as well as St. Mark’s Square, which contains the cathedral with the same name as the square, and is famous for Byzantine design architecture with gilded interconnected mosaics, you will find the Rialtois Bridge, the Campanile Tower of San Marco, the Courrer Museum, and the Dome Planetario de Milanoa


An Italian heritage city with high economic history, in northern Italy, interspersed with the Arno River, and it is characterized by the art and architecture that moved to the world, as well as the exhibits present in its exhibitions, visited by Arabs and other foreigners annually, and we can move to and from it with an airport that is only six km away from its heart.

Among the most beautiful tourist attractions in it:

Pitti Palace, the Popoli Gardens, the Florentine Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, which is one of the museums of the historical palaces, Piazza della Sanctuary near more than one important landmark, as well as the most ancient Ponte Vecchio bridge in Italy


Milan is also called, for the city has a tonal diversity with its own splendor. One of its advantages is the beloved containment of cultural antiquities, and another natural diversity. It is one of the cities of tourism in Italy that is visited, and also has an airport in Malpensa forty kilometers from the heart of the city.
The Italian square in Milan includes visiting the Duomo square, its cathedral, and the building of the Vittorio Emanuele, a large gallery suitable for celebrations with the square. The stage is important for Italians and amateur tourists to visit. Here you will find the La Scala theater, nicknamed the Aquarium called Pisvico di Milan, which includes more than a hundred species of marine creatures inside the basins. Great visible to visitors.
You’ll also find the Sforzesco Castle and the Arch of Peace within the tourist attractions of Milan, and the museum of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci is indispensable.

  • Genoa:

Among its attractions are the Alphea Garibaldi, the Piazza de Ferrari, the Aquarium, the Visit of Bucadas, the Beiho Lift, the Maritime Museum, and the Old Town.
Parma – Padua – Messina – and other additional cities within the Italian intermediate-continental country, and each of them contains other features that are similar to their counterparts and differ in architecture, heritage, or otherwise. You will notice the difference yourself when visiting.


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