A guide to the most famous places of tourism and entertainment in Kaprun Austria is recommended to visit, Kaprun village in the state of Austria is located specifically in the region of Salzburg, as it is close to the middle of the Alps chain, which helped her to be one of the most beautiful tourist areas that are visited by many tourists, In order to enjoy its beautiful nature, it is characterized by the accumulation of snow throughout the year, as its area is about 100.4 km2, and in this city there is a large Arab community and we will get to know it in detail on the website of Arab Arab travelers.



The name Kaprun came first during the 9th century, and this name derives from the name Catharbin, which means white water. This village was in ancient times relied only on mining and agriculture, especially in the Illyrian era. It is considered one of the largest mining centers, and the Germans built it during the World War. The second is a major power plant, and this station was opened in 1955.


The most beautiful places of tourism in Kaprun Austria:

  • Zagmond Falls, Thun Kalam:

These waterfalls are a masterpiece of art, and they are considered the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kaprun, this waterfall is an ideal place to spend a full recreational day in terms of fun and fun, the Zagmond waterfalls extend to various lengths of flowing fresh water, and the waterfalls are located in the north of Kaprun, where they are located near Wide meadows and green mountains, as the water flows from between the rocks, it is possible to climb to the top of the waterfall by narrow, secure stairs adjacent to the paths of waterfalls between the mountains.

  • Kaprun Summit:

Its height is about 3000 meters above the ground level, as the snow always covers it all days of the year, so tourists can enjoy skiing until the summer days.

  • Kaprun Castle:

A visit to this castle is like a trip to the past, because the walls of the castle carry the fragrance of ancient history, especially during the medieval period full of excitement, was built in the twelfth century, and every year there are a number of international and local festivals and many parties, and there is also a museum packed with With antiques and medieval collectibles, Kaprun Castle exemplifies an ideal coexistence between the fragrant past and its originality, and the contemporary of the present.

  • Kaprun Slide:

It is considered one of the most ideal areas to spend the weekend with friends and family, as the place is full of facilities and recreational activities, and Kaprun slide is surrounded by many important archeological and touristic places in the city, where many visitors come to visit each year, by tourists and locals going to the northern resorts of I order mountain skiing during the winter days, as many camping huts are located above the top of the Alps.

  • Kaprun Museum:

It is considered a favorite place for those interested in the history of Kaprun and those interested in the entire history of Austria. This place contains many tools and collectibles dating back more than four centuries. Kaprun Museum is a three-storey old house with an area of ​​about 140 m 2, the history of Kaprun is fully embodied during the Middle Ages On the first and second floors, this museum is located amid wide lawns decorated with many large huge trees, many historical houses and important places. The museum grounds are originally the land of the Schneiter farm, where there are a number of tools for the process of living and cultivating T was used by Kaprun residents in the past.

  • Rock Castle:

This castle was built in the 12th century, and in 1975 it was restored.

  • Kaprun Stosen:

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit, as it has a number of water tanks at an altitude of 2 km, characterized by its wonderful water views on the top of the mountain, which helped to attract many foreign and Arab tourists.

  • Coaster Mesfelzer:

It is a rotating vehicle located at the bottom of the Meskogel Skylop, this rotating vehicle can be driven individually, as it is easy to control its speed during the descent by launching the brakes.

  • St. Margarita Church:

Among the most beautiful and magical churches in Kaprun, access to the church needs to climb up, as many foreign and Arab tourists come to enjoy a visit to this religious place.

  • Segund Strait

It is considered one of the global destinations visited by many tourists, it is easy to reach its summit to enjoy scenic views.

  • Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse:

It is located near Kaprun, where it is located on the Hohe Turnhorn National Park, there is a mountain lift.

  • Footer Museum of Cars:

This museum is located in the center of Kaprun, since it was opened in 1996 with the criticism of Mr. Wouter. This museum is located on the ground floor of the hotel, and contains a number of classic classic cars dating back to an ancient time, and the exhibition displays more than two hundred types of cars, in addition to the presence of many bicycles Firearms, which made it a favorite among many car enthusiasts.

  • Berg Kaprun:

It is an ancient castle dating back to the year 1200, by a Bavarian man named Valmenstein, and in 1526 the place was burned, then it was rebuilt again.


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