The most beautiful tourist places in Lebanon

المسافرون العرب

A guide for the names of the most beautiful places for tourism in Lebanon is recommended to visit. The country of Lebanon has an important tourist position, as the country’s economy is based on tourism in a large way. Lebanon combines the magnificence of landscapes with the fragrant and authentic history, as well as the diversity of its geographical nature between valleys, months, mountains, and seas. Embracing many archaeological sites dating back to many civilizations such as the Islamic, Romen and Byzantine civilizations, this Arab Middle Eastern pearl dating back 8,000 years, and its location in the most strategic area linking the continent of Asia with the continent of Europe and Africa in addition to its topography For a peek of the eyes, it is a country full of culture and arts activity and all this helped her to be a beacon frequented by many people, get to know them more through this article on the Arab-Arab travelers comprehensive site.

The most famous places of tourism in Lebanon:

Despite the fears that some tourists encounter about traveling to Lebanon as a result of unstable political circumstances, all of those who fought the tourism experience in Lebanon all emphasized that Lebanon is a safe front, as well as being an exciting and wonderful tourism experience at the same time, due to what Lebanon possesses Charming nature and a wonderful climate, besides it is a small country so it is possible to enjoy its visit in full in a short time, as well as its cuisine, which is characterized by its special nature, and the availability of many tourist attractions as well as the medical of its people, the Lebanese people are known to be fun, friendly and loving people.

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Beirut City:

  • Beirut is the starting point and residence for tourists in Lebanon, as it is the capital of the country and the cultural and economic center in Lebanon and includes many attractions and entertainment means, and embraces many commercial complexes, usually tourists begin their visit to Beirut by going to the center of Beirut, which includes many cafes, shops and many restaurants, in addition to Until many concerts are held in the open air, and this place is considered the soul of Beirut, visiting the Mohamed Al-Amin Mosque, which is one of the largest and most magnificent mosques in the country, which dates back more than 150 years, and wandering around the Beirut Corniche or tastes B to the olive gulf, which is one of the best civilized beaches and tourist destinations in Beirut, or visit Waves Aqua Park, one of the best recreational places there, which is the largest parks in the Middle East as its area covers more than 60 thousand meters.


  • Many regions include archaeological areas and include many Phoenician and Romen monuments such as the remaining structures from the Baalbek Castle as well as the Temple of Venus and the Temple of Bacchus and the Islamic monuments that are represented in the Ottoman houses and the shrine of Sayyidah Khawla, along with the presence of many recreational and tourist attractions, and Baalbek is located in the middle of the Bekaa Valley, which is famous With its green areas, in addition to the Litani River, which increases the splendor and beauty of the city, the city of Baalbek is famous for the number of celebrations and festivals in which the most famous singers of Lebanon and Arab singers are singing, and you can enjoy wandering on the banks of the Litani River and experience Traditional Lebanese food that characterizes the cuisine of the city of Baalbek.

Kafr Debian:

  • It is considered the largest skiing area in the Middle East, as it is located an hour from Beirut, and the area of ​​the shrine of Kafr Debian covers an area of ​​80 km, as it includes about 42 hills, all of which turn to snow during the period from December to April and are intended by tourists during this period to practice Snowboarding and hopping between snow-covered hills.

Jbeil Lebanon:

  • It is about 37 km away from Beirut and is located on the Mediterranean strip and includes many archaeological sites, and includes many open archaeological places such as the remaining parts of an ancient road dating back to the Romen era, as well as the foundations of the great temple, the Romen theater and the site of the king’s eye, which was in the foot as a source of water Main, in addition to many old houses that were built in the ages that BC and monuments dating back to the Stone Age, and there are many castles dating back to the Islamic ages such as the Persian castle and the naval fortress as well as the Crusader castle, along with the presence of a number m The churches, such as the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance and the Church of St. John Mark, as well as many mosques such as the Mosque of Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham and the Mosque of Sultan Abdul Majid, which dates back to the era of the Ayyubid state, and the splendor of the city of Byblos Lebanon is not limited to that it is rich in attractions and monuments, but it includes many recreational attractions Such as the Mediterranean beach and a number of resorts and green spaces


  • This city is distinguished by its distinctive geography and they call it the bride of the Lebanese beach. The city is surrounded by many mountains that are covered with plants and greenery. It includes many recreational attractions such as the Jounieh cable car, and this city is famous for having many old markets, the most famous of which is the old Jounieh market dating back to the century. The 17th, as well as the Kaslik market, which overlooks the sea and the mountain, and Jeita Grotto has many restaurants and cafes.

Tire City:

  • And it is considered one of the ancient cities that has been classified by UNESCO as a list of human heritage. This city includes many Romen archaeological sites, many mosaic paintings and a number of columns.

Cedar Forest:

  • Cedar trees are considered to be one of the symbols of the Lebanese Republic. Cedar trees in Lebanon have a religious and historical value, especially since they are among the perennial trees that date back more than three thousand years. These forests are among the most prominent winter tourist destinations in Lebanon.

Beiteddine Palace:

  • It dates back to the end of the seventeenth century and is known as the Prince Bashir Palace. Al-Zakh moved the headquarters of the authority there after the headquarters was in Deir al-Qamar. After the Ottoman Caliphate, the palace was converted into a summer resort for the President of the Republic.

Hamra Street:

  • It is one of the most famous streets of Beirut and one of its main landmarks, and Hamra Street is characterized as a commercial and lively area, as it includes many commercial centers, shopping centers, and many cafes, hotels and theaters.
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