Know with us in this article on Munich Qarmash, Qarmash is one of the famous German villages located in the southern part of it and attracts many tourists especially in the winter, so many people go to skiing which is famous for it is considered one of the most visited European summits where snow covers its peaks throughout the year Also, its fame is also due to the Olympics held since 1936 until today.
If you like to spend your time in the cold atmosphere between the arms of the picturesque nature, the site of the Arab travelers in this article provides you with everything you want to know about the city of Qarmash, and the most important tourist places that you can spend your time in, so we advise you to read it.

Munich Garmisch

  • It is located near the southern border of Austria.
  • She is called the bride of the German South, because of its charming atmosphere, it is adorned with white snow in winter, and it is characterized by a picturesque and charming nature in the summer.

Coastal places in Qarmash

There are many tourist and recreational places that you can visit, including:

Lake Ipsi

  • One of the most beautiful tourist places that attract tourists in Germany, for the magnificent scenery there.
  • Its most distinctive feature is its clear blue water, surrounded by the “Zugspitze” mountain, which increases its attractiveness.
  • You can spend your time there quietly on one of the banks of the lake and enjoy the trees around you.
  • Or you can wander around the lake and there are pedestrian paths there.
  • You can also take a boat cruise, and at the end of the day you can eat your food in one of the restaurants that offer the most delicious German meals and enjoy this wonderful view.

Qarmash Cable Car

  • It was established in 1963 AD as a means of transportation to facilitate access to the “Zugspitze” mountains, but soon turned to the most visited places.
  • It rises to about 125 meters, giving its passengers a great opportunity to enjoy the view of the Alps, and the scenic landscape from above.
  • If you get the chance to visit Qarmash, you cannot miss a cable car tour.

Trenches in Qarmash

  • It is located in the Strait of Partenich that extends up to 700 meters in the Rintel Valley.
  • Many nature lovers visit it every year.
  • It is characterized by the magic of its airspace throughout the year. In the summer you can resort to it to escape the temperatures, and in the winter you can see the wonderful glaciers that cover its rocks and take unique forms that amaze visitors.
  • You can enjoy taking a tour between its paths, which provides you with the possibility to enjoy watching the water flowing around you, and the waterfalls that spread there from time to time.
  • It also has many small stalls from which you can get some fast food and warm drinks.

Lander Hof Palace

  • One of the most important historical places, was established in 1867 AD.
  • The palace is distinguished by its magnificent garden in a unique medieval architectural style, as well as the lake that gives it more charm, and the spread of historical statues among its parts, as some trees date back more than 300 years now.
  • Also included in the park are “Cave of Venus”, “Honding Hut” and “Monastery of Gurnemans”. During these days of King Ludwik, these places witnessed many cultural evenings.
  • As for the palace, it is distinguished by its luxurious architectural style, and it includes many distinct halls that you have to visit, such as the textile room, which includes a plate painted on linen, the hall of mirrors, the auditorium, and others.

Regional Museum

  • It was established in 1859 AD.
  • It houses many medieval artifacts.
  • In addition to displaying a heritage of folk art.

Richard Strauss Festival

  • If you love art, you should not miss this festival, which takes place every year on the first day of June.
  • It holds a variety of orchestras that you can enjoy.

The Albspix platform

  • The perfect place for adventure enthusiasts with strong hearts.
  • Where it is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, and its length is 24 meters and its width is 3 meters.
  • It gives you a view of the Alpine range and its surrounding scenic landscapes, making you feel like you’re flying over them in the air.
  • In addition to the fun tour of the cable car, it is the way to reach it.

The summit of Zug Spitz

  • It is classified as the highest mountain peak found in Germany.
  • It is visited by huge numbers of tourists to go skiing every year.
  • It rises above sea level for an estimated distance of 2000 meters.
  • It consists of three frozen rivers used as a park for skiing.

The distance from Garmshe to Zell am See

  • The distance traveled from Zell am See to Qarmash is approximately 200 km.

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