The most beautiful tourist places in Muscat

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The Omani capital, Muscat, is left with a history that goes without definition, and its cultural heritage, where Muscat maintains its distinctive ancient civilization, and wonderful features of nature, from mountains and beaches, as well as tourist places that give the visitor a great opportunity to get acquainted closely in the original Sultanate of Oman where the project blends with contemporary originality. And possesses a large number of scenic tourist destinations because of the warm climate, ancient tourist attractions and history of civilization, in addition to the museums that have a great significance of up to 18 museums diversified between heritage, science and nature.
It is also a distant capital characterized by its unique location on the Arabian Sea, and its natural weather that combines the rains of the Indian monsoons, the desert serenity, and its wonderful green nature, attracted to it by tourists from all countries of the world, to enjoy the summer and safari trips, and to practice diving and water sports, and its green valleys And its golden beaches, castles, and old markets, which are widely spread all over the Sultanate. Below we will show the most important tourist places in Muscat.

The most famous tourist places in Muscat:

It is known that the capital will be the first stop for a tourist trip to Amman, as it is a tourist center and an ancient gate, as the project brings together civilization and has the most beautiful beaches and there are a lot of tourist places and they are:

  • Nizwa:

The state of Nizwa is known as a mountainous region characterized by its charming beauty that captures attention, and there are fortifications of the most famous of Nizwa Castle, and this castle is one of the oldest castles in the whole of Oman, and also the fort of Al-Rudaydah, which is characterized by its strategic location and distinctive designs, and the state of Nizwa also has the summit of the Arabian Peninsula And the mountain of the sun, and no tourist can visit Zoe and does not pass the well-known green mountain, which has a height of about 2980 meters, as it is distinguished by its moderate and moderate climate, and there are many different trees, including apricots, pomegranates, almonds, nuts, pomegranates and other trees.

  • Qurum Natural Park:

This park is one of the most important and largest recreational areas for the Sultanate of Oman, located in the heart of Muscat, and the park contains the largest area with a million and 700 thousand meters, and there is a large area of ​​trees and green spaces, and in the middle there is a lake in which it is possible to walk around, through A small sailing boat, which provides young children with many recreational games, many facilities and services in addition to skiing.

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque:

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions for the Sultanate of Oman, as it is one of the largest mosques of Oman and the third largest mosque in the world, where the mosque has access to more than 20 thousand worshipers and an area of ​​933 thousand meters, its construction has taken more than 10 years, and it is known that this mosque is an artistic masterpiece, to Besides the unique architecture and ancient Islamic style, and its types, the stunning carpet that decorates the prayer hall, and is known as the largest Persian carpet, reaching approximately 60 to 70 meters.

  • Mirbat:

Mirbat is the perfect place for people who love adventure and wildlife, Mirbat contains a palm tree that is known as the second largest cave in the world and the largest cave in the Sultanate of Oman, along with Jabal Samhan which is a nature reserve characterized by its green nature, as it is a house that includes many Of the various animals, the most famous of which are the animals in which the Arabian tiger is found, as well as deer, Nubian ibex and foxes.

  • The art of Zone:

The art of weight is considered one of the most important recreational center in Muscat, in addition to the Crimean Natural Park, and it is also an excellent destination for all family members because of its games, activities and activities throughout the year, as the art of weight includes a large hall for skiing on the skin, and other games including bowling and games Electronic and board games, as well as the Snow Village event, in which visitors experience the freezing environment and the polar environment.

  • Zubair House:

Al-Zubair House is located in the city of Muscat specifically near the Palace of Science, and its carved wooden doors were opened in the year 1998 AD, which was opened by the Al-Zubair family in his home where it dates back in 1914, and the House of Zubair is one of the most important Omani heritage, where the museum witnessed a great development in the last period , Until it became an important cultural center, and many international exhibitions are received to present contemporary art, and the museum displays many beautiful pictures of the Omani life style, along with many exhibits of handicrafts, furniture, clothes, traditional weapons, various jewelry, household items and old coins. Rare, as there is also the traditional Omani house and shop books and souvenirs.

  • Bahla:

For all lovers of ancient and ancient castles, lovers of green forests and palm trees, they should make sure to visit Bahla, as it is a green oasis where it appears as a piece that has been preserved since ancient times, it is possible for the stone to move between Bahla Castle, which is characterized by its wide area and its construction on a high hill in The state contains the ancient archaeological mosque, the fortified castle, the famous oasis and its wall that contains many towers and rooms of soldiers, and the Jabrin Fort which is more than forty centuries old, and it also combines engineering and decorative creativity at the same time.

  • Kalbouh Garden:

There is a garden and a kalbooh beach in the state of Muttrah, Muscat, a great opportunity to spend enjoyable times characterized by calm, relaxation and relaxation, away from the noise of the city amid the green natural, along with the attractive terrain that overlooks the waters of the Gulf of Oman.

  • Fontase Mukids:

That city is considered one of the most important places located in Oman, where Avenues Mall is located and is the largest place for shopping in the Sultanate of Oman, and it is considered to be the first experience of its kind in the Sultanate, which contains an entertainment and educational field through a set of new and innovative activities that teach the child through play In addition to a bouquet of electronic games and a lot of fun activities, the city of Fontas is characterized as being the exclusive play area facing towards family members.

  • The Omani Museum:

The Omani Museum is located in the city of media and contains an ancient history section through which many traces of ancient civilizations are displayed and may be represented in stone burials and rock engravings, and includes some remains of archaeological equipment for these civilizations, the most important of which are ancient cultivation tools, many types of soapy stone and some stone necklaces The little ones, which makes it a place that scares many tourists to see its ancient monuments.


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