The most beautiful tourist places in Orlando

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Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Orlando Florida is recommended to visit, as the city of Orlando is famous for being one of the tourist cities that have a distinctive entertainment character, as it is intended by many tourists from all over the world in order to enjoy many unlimited entertainment options, it is a city located in Orange County, Central Florida, in the United States of America, and the city contains a good number of tourist areas, as it attracts millions of tourists annually.

The most famous places of tourism in Orlando:

  • Walt Disney World:

It is a complex and entertainment resort, this resort is located in the Buena Vista Lake and Lake Bay areas close to the city of Orlando, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Orlando as it is an ideal place to spend vacation times, as it is considered the main destination for all projects of Disney entertainment companies in all It is also very popular with the American people, and this amusement park was opened in 1971 in order to provide a distinctive entertainment corner, and it includes a number of attractive and distinctive tourism factors such as Epcot Park that opened in 1982 and the Kingdom of Magic, which is the first of the parks Established in 1971 the same year that Walt Disney opened, it includes Disney’s animal kingdom and Disney Hollywood studios, this is along with a number of restaurants and stores that carry the American artisan style that was prevalent in the thirties of the last century, besides it has two avatars and Pandora parks, as well as it Four golf courses.

  • Epcot Park:

It is considered the second largest park that was built in Walt Disney World, and is considered the third park in terms of visitors’ visit to North America and it comes in the sixth place in the world, and this park was opened in 1982, and it consists of two parts, the first section which is the world of the future and consists of eight Wings, and the second section is the global exhibition which consists of 11 galleries of nations worldwide, and this park is represented by a spacecraft designed in the form of a huge sphere called the geodesic field.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

It is considered one of the largest parks in the world that devotes its interests to everything related to environment, nature and animal conservation matters. Among the most prominent features in the animal kingdom, we find the Tree of Life, which is an artificial tree up to 44 meters in length while its area is 15 square meters. Many varieties and genera have been carved Animals on its trunk, the kingdom includes an exploratory island, a tropical forest, and the Africa region located in the port of the fictional village of Harambe. This region includes a huge number of animal exhibits, as visitors can wander aboard an open safari vehicle to enjoy exploring many African species. With finishing, savanna and rocky hills.

  • sea ​​World :

It is a marine park associated with Aquatica Park and the ongoing Gulf Expeditionary, in order to form an integrated marine resort, this resort contains an entertainment complex that includes several neighboring hotels, and this park is ranked tenth for the most exciting American parks.

  • Magic Kingdom:

It is an amusement park belonging to the Walt Disney World Resort, the Kingdom of Magic is characterized by its classic atmosphere and charming fireworks, where there are Disneyland characters such as Mickey Mouse, and there are many movie characters, and there is a Cinderella Castle inspired by one of the fairy castles seen in a movie Cinderella in the year 1950, and includes a place named Adventure Land, which is very similar to the remote forests of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

  • Disney Studios:

At the beginning of its opening, it was a theme park and studio for TV and film production, and it includes Hollywood Street, which is inspired by the main street of Los Angeles, where visitors enter through a gate similar to the Alban Pacific Hall, and there is also Lake Echo, which simulates the architecture of the golden age in the city Hollywood.

  • Adventure Islands:

This park was opened next to City Walk, and the general idea of ​​this park is to start with the visitors of the park in an exploratory journey that begins since they left the main port and pass through eight islands full of all means of adventure and fun, and includes many entertainment stores and there is the Pharaohs Lighthouse and the Marvell Heroes Island with characters The superhero that appeared in Marvel Films, Skull Island, and the Jurassic Park. It contains the lost continent island, which includes two parts, the Sinbad Bazaar, and the second part, the lost Greek city of Atlantic.

  • The Scientific Center of Orlando:

It is considered one of the ideal tourist places for families, as it encourages learning in a smooth and enjoyable way, this center is an ideal educational activity teeming with knowledge and fun, and the center consists of four floors that contain many exhibitions and giant screen films, in which scientific and technical experiences are shown, etc. This is one of the distinctive and exciting activities.

  • Old City Park:

This park is an entertainment shopping center, located in the Kisikis area in southern Orlando. It is characterized by its beautiful streets, which are adorned with trees. It is possible to shop there with more than 70 shops or eat meals in restaurants there. One of the most distinguishing features of the park is its cheap offers, where it is possible Enjoy recreational tours and game rides for all ages.

  • Lake Eola Park:

This park is located in the heart of Orlando and extends up to the pier that surrounds the lake for a distance of 9 miles, so visitors can enjoy walking or sailing inside the lake in order to see pelicans and other birds living in the garden, many concerts are held beside theater shows, this park includes many cafes and restaurants Spread around the lake and characterized by its wonderful views of the city skyline, the park includes the Alin Memorial Fountain which was built in 1957 and was renewed in 2011 and is one of the city’s official symbols. The park also includes a number of other landmarks such as the Chinese kiosk, the historic house of Eula, the Amphitheater T. Disney Fountain Sperry memorial’s battle of the Jordanian and Japanese rock garden, said meditation.

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not:

This museum appears to have left the ground, its exotic building and its contents of exotic exhibits that were collected by Robert Ripley, Indiana Jones and Marco Polo as they traveled all over the world for more than 40 years and gathered a lot of unique artifacts, reaching The museum contains more than 600 pieces of art, distributed over 16 halls, each of them is designed in a completely different way from the other hall, and the museum includes a spiral colored tunnel for the mind, this vortex makes it seen that puts all its senses in choosing where it will feel the movement of the walk from under it To check how well you can overcome etc. Let visual illusions.

  • Orlando Eye:

It is a giant giant wheel with a high height of about 122 meters, and the first passenger in 2015 and currently known as Coca-Cola has carried the eye of Aurland, and the wheel is managed by Merlin Entertainment Company, and it is described as a control wheel consisting of vehicles that rotate in a balanced manner. This helps the passenger gain an enormous ability to enjoy seeing the panoramic view of the city skyline.

  • Aquarium marine life:

It is located inside the Orlando Eye complex, and it is considered one of the most important tourist landmarks of America, as it hosts a number of marine life items such as jellyfish, sharks and sea horses, and despite the small size of the basin compared to other ponds, it contains several marine species that can be watched closely from Through the glass, besides it includes strange varieties of unknown sea mammals swimming among coral reefs and heads of huge statues, it is possible to wander through a tunnel that runs under the turtle basin and sharks, which was designed as an attractive and fun path, and visitors to the place can see divers while dealing with more than 5000 species Different from organisms Freely.

  • Legoland Games City in Downtown Disney:

It is a park built with inclined skyscrapers and spacecraft, where a visitor can unleash his imagination in this place of construction, which is well equipped without any financial compensation.

  • Madame Tussauds Museum:

This wonderful museum is a trip over the red carpet in order to meet important figures around the world, these characters are wax statues, so that the visitor feels as if on a vibrant journey where he will see the life of symbolic praise by a group of the most famous sports, cinema, music, television and some rhyming and historical testicles Notable, this museum is one of the most important international museums.

  • Winter Park:

And in it samples of grapefruit and mandarin fruit are displayed in the farmers’ market that is being established in Winter Park every Saturday, as local vendors are responsible for selling vegetables, citrus fruits and some of the famous cooked goods in Florida.

  • Disney Boardwalk:

This region is full of many musicians and street musicians who compete to provide the best entertainment for free during the night. This region is close to most hotels in the city, so the area is very popular with tourists, especially in the evening.

  • Typhoon Lagoon Park:

It is considered one of the most popular water parks in Disney City, which was opened in 1989, and includes many recreational attractions, such as windsurfing, water rollercoaster, waterfalls and other exciting recreational places.

  • Hearston Museum:

This museum is where African culture is displayed, starting with 19th-century furniture, which are enormous handcrafted pieces of art, even contemporary paintings for children. The exhibits in this museum are a living display of works of artists of African origin, and come This museum is a kind of tribute to the author Hearston, which was famous during the twentieth century in the town of Aytonville, and this is the first town in the United States of America the entire population of the village is black.

  • Black Hammock Adventure Entertainment Complex ”

There, he can enjoy watching the ferocious Hami crocodile, which reaches about three meters in length while devouring dinner.

  • City’s art galleries:

It is five classrooms and a number of galleries and performance areas, which extend to an area of ​​743 m 2, where there can be seen statues, jewelry and paintings, and watch artists while performing their work.

Best shopping centers in Orlando:

  • Old Town:

The old city is considered one of the most important shopping areas in the city, it is an entertainment shopping center that includes more than 70 shops, and there are a lot of restaurants that provide meals at reasonable prices, the park is characterized by its cheap offers, and it is also possible to enjoy distinctive tours and games that suit All generations.

  • Disney Springs Park:

It is considered one of the most important markets in the city, as it includes a large number of stores that specialize in selling famous brands, besides it includes a number of fine restaurants, souvenirs and big Disney games.

  • Millenia Mall:

It is considered one of the best shopping centers as it contains many international brands such as Chanel, Armani and others. There, all products can be obtained from shoes, clothes, accessories and electronic devices, in addition to a number of high-end restaurants in the mall.

  • Floria Mall:

It is considered one of the modern malls that contains more than 250 stores of various international brands for all products, including cosmetics, fashion, shoes, accessories and others. This mall is located on a huge area, and it consists of one floor so that visitors enjoy a comfortable space for shopping and wandering inside the mall.


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