A guide to the most famous places in Rome is advised to visit from the experiences of travelers, Rome is one of the cities that is distinguished by its luxurious heritage and ancient civilization, in order to give the opportunity to the tourist to enjoy between the milestones of history and unique arts in every corner of it, the city of Rome is divided into many ancient ancient regions, including The Colosseum and the Romen Forum, Capitoline Hill, and also there are many suburbs of Rome where visitors enjoy among their architectural squares and ancient cathedrals that came back to the Renaissance, which makes the tourist at a loss as he is unable to identify all the sights that exist in any M a few but they need a lot of time, it is best that you plan work to make it easier, you visit a lot of areas and attractive in order to discover your own picturesque city, so today we have been keen to provide you with the most important tourist destinations in Rome to help you determine what you want to visit.

The most beautiful tourist places in Rome:

Rome is one of the most important destinations that attract tourists to it, and this may be due to what it possesses of ancient tourist attractions, which are spread throughout, as tourists enjoy great pleasure and fun times in them, and it is one of the most important tourist places that exist in Rome, which attracts millions of tourists Throughout the year they are:

  • The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine:

It is called the great architectural edifice for the city of Rome, where this edifice was used to hold theatrical performances, concerts and many Olympic games, as architects take it as a symbol of football stadiums, and the reason is its skillful designs, which provide them with vision from all sides, and the Arch of Constantine in particular is close to The Colosseum, where it was built in honor of the Emperor, for being a peace seeker, and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions that exist in Europe and Rome.

  • Caracalla Baths:

Caracalla Baths is the second largest public bath in the city of Rome, and it was built by Emperor Caracalla in the third century, with the aim of political propaganda, despite the history of those baths that spanned for more than hundreds of years, but because of its neglect, looting and earthquake that turned the complex into ruins, But despite that its size and creativity Maz Alo so far attract tourists.

  • Vatican City:

The Vatican City is considered one of the most important tourist areas that exist in Rome, and it is considered that it is the smallest city in the whole world, with an area of ​​about half a kilometer. The Vatican City contains the Vatican Palace and the Church of St. Peter, which is surrounded by many gardens, and St. Peter’s Square, The ruler of this city is the Pope of the Vatican and head of the Romen Catholic Church. The city gives tourists a lot of pleasure in terms of its civilization and history, museums, churches and various artistic and historical groups.

  • Villa Farnesina:

Many visitors who want to learn about the way the wealthy lived through the Renaissance, we advise them to visit Villa Farnesina, where the villa is located in the Trastevere neighborhood, where it is famous for its wonderful artistic walls, and a lot of works of artists at the same time.

  • pantheon:

One of the most important ancient ruins of the Pantheon is that it belongs to the Middle Ages, so that it was placed on the list that includes the most important tourist areas in the city of Rome, and has a history dating back thousands of years, and includes a height of about forty-three meters has been used as a place of worship during the mandate of Pope Bonifance V and visited by millions of Tourists throughout the year, until they discover for themselves the beauty of ancient architecture, and learn about the ancient history of this beautiful city.

  • Abyan Road:

This road is known as the oldest and most famous in the city of Rome, and that road connects the city with Brindisi in southeastern Italy, but its origin was a military road, through which you can find many tourist attractions and the Abyan Stone Road is 8 km long.

  • Romen Forum:

Walking inside the Romen Forum and picnicking in the center of a city characterized by beauty and fashion take visitors to historical landmarks dating back millions of years, although the remainder of the forum is a wreck, its dilapidated arches and its ruined columns, but it still enchants every person who takes care of his beauty, and takes him to a second world, which made him from The most important tourist areas in the wonderful city of Rome.

  • National Romen Museum:

Whoever wants to get acquainted with many of Rome’s ancient history, heritage and culture, it is necessary that you do not miss to visit the Romenian National Museum, or as it is called a lot the National Museum, then that museum contains many exhibitions that provide visitors with the discovery of many Romen artifacts and sculptures as well Wonderful jewelry that impressed many.

  • Romen square:

Where the Romen square is located specifically in the area between the hills famous for the name Platen Capitoline, and the Romen debtor is old, a place crowded with a large percentage of the population, as it is a place used to give public lectures, speeches, and so on.

  • Trevi Fountain:

It is one of the most important and largest fountains in the city of Rome, it was built since 1762 AD, was designed by Nicolas Salvi, and owns the fountain carved Neptune, where it connected to this lake, and many have stated that it is an amazing place to achieve wishes, whoever throws coins in it , Will return to her again.



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