A new integrated guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Saudi Arabia is recommended to visit, as Saudi Arabia is famous for being one of the important tourist destinations that Muslims intend, as it is where the Messenger of God was sent and the Holy Qur’an was revealed to it, in which there is the city of Mecca, which millions of Muslims visit for Hajj and Umrah. But this does not mean that Saudi Arabia is a religious tourist front only, but it is one of the countries that dates back thousands of years, as it is rich in many modern tourist attractions and historical places, and the Saudi authorities are concerned with tourism development because of their economic, cultural and environmental benefits and for An expression of the originality and legacy of its heritage, in addition to the geographical, historical, climatic and cultural diversity of Saudi Arabia.

The most beautiful tourist places in Saudi Arabia:

Central Region :

  • Buraidah city:

This city is surrounded by a number of sandy hills and hills, and includes many depressions and its agricultural lands are very fertile, due to the ease of extracting water from the ground covered by a layer of gypsum and limestone.

  • Ad diriyah:

It is the first capital of the Saudi state, which reflects the extent of the kingdom’s strength and strength, it is the city of Al-Samoud, from which the modern Saudi kingdom was launched, and from the services available there are a number of resorts, parks and parks such as the housing park, Al-Eiri Park, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and the City of Family Games .

  • Riyadh city:

This modern and varied city, from which many spectra are formed, decorated with golden sands of its still desert, and is characterized by the presence of many sophisticated commercial and financial centers, in addition to its architectural, cultural and heritage character.

Eastern Province :

This region consists of:

  • Ehsaa city:

It is known as the land of good people and the land of good things and is considered the largest province in the eastern region, and it is home to many ancient civilizations and there are the most important historical and archaeological sites, and among the most important services available we find that there are many tourist attractions such as lakes and mountains, Ibrahim Palace, the Guatha Mosque, Lake Al-Asfar and Jabal Al-Shuba And the mountain of the continent and its caves

Western Region :

It consists of several of the most famous Saudi cities, such as:

  • Mecca city:

It is the heart of the Islamic world and the destination of the first Muslims, and it is the airstrip of revelation and one of the cleanest and holiest parts of the earth. For hundreds of years, Mecca continues to this day receiving millions of visitors from all over the earth.

  • Taif city:

It is known as the city of roses, where gardens and fruit gardens abound, and is characterized by its wonderful climate and ancient civilization, which made it one of the most distinguished places in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Jeddah city:

And it is called the bride of the Red Sea and is known as the city that never sleeps, Jeddah is famous for the diversity of its cultures and is known for its exquisite beaches and the beauty of the popular markets in which it reflects the customs and traditions of the people of Jeddah, and it is a woman of the distinctive folklore of the city, and there are many archaeological sites, beaches and markets besides the presence of many Among the commercial centers, this is beside the historical district of Jeddah, which is considered an open museum teeming with the heritage that tells about the history of this city in a vivid way. Historic Jeddah is located in the city center and includes many distinguished historical sites.

  • Al-Ula and Madain Saleh:

It is located in the northwestern part, as it is 370 km away from Medina, and has international fame for being one of the oldest and richest dust and historical sites in the world, as it was subject to the control of four ancient civilizations.

  • Hejaz railway:

It is a railway line that connects Damascus and Medina, and it was used to facilitate the transport of pilgrims and pilgrims to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and this railway was used for a period of time up to nine years.

  • Al Hada and Al Shifa:

The researcher and the best mountain roads that connect it to the cities that are adjacent to it are linked, and all services are available and include a number of parks, gardens and many hotels.

The northern area :

This region consists of:

  • Sakaka City:

This city, which is covered with palm trees in Zoghbel, is surrounded by many stone pillars and formed at the site of Rajajeel. In order to learn about the drawings and rock inscriptions, it is possible to visit Qadir Palace.

  • Shoaib effects:

And the history of these monuments dates back to the time of the Nabateans, who inhabited the northern Arabian Peninsula, and this island is carved in the same style in the cities of Saleh located in Petra and Al-Ula.

  • Qashla Palace:

This palace is a castle with a rectangular shape that was built of clay, and it extends length from east to west and has a length of 241 meters, and its width from the north to the south is 141 meters, and the palace consists of two floors, the ground floor of the palace includes 83 rooms, in addition to this For the domes, while the upper floor contains 59 rooms, in addition to the presence of many other service buildings.

  • the city of Tabouk:

This city is home to coasts, seas, islands, and snow. This city illuminates the sun’s rays and delights the sea coral. This city includes many tourist sites.

  • Hail meal:

It includes many drawings and engravings scattered on the mountain of Um Sanman in the mountains located near it, and the inscriptions are due to three different time periods.

  • Lake Domat Al-Jandal:

It is an industrial water body with an area of ​​500 thousand square meters. This lake is intended to collect water in excess of the irrigation of agricultural lands. The depth of this lake reaches the middle of 15 meters, and it is distinguished by its distinguished location as a lake located in the desert, and it is considered as a park for the people and visitors of the region.

Southern area:

This region consists of:

  • Najran city:

In terms of history, monuments and civilizational landmarks, Najran is distinguished by its historical diversity full of modernity and renewal.

  • Abha city:

It is called the southern bride, the city of fog and the administrative center of the Asir region. It is a mountainous kingdom covered with scenic nature, and is characterized by its mild climate in the summer.

  • Fursan Islands:

This island is distinguished by all standards, and it is characterized by its diverse and temperate atmosphere where it is possible to visit all days of the year because its climate is moderate throughout the seasons of the year, because the water surrounds it in all respects.

  • The effects of the city of Al-Okhdood:

This city was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and the archeological site of Al-Okhdood is considered one of the most important and prominent archaeological sites in the region. This site is considered the old site of the old city of Najran.

  • Jazan city:

This city is distinguished by its generosity and good reception, and it has many lakes and forests, and there are many rain waterfalls, which gives complete freedom to enjoy what nature harnessed.

The most important tourist places to visit in Saudi Arabia:

  • Masmak Palace:

It is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in Riyadh. It was built in 1895 after the Prince of Riyadh ordered its construction.

  • Al Souda Park:

This park is located on the top of a mountain in the Asir region, where it is located in the city of Abha, and this park is characterized by its wonderful views of the neighboring villages and valleys that are covered with many trees of all kinds, and one of the most distinguishing features of this region is that the temperatures have low during the summer as it is Not exceeding 15 ° C, the park has been connected to another area by cable car.

  • Sharm sailed area:

This region is located on a natural branch on the Red Sea, as its length is approximately 10 km, and a number of cafes, resorts and rest houses have been built on its banks, and people visit it to enjoy sea tours on boats and yachts.

  • Al-Baha area:

This region is located in the southwest of the Kingdom, and is characterized by its forests, valleys and springs, besides it contains several agricultural areas that provide a wonderful natural landscape, and the Al-Baha region contains a number of archaeological areas which are represented by small forts, villages and farms, and one of the most important places that visitors accept in the Al-Baha region is Raghadan Forest This is because it contains a park and a number of housing units to serve visitors.

  • Wadi Al-Tawqi:

It is located in Riyadh and is considered one of the attractive tourist areas that the Saudis are often proud of, and the Touki Valley is the longest valley that is riddled with rocks and talh trees, and visits to this valley abound in the spring and summer seasons, and when it rains on that area, they will be waterfalls that help increase the beauty of the scenery.

  • Wadi Labab:

It is a rock slit located in the north-east of Jizan, this slice in the middle of running water, is one of the ideal parks for fans of swimming and kayaking, where many vacationers go in summer to enjoy the atmosphere and its picturesque nature.

  • Kindergarten outdoors:

This kindergarten is suitable for family sessions in the picturesque nature. It is located in Riyadh, surrounded by the sand sands from the east, and many valleys flow into it and is one of the largest kindergartens, and there are many Sidr trees, talha trees and many types of flowers, which makes this place an ideal spring destination.

  • Viva Mountains:

Also known as the Al-Fifa Mountains, located in the east of the Jazan region, and is considered one of the most beautiful scenery in Saudi Arabia, where the scenic mountainous nature, it is a number of mountains that wrap around each other, and suit lovers of mountain climbing and adventure lovers.

  • Jandal:

And it is considered one of the most famous Saudi monuments, as it is one of the tourist destinations that the Saudis and foreign tourists visit. This Duma includes the Dumat Al-Jandal Lake and a number of heritage sites dating back to Islamic civilization, such as the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque and its minaret, which is one of the first minarets of Islam.

  • Nozzle of the case:

It is located in the desert of the Kingdom in the Taif region, and it is one of the most beautiful and exciting landscapes in the desert of the kingdom, as it prepares for its viewers as if they are in front of meteorites close to the fall in the region. Steam due to contact of molten rock in the groundwater.

  • The ancient village of Ain

And it is considered one of the most prominent archaeological sites in Al-Baha. In all its details, it includes the fragrant history and the past. The village is more than 400 years old.

  • Edge of the World:

It is located in Riyadh and the local people call it Al-Mutal, and it is one of the prominent tourist places where people who love adventure go to it. The best time to visit it is the fall and winter seasons.

  • Rawda Noura:

It is located in the north of Riyadh, and it is considered one of the most picturesque natural areas, and despite being a medium-sized kindergarten, it is abundant with many natural plants that please the viewers.

  • Al Habla Park:

This park is located in the city of Abha, and it is considered one of the wonderful landmarks that can be camped, where enjoying and having more pleasure in the arms of nature that decorated the park, beside that it has all the facilities to facilitate visitors during their trip to the park.

  • Rock paintings in Hail:

It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites that have been registered on the World Heritage List, and its history dates back more than 12,000 years. It has a fragrant world heritage with these attractive rock paintings that tell tales of a past history that is still preserved.

  • Almond Mountain:

This mountain is located in Tabuk near the borders of Jordan, where snow can be seen and called by this name because almond trees are planted in it, and during the winter days the almond mountain is adorned with a charming white dress, the land of this mountain is characterized by the fertility of its land and the spread of many drawings, historical inscriptions and symbols.

  • Al-Faraa Park:

This park is located in the Abha region, and it is considered one of the most tourist areas that provide comfort and enjoyment. This park is a wide green area of ​​200 thousand meters, in which many events are presented during the summer, such as the Egyptian circus, carnivals and the children’s tent.

  • Al-Ahsa Oasis:

This oasis is one of the regions that is a firm and clear representation of coexistence in the land of Saudi Arabia, as history witnesses the coexistence of many religions on its land, and this oasis is characterized by the spread of date palm trees that exceed one and a half million palm trees, in addition to the presence of many water springs.

  • The Empty Quarter Desert:

This desert is an amazing golden sand dunes, where you can go and spend a tea session with friends and relatives in an authentic Arab Bedouin atmosphere, and this desert is considered the second largest desert in the world.

  • the National Museum:

It is a giant cultural monument, proud of the people of Saudi Arabia, and this museum is located in a region that includes many points of attraction, namely the historic square palace and the King Abdulaziz Historical Center.

  • the green Mountain:

This mountain is adorned with green agricultural terraces, and the green mountain is located in the region of Abha, and it looks in a wonderful view that captures the eyes with the wonderful green lighting that adorns the mountain.

  • Unayzah:

It is considered one of the oldest cities in Al-Qassim, and it is a kindergarten with great gardens and gardens, characterized by abundant water and clear soil as well as its modern and developed infrastructure.

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