The most beautiful tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh

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The most beautiful tourist guide in Sharm El Sheikh is recommended to visit, tourism in Sharm El Sheikh is one of the best tourist places that can be visited, and this is because it contains a large number of tourist resorts, where a lot of people come to enjoy them, and some spend their holidays in order to get To rest and relax.
It is also considered one of the best places where swimming, diving and many different water sports can be enjoyed, as it combines many different tourist areas, large hotels, famous resorts, and successful and famous restaurants.

The most popular tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh:

There are many different areas that can be enjoyed in Sharm El Sheikh, where you can enjoy many recreational works in it as well, for this we will get to know many of these places through this article, where it is the most famous:

  • Ne’ema bay:

It is called Naama Bay or Naama Bay, which is one of the most important tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh, and it is a place that is popular with many tourists, and this is because there is no tourist who comes to Sharm El Sheikh for tourism and does not go to Naama Bay, where that place has a special place In the hearts of many tourists, it is a long walkway that overlooks the Red Sea, and it is one of the most indispensable tourist places when making a picnic to Sharm El Sheikh, where there are many restaurants, cafes and hotels that can be stayed on both sides of it.

  • Desert Safari:

This trip is one of the most important trips that give tourists fun and excitement, as it is one of the tourism activities in Sharm El Sheikh, where the resort worked to provide many buses that tourists can move in in all desert areas, as this journey takes 24 hours, and this trip also includes Many of the important actors that increase their suspense, enjoy the experience of riding on motorcycles, enjoying the best nightlife and dining on Bedouin roads in the desert.

  • Thousand and One Nights Village:

One of the most well-known villages in Sharm El Sheikh, it works to provide many historical and various ancient shows, and it has special offers, where a large number of tourists come to visit them annually, and this is in order to enjoy the special offer in it which is the horse show, it is considered one of The most famous shows that are displayed in the village, where it is called the Arobotrack, and this is a different presentation, as well as more ancient historical works, and it has the largest project for sound and light, it is a full-service tourist resort, and it has places that sell antiques and memorial statues, and hotels Restaurants and multi-cheek water park Data, it is one of the largest villages located in Sharm el-Sheikh.

  • The popular market:

The popular market brings together many of the things that tourists need as they return to their lands, it contains wonderful and distinctive souvenirs, as there are many small statues, and there are multiple services shops and there are many products and the cheapest price, as this market is one of the most important The markets that many tourists go to, so do not miss the opportunity to go to the popular market and enjoy the best prices and the best products.

  • Aqua Park Water Park:

This city is considered one of the largest cities for recreational games that exist at the level of Sharm El Sheikh, where specialists worked to develop it and became one of the largest cities at the governorate level, and this is because it has a large number of water games specialized in entertainment, and there are places for children, It is also suitable for all ages, old and young, as it contains several places that can be visited from restaurants and cafes, and it also has wonderful and distinctive hotel rooms, tourism in Sharm El Sheikh will be a real pleasure that we cannot leave.

  • Central Markets:

These markets are considered to be one of the most important markets that the city of Sharm El Sheikh contains, and this is because it has many shops that sell clothes and brands, and there are also all the stores for the famous French paraffins, and this is what tourists go to in the central markets.


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