The most beautiful tourist places in Sharm El-Sheikh

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The most beautiful tourist guide in Sharm El Sheikh is recommended to visit, Sharm El Sheikh is distinguished by its distinguished location which makes it one of the best tourist destinations that many tourists visit annually, especially lovers of diving and enjoying coral reefs and beautiful and magnificent natural scenery. Sharm El Sheikh includes many wonderful tourist places that make Landscape enthusiasts love to go there and enjoy all that they have. Today, you have more information on comprehensive Arab Arab travelers.

The most famous tourist place in Sharm El-Sheikh:

There are many tourist places in Sharm El-Sheikh that we will try to mention to you:

First: King of Bahrain Street:

The Champs Elysées is a long and beautiful walkway and one of the most visited places for many tourists and enjoying it at night.

Second: Riding the glass boat:

Many tourists go annually to enjoy seeing the various and different fish and wonderful coral reefs that we will be able to see and see while we are in the glass boat or the glass submarine it is made from the bottom by the glass to enable you to enjoy and see all the beautiful marine creatures that are unparalleled across the world. There are many different sizes and shapes, and this wonderful trip usually takes only three hours.

Third: Enjoying a Bedouin dinner:

One of the best places you can imagine and enjoy dinner is not a specific place, but it is determined according to the hotel in which it resides, it is a night dinner trip in the middle of the high plateaux in Sharm El Sheikh and there are some tents equipped for you and you are free to choose the preferred place to sit in it and will be provided For you dinner and favorite drinks, there is usually an open buffet, some folk and traditional dance, and acrobatic performances. To enjoy this dinner, you must book at the hotel, and if not in the hotel you live in, you can book a Bedouin dinner in any other hotel and enjoy the best nightlife with dinner.

Fourth: One Thousand and One Nights Park:

This park is one of the most famous tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh, which attracts a lot of tourists annually to go to and enjoy the beautiful entertainment it offers such as sound and light shows, horses show and a hall on Baba as there are many high-end restaurants and there are performers of dancers from all over Egypt Therefore we do not recommend taking children there for those who do not accept it.

Fifth: Seeing dolphin shows:

These offers go to many tourists from all over the world, especially the Russians, Italians and Arabs as well. Dolphins are displayed twice daily and attended by more than five hundred people to enjoy seeing the dolphins who are very happy and beautiful.

Sixth: Tiran Island:

Going on a trip to see the sunken Russian ship that meets you during your trip and going to Tiran Island and the yacht stands in several areas of the sea to give its passengers the opportunity to enjoy practicing various sports, including swimming and floating on the surface of the water with the wearing of some special clothing that enables you to enjoy it and also wear glasses Magnifying water to see and enjoy the unparalleled views of the sea and its charming beauty.

Seventh: Ras Muhammed:

I have issued some foreign magazines and stated that the Ras Muhammad region is one of the best and most beautiful natural regions in the entire world due to its wonderful natural scenery and many rare and beautiful coral reefs that you do not find like any other region as you see many wonderful marine creatures Which dates back more than 20 million years, so going to Sharm El Sheikh, enjoying and booking a trip to Ras Mohamed is one of the best trips and experiences you will ever get.

Eighth: A private cruise:

You can enjoy going on a private trip with your family on a separate yacht just for you, enjoy your favorite sports in the water and have time to have fun.

Nine: The Aqua Park:

One of the best types of water parks and amusement parks that you can spend the best and fun times with, especially children.

Tenth: Shopping:

There are many malls in Sharm El Sheikh, which include a lot of shops, which sell the best international brands in order to enjoy shopping there.
There is also a lot of different sports in Sharm, which help in the atmosphere, sand and plateau, as it is a city you cannot miss to go to so you can enjoy all your time there. There are also many beautiful and different restaurants for all the kitchens of the world and enjoy tasting all kinds of food from “Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and Lebanese kitchens” All you want. ”With great food, you will enjoy watching the best places and the best offers. In the end, we hope that we have benefited you. We also hope that you visit the city of Sharm El Sheikh and enjoy all its wonderful tourist places.


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