The most beautiful tourist places in southern Italy

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The most famous and most beautiful touristic guide in southern Italy, southern Italy is one of the most wonderful areas on the surface of the earth, and the most beautiful, poetic, and cultural diversity, so what are the most important cities in this region, which you should definitely visit ?, and what is the most appropriate chapter for that ?, and what are the most beautiful cities The natural, villages in the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy in addition to the various activities that you can participate in to spend an unforgettable vacation in the arms of charming green nature, comfortable clear seas, and distinctive beaches. More details on the website of Arab travelers.

The most famous tourist place in southern Italy

Italian south:

Southern Italy is one of the favorite destinations for many tourists from all over the world as it contains a lot of tourist attractions, wonderful places, and various attractions, as well as many archaeological sites such as ancient cities, and the remains of the ancient civilization of ancient Greece.
You will find many services available in the cities of southern Italy, and various entertainment means such as tourist islands, huge resorts, wonderful beaches, and the impressive nature that attracts many tourists from everywhere to enjoy this dazzling natural atmosphere, and the various activities that take place daily on the beach.

What is the most appropriate period to visit southern Italy?

Most of the tourists visit southern Italy in the summer months, but many tourist areas are closed in November as it is not part of the tourist seasons, and it is preferable not to visit the city in July and August because of its crowding with tourists from all countries. The most suitable months are August and September, and the temperature reaches 35 ° C, while humidity exceeds 70%.

The most beautiful cities of southern Italy

Among the most beautiful cities in southern Italy are the following:

The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Sorrento

  • If you are a fan of touring antique landmarks and visiting the various monuments, then this city is your next destination.
  • The city is within walking distance of Naples, and the train can be taken to reach it.
  • It is known from her the amazing beauty of nature, and the intensity of the purity of the sky will feel that life is much more beautiful than you could imagine, and it can be reached by land or sea, and it contains many hotels that differ in terms of price, quality, and services to suit all tastes.
  • Sorento is one of the cities you must visit if you want to have some peace and relax while roaming in southern Italy.

The most beautiful tourist places in the city of Paestum

Among the most important ancient cities located in the south of the country, and among its most famous landmarks are the giant Greek temples famous for their wonderful heritage, which still retains its prestige, and its composition over various times without being affected by weather and erosion.
One of the oldest temples in the city of Paestum is the Temple of Hera, which dates back to the year 550 BC. The temple was built by the Greeks during their colonization of Italy, and it is characterized by the beauty of architecture, and the strength of the architecture, and is intended by many tourists, and you will not need for a long time to visit the various areas in it because it is small in size, which will allow you to visit the farms that surround it for the rest of your day or overnight in nearby hotels From it, go to restaurants that offer a lot of wonderful, delicious food at reasonable prices.

The most beautiful tourist places in the city of Alberobello

One of the most famous cities in South Africa, known for the beauty of the architecture, and being separate from any other architecture where the visitor feels that the architecture is a little strange at first sight, and then feels a lot of attraction to homes in its conical shape, which is made of strong stones, which stick together with each other without Cement, which reflects the skillfulness of the city and its ancient residents in architecture and construction.
Many tourists come to visit the city in order to see the conical houses closely, and shop in the shops set up in the same body, and the city of Alberobello is one of the greatest cities that embodies the beauty of architecture dating back to the 14th century AD.

The most beautiful tourist places in Capri

The island of Capri can be reached from the sea, which is one of the most beautiful natural areas in southern Italy, which is visited by many visitors annually due to tourism opportunities, and one of its most important monuments is the magical cave. The island is full of many wonderful areas, such as the summit of the island with a stunning view in addition to Monte Solaro, and there is nothing wrong with visiting Anacapri, which is one of the most elevated cities on the island from the surface of the sea, and St. Michael lived in this dazzling island, which is one of the best global novelists at all.
It is preferable to visit Capri at times other than the time that tourists visit the city, because it becomes very crowded, which may affect the quality of your enjoyment of the various activities in the city, so it is preferable to visit it at any time of the year except for the summer.

The most beautiful tourist places in the city of Marti

  • When you see any picture taken from the city of Marty, it will make it easier for you at first sight to know it. The city is built entirely along the rocky coasts that meet the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Buildings in the city are typical of buildings such as the houses that were built in the Middle Ages, and there is a unique seaport that radiates vitality and activity throughout the day dramatically.
  • Martí is one of the most famous tourist cities in the Italian south at all, and if you want to get off there, you must make a reservation in the place where you will go down before your travel long enough, most reservations in the city are occupied for a year earlier than the date due to the high demand of tourists, especially in October and March.
  • Many recreational activities are performed, most notably activities related to the sea, such as sunbathing, water biking, diving, swimming, and many activities, and water sports. You will find many services such as cafes and restaurants that prepare delicious Italian food at reasonable prices.

Tourism in Amalfi

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most important natural areas, and the most magical in southern Italy, and its visit is a complete experience that brings to you the splendor of the country, and its cultural and civilizational history, and you will find many tourist villages, exciting activities, and the most important of these places:


It is known about the severity of the beach’s beauty, which is the reason tourists visit it in order to enjoy fun and cheerful times on this wonderful beach, and from swimming, diving in the sea of ​​delightful scarlet color, and even lying in front of it for the sake of self-comfort, and brought a lot of calm, especially in Fornillo Beach and Marina Beach are among the most beautiful beaches of Positano.
In addition to the splendor and charm of the beach, there are many other activities that can be uncle such as visiting the shops and craft workshops that spread in the city, and it is also known for the craftsmanship in making sandals made of leather.
Walking in the narrow streets of the city, seeing the workshops that radiate vitality, and the activity will be really cool, and feel free to order sandals made of leather for you only, and at your exact size.

You see me

It is one of the villages of the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy whose inhabitants excelled in fishing, and it is one of the smallest villages based on simple crafts in the first place.
There are many activities that can be done in the village, including wandering in the middle of the village, where you will find the famous Church of San Salgatori, and you can reach the heights of Atrani in order to enjoy a tour of the charming nature, and excellent views of the coast of southern Italy.
If you are only looking for a place to relax, and rest from the crowded, annoying and tiring of the city atmosphere, it is the perfect village for this, so it is known for its inhabitants the simplicity of life, and welcoming tourists at any time, regardless of their nationalities.


You will feel as if you have become part of an artistic painting or a fictional legend as the city is filled with many green spaces reaching a height of 350 meters above sea level.
The city of Ravello overlooks the Gulf of Salerno which is known for its beauty and purity, as is the Villa Ruffolo Palace, which is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the town, and dates back to the 11th century AD, and it was an inspiration to the artist, and composer Rakkard Wagner who was living in it.


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