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Hermann Park

It is a very large park in Houston, and is characterized by its great location as it is located in the heart of Houston, and this park has vast green areas, which may be the largest green spaces in the entire history of Houston, and this park contains the most important wonderful museums in Houston and is a museum Famous science,

As well as the Miller open-air theater, in addition to the golf course, as well as the Houston Zoo, the park also has a very beautiful garden for all kinds of beautiful roses, and also owns the Japanese Garden, so Herman Park is one of the best tourist places in the city of Houston.

Houston Zoo

Houston Park is one of the tourist places that is considered a destination for many visitors, as it includes huge numbers of animals, bringing the number of animals to approximately 4,500 animals, as well as 23 types of different birds. This garden also contains a water basin that contains a large group of Various marine organisms as well as fish, which number about 5,000 species,
This park has special places for reptiles and amphibians, in addition to that it contains a cage for tropical species only from different birds, and the zoo is located inside the Hermann Park as it takes part of it, and the visitor can work to feed the animals himself.

Health Museum

This museum relies heavily on different models and models, as it displays a different set of models for different areas of the human body, and next to the model is the mechanism of its work inside the human body, for example anthropomorphism of the human brain, which is one of the most massive embodiments in this museum, which reaches Length of more than seven meters,
And it was designed with high accuracy as it shows all arteries, cerebral lobes, veins that feed the brain, brain gyrus and other delicate details that dazzle visitors.

Covered stadium or stadium

This stadium is considered one of the most important tourist places in the city of Houston, and this stadium has been classified as the eighth of the seven wonders of the world, and many different sports are held in it, where famous football matches are held, in addition to that it is home to the important games of baseball, which is One of the two teams with it is the Astro team,
Which is considered the most important team within the famous city of Houston, and it is worth noting that this stadium was designed with high accuracy by professional engineer Jack Boyd Buckley, and this engineer has ordered to cover this stadium and work on his land with artificial gas, so this stadium is considered one of the most important stadiums ever. Which is a popular destination for many visitors.

Houston Children’s Museum

This museum is considered one of the most entertaining pleasures for children, as it helps to increase their activity and achieve their enjoyment and work to identify their different skills and this is done through the various activities that exist in the museum and which reach more than twenty activities, in addition to interesting water games, and this museum is considered a phrase About a tower consisting of three floors, and there are many different industrial robots,
It is supported by many different technological means, and it is a pleasure that is given to children is to appoint one of them as the head of this museum during the period of play, it is worth noting that the museum has a special corner to learn the foundations of different mathematics, and direct children to the proper ways to solve different problems in a proper way.

Houston Arboretum

The nursery or nature center in Houston is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Houston, which contains many different plants and flowers inside a large plant hall, in addition to that it contains lakes as well as zodiac in addition to natural rocks, and this nursery contains Butterfly Island, which is considered one of the most important islands that contain a huge group of butterflies, especially rare butterflies, as well as interesting Hemingbird, which contains thousands of different types of birds, allowing the visitor amazing views, beauty and charming natural scenery that captures eyes and hearts. My love of nature you should not hesitate to visit the famous Houston Arboretum.

Smither Park

This garden was designed by Stephanie Smither, to be an anniversary of the departure of her husband, who helped her in designing the dreamy construction, Dan Phillips, and this garden is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the city of Houston, and it was designed on a green area, which is an innovative and wonderful garden, and this garden is from places Houston is very attractive because it has many artistic factors that a visitor can fully enjoy,
Also, this park contains a wonderful park covered with mosaics, which reflects Houston’s activity, vitality and extreme creativity, and therefore this park is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Houston so do not hesitate to visit

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