The most beautiful tourist places in The Hague, Netherlands

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Learn the most beautiful tourist places in The Hague, the Netherlands is recommended to visit? What is the distance between The Hague and Amsterdam? A lot of important information about tourism in The Hague is presented in this comprehensive guide to Arab travelers.

The most beautiful places of tourism in the Netherlands:

The city of The Hague is one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands at all, and for space in the third largest city in the country, and if you want to live an unforgettable tourist experience, you must start from The Hague, as it is one of the oldest tourist cities in the Netherlands.
The city of The Hague is characterized by its strategic location, where you will find many places to visit and you can reach other cities in the Netherlands easily, and you can visit at any time of the year as it enjoys a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere and was the refuge of the great artists and sculptors of the Netherlands.

The most beautiful tourist places in The Hague, Netherlands:

Here are the most important places to visit in The Hague, including parks, monuments, and tourist areas for an unforgettable experience in the Netherlands:

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  • Also called the Inner Court, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city as it was used as the seat of the country’s ruling family.
  • As for Binnhof today, it is the headquarters of the two parliamentary chambers, and it consists of many huge halls, which are used for holding official meetings. The most famous of these halls are the Knights Hall and Ridderzal Hall, and there is also the headquarters for the Prime Minister.

Panorama Mesdag:

  • At Panorama Mesdag you will find the oldest and largest rounded-shaped paintings in the world.
  • As you look at this painting, you will feel as if you are seeing a very natural landscape that is similar to reality, thanks to the wasting on the top, and the three-dimensional drawing is impressive and similar to the reality in a way that will make you believe that it is not just a drawing.
  • The paintings in Panorama Mesdag are designed by the best artists in the Netherlands, especially the artists of The Hague Schools of Art. The paintings were supervised by the most famous artist in the Netherlands, Mesdag, and in cooperation with his wife, he will produce.

Mauritshuis Museum:

The Netherlands is known for the many museums that display the most beautiful artifacts, especially in the city of The Hague where you will find the oldest museums in the world, headed by the Mauritshuis Museum, which was established in 1641 AD as it is one of the most important monuments in the city and contains many unique collections of Between ancient artifacts and international paintings painted by the largest artists in the Netherlands, the museum also provides guides who speak different languages, including Arabic.

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Gemiente Museum:

  • One of the great museums in The Hague, which is located in the neighborhood garden.
  • What makes visiting the Gemiente Museum so essential is that it is surrounded on every side by the archaeological architectural heritage where you will feel that your visit to it will take you to another historical era.
  • In the museum there are many antiques dating back to the nineteenth century in addition to musical instruments that have been used throughout history.

Devin for Day Castle:

  • It is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from the center of The Hague, and it is one of the most important castles built in the Middle Ages in the year 1631 AD.
  • Even today, the Defen For Fort castle is still preserved in its shape and with all its holdings without any change. While walking in the castle you will find that the original antique furnishings are still present, and everything else like the original decoration without touching and pictures of the ruling family in addition to many of the inscriptions and motifs that demonstrate the ingenuity Engineers and architects of that era.
  • Around the castle you will find a beautiful garden, with many rare flowers prepared in the English style.

St. James Church:

There are many churches in The Hague with an ancient history, and St. James Church is the oldest church in The Hague ever since its origins go back to the fourteenth century.
The church is characterized by its impressive hexagonal shape, and one of the most amazing things you can do in the church is to climb to the tower attached to it so that you can see the Hague from above in addition to seeing the giant bell that is inside.

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Square square:

  • Also called the popular square, it is located in the middle of The Hague, and is surrounded on all sides except for the facade in the important government buildings in the country, and on the other side you will find a private square for shops and cafes in which you can drink coffee and enjoy the Hague atmosphere, and see the citizens in their natural lives in the city center.
  • It is known from the square square that it is the most famous place in which to organize public demonstrations or vigils against government policies, which makes it one of the most important places in the whole Netherlands.
  • The Hague is not only considered a tourist and economic city, but it must be recognized that it is one of the best tourist cities not only in the Netherlands, but on the world level, where you will find everywhere a tourist landmark that expresses the great history of the Netherlands and the splendor of engineering and architectural art.

How far is the Hague from Amsterdam:

  • In the event that you want to go to the city of The Hague from the city of Amsterdam or vice versa, you can take the train, which is taken from The Hague from Central Station Copenhagen, where he will reach you to the Central Station located in the city of Amsterdam.
  • As for the costs of traveling by train, it is 9 euros, while a taxi may cost you between 38 and 45 euros. As for the distance between The Hague and Amsterdam, it is 50 kilometers.



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