The most beautiful tourist places near Munich

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A guide to the most beautiful tourist places near Munich, Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria, and it is one of the largest cities in Germany, and the most beautiful at all in relation to its location as it extends to the margins of the Alps in Bavaria, and it has many wonderful places such as the English Garden and historical churches, there is no doubt that it is considered A great starting point for exploring Germany, and not only that, but there are many places around which you can touch in case, there is a place in your schedule, and we will review for you the most beautiful places that you have to explore in Munich, and its proximity.

The most beautiful tourist places near Munich:

Tourist places near Munich, here are the most important places to visit in Myeong:

The new town hall building:

The building was built on the Gothic styles in the year 1908 AD, and it has many bells ringing in the day, attracting the attention of pedestrians, as you will find many elaborate statues made, and the quality upon which the best German sculptors.

Assam Church:

It was built in the year 1746 AD by Cosmas and Corin, and it is one of the largest churches in the south of the country, which is characterized by the beauty of architecture and its mastery, which makes it an attractive artistic painting for visitors throughout the year.

Olympic Tower:

The height of the tower is more than 280 meters, and at the above there is a revolving restaurant that has wonderful views of the nearby Olympic Park, both the Alps and the city itself. You will also find a store specializing in souvenirs that express the city’s history and present.

National Museum of Bavaria:

In the museum there are many monuments dating back to the Gothic, Renaissance, and many different eras in addition to the convincing artifacts of ivory.
In the museum you will find many handcrafted works and artwork expressing the history of the state of Bavaria.

English Garden:

The English Garden is built on 4 kilometers, which is approximately equal to 373 acres, which makes it very huge.
The park is one of the most popular places in the city where there are ancient tourist attractions such as the Greek temple and the Chinese temple, and there are various services, including the coffee shop that offers fine Japanese tea, and all of these are attractive factors for first-class tourists.

Desidenz Grand Palace:

The Great Palace of Desidenz is known as the Residence Museum, and it was built and opened in 1920 AD, as it is considered one of the finest museums in Europe, damaged during World War II, and was restored again in 1945 AD, and the restoration of the artifacts in it to return as they were almost .

Marine Platz Square:

It is a vast square, and it has remained a vital center in the city since 1158 AD The commercial markets and tournaments are established in it, and its name is due to this name Marinzoli Monument that was established in the center of the square in 1638 AD to celebrate the end of the Swedish occupation of the country.

Nymphenburg Palace:

Nymphenburg Palace is located near the district of Neushausen, and around it there are a lot of large gardens, and impressive royal stalls. It used to be the family headquarters of Wittelsbach for a long time.

German Museum:

It is considered one of the museums specialized in technology, different knowledge, and it was established in the summer of 1903 AD through the Federation of Engineers in Germany at the time of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
The German Museum was opened in 1906 AD, and it is considered one of the most attractive museums for lovers of science, knowledge, and technology around the world, and the largest in terms of area as well. The museum is located on an area exceeding 50 thousand square meters, and there are many models of their natural size, such as planes, huge ships, Even nuclear generators, windmills and the artificial pump.

Allianz Arena:

It is one of the largest football stadiums in the city, and it was established to include the World Cup matches in 2006 in Germany, and opened in May 2005, and it is one of the largest stadiums around the world where the capacity of the Allianz Arena stadium capacity reaches 80074 individuals, and its name returns to the German insurance company Allianz, which funded this massive project, will continue to hold the company’s name for 30 years.

BMW Museum:

It is the headquarters of the directors of companies in the Bavarian region for a period of more than thirty years, and established in 1999, in which it displays everything that BMW established in the past, starting from before the World War, the Dixie car, passing through the Azita, and many different designs of cars over Ages, all the way to motorcycles, and various engines. For fans of engineering, production, and automobile industry.

Alt Pinakothek Museum:

It is one of the most beautiful art museums around the world, and it is the oldest of which it has many famous paintings known as Pinakothek, which refer to the era of the nineteenth century.

Markets in Munich:

Find out the best places in Munich that you can buy everything from, as Munich contains many malls, markets that have international stores, and well-known brands in every field.

Vonve Hova complex:

The Funfh Hova complex is one of the most famous malls in the world because it contains many shops specialized in precious gems in addition to fashion stores, cosmetic brands, and decorating, and it also contains a lot of cafes and places to eat.

Maximilian Street:

The Maximilian Street is one of the most famous markets in the city thanks to the many shops located in it, and its excellent international reputation as Dior, Dolce, Versace, and many of the original brands of luxury products, manufactured with high accuracy.

Karstadt shopping mall:

It is one of the best malls around the world, because it includes more than 17 shops, all of which are world famous brands, and the mall is located within the Marina Platz square, which is one of the most famous squares in the city at all.

Reem Arcade Complex

It is one of the largest complexes in the city at all, where you will find more than one hundred and twenty elegant and luxurious shops, there is no doubt that you will find what you want to buy, no matter how rare or not available because the Reem Arcade complex includes many stores, and large in all areas Approximately.
In addition to shopping, you can eat a lot of delicious foods in the restaurants attached to the complex or sip coffee, and various drinks, whether hot or cold, in cafes that are very popular in the eastern part of the city and that are accepted by tourists and indigenous people of the place.

Tourism in Qarmash:

The city of Garmisch is very close to Munich, and you can go by car as it is one of the most popular places to enjoy skiing in the winter, the beauty of nature, and greenery in the summer.

Best tourist places in Qarmash:

Lake Ipsi:

It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany, which makes it a great attraction for tourists to calm nerves, and forget about worries where there is very pure water, and is surrounded on all sides by the mountains of the Zugspitze.

Qarmash Cable Car:

Everyone who visits the city is fascinated by the cable car experience that enables you to see the lake and the surrounding mountains, which is a very picturesque view.

Albspex platform:

The platform is twenty four meters in length and three meters in width, while its height exceeds one thousand meters above the ground level.
The platform enables you to see the Alps from high, and you will feel that you are flying, in the clouds, from the height of its altitude, which is definitely an unforgettable adventure.

Water Gorges in Qarmash:

Many tourists come every year to enjoy the scenery of beauty, great calm, and the sound of comfortable waterfalls as the water gorges extend to more than seven hundred meters, which is a great distance where the length of the rock reaches eighty meters.

Lander Hof Palace:

It enables you to learn about the history of the city, and the different civilizations in which it has evolved over time.


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