The most beautiful tourist program in Malaysia

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You have the best tourist program in Malaysia, so travelers traveling to Malaysia seek to discover it, and they plan to spend time in it according to the city in which they will reside, and what is approaching it from cities or landmarks that may allow them the greatest possible happiness to discover and enjoy spending their time as well. To review some suggestions for The most beautiful places of tourism in Malaysia Here is an article for Arab travelers.

Tourist program in Malaysia

  • The length of vacation in Malaysia controls the estimate of the number of landmarks, or places that travelers will visit. This is in addition to the purpose of travel; Malaysia is an excellent destination for honeymooners, as well as a summer vacation trip with family.

Tourist program in Malaysia for a week

  • The idea of ​​the program on a one-week Malaysia trip depends on spending time in a city Selangor The most beautiful cities in Malaysia, which the program will start with the space of the first nights in. You can visit Batu Caves, the Hindu temple and shrine, then pass to waterfalls. Tumblr Park Surrounded by forests and a distinctive tropical climate,
  • By the end of the day, you can go to a park and playground Sunway not John To visit the American Village, the largest lake in the world, and water pipes.
  • As for the next two nights, you can spend time on an island Penang Tourists love to spend time with their beaches, so they can visit Snakes Temple To learn about different types of them, then go to a park in the botanical garden.
  • And then you can ride the mountain train, which can be seen sights of the island through its rise over its plateau, in addition to shopping in a supermarket, or watching the painters, and sitting with some breaks.
  • Next stop for two more nights on an island Langkawi, Which is one of the most powerful islands for relaxation, snorkeling for coral reefs, and boating. Then you can go to the waterfalls of the seven wells, which are characterized by its natural decoration, the decline of rain water through it, and the spread of monkeys, squirrels and other forest birds.
  • The next excursion on the island of NacawyHoping Tor“Visit all of the island’s landmarks and other islands’ landscapes by boat for nearly 4 hours. During the trip, the boat stops to feed the hawks, and then return to the boat dock.
  • The last leg of the program begins with a two-night visit in the Malaysian capital Kuala LumpurWhich can be visited to visit many landmarks Islamic museum, And roaming bCentral MarketThen visit Sultan Abdul Samad Building, And do not miss a visit Petronas Twin Towers, Can go to visit The pamphlet This mall that not only prepares the climate for its visitors for shopping, but also for participating in music festivals and the festive atmosphere.

Tourist program in Malaysia 10 days

  • This program may suit a couple, may suit a small family, and start the first days of the trip after arriving at the capital Kuala Lumpur airport, and go to a Selangor hotel for a two-day stay. Visits start the next day with a full day in the city’s Sunday Lagoon Games.
  • On the third day, we go to spend three days on an island LangkawiStarting from the fourth day to the sixth day, spending time visiting the island’s landmarks (Eagle Square, And island Pierre, Try the cable car, then the waterfalls, and then do the four-hour cruises, then try theVitreous boat On an island Pulau Bayar, And then visit Crocodile garden, Andbirds Garden).
  • On the island of Langkawi, visits to Medina continue Kuah, And a village Air Henkat , And garden Laginda , And maqam My drasticThen take a taxi tour on the island, and visit the mall Getty Point.
  • The seventh day comes to start an island visit Penang Bellevere, And spend about three days out. In order to try the mountain train, and shopping at the night market. Then visit Butterflies garden Next morning, then Monkey GardenThen go to the island’s waterfalls to spend recreational and fun times, and the next morning a factory can be visited Gold and diamonds, And then go to visit Mount Mira Or Red Mountain, and then go to Mega Mall.
  • Among the restaurants that are recommended to try on the island are: Al Tarbush Restaurant, Al Safina Restaurant, Abu Nawas Restaurant and Al Qasr Restaurant.

Tourism program in Malaysia for 20 days

If you want to extend the duration of your program, you should use the following places:

  • On the eleventh day you proceed to Cameron HighlandThen, start the next day by visiting the most prominent places there: tea plantations, strawberry plantations, flower farms, mountain honey, waterfalls, and popular markets.
  • Starting on the thirteenth day to heights Genting Highland, And start the fourteenth day spending time with it, and visit a theme park First World.
  • Returning on the fifteenth day to Kuala Lumpur, then setting out to visit the city’s landmarks (Kuala Lumpur Tower, Al Manara Tower, The Two Towers Building, Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Bird Garden, Perdana Park, National Museum, and Kuala Lumpur Railway Station sculptures, and take a shopping tour in the market Central, Chinese market, space station, then visit Lake Titi Wangsa).
  • On the seventeenth day go to a resort Avamosa Safari An angel to watch cowboy shows, birds, elephants, camels and animals).
  • On the eighteenth day you can go toFrench village, And temple Pato Caves Or the city of Putra Jaya. On the nineteenth day, it is possible to choose one of the famous shopping centers in the Malaysian capital, such as Sogo Market, and China Town, for shopping, and prepare for the twentieth day to return to the homeland.

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