The most beautiful water park in Pattaya Thailand

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The city of Pattaya includes many different tourist places, as the city of Pattaya is one of the most tourist attractions in Thailand, and the water amusement park is one of the recreational places that a lot of people are attracted to greatly, and we will learn through this article on the best water springs It is located in Pattaya.

Water parks in Pattaya:


Ramayana is one of the most famous water games cities that exist in Pattaya, which is considered one of the most attractive game cities for visitors, whether they are from within or outside the city, and the city of Ramayana water games includes many different and multiple entertainment that attract the admiration of many People who love entertainment, fun and excitement.

Ramayana City Website:

The Ramayana Water Games City is located in Pattaya and it is located specifically in the southern region of the city, where it can be reached only fifteen kilometers from the south of the city, and can be reached very easily, and it is one of the big cities with high popularity in Thailand in general.

Specifications of Ramayana Water City:

  • The city of Ramayana is huge and large, which made it become very popular in Thailand, with a total city area of ​​about eighteen hectares.
  • The city is characterized as one of the cities suitable for all family members, whether for young or old as well as teenagers, as it contains many different departments ..
  • The city is also not only devoted to water games, as it also has a large labyrinth-shaped green space that many find fun in entering.
  • The city also has a group of different stadiums, through which these stadiums can practice many different activities.
  • Another section was created in the city for entertainment, and it is a special section for teaching dance, specifically the famous zumba dance.

Entertainment in Ramayana:

  • You can enjoy spending quality time by playing over twenty different water games suitable for all ages.
  • Kids can also enjoy the water slides and have fun and excitement.
  • Especially children will find a lot of fun by going down to the children’s pool only, which has a large collection of toys, slides, as well as water sprinklers, and not only that, but the pool is surrounded by many brightly colored panels.
  • You will find a lot of fun and entertainment by swimming in the pool in the city, which is characterized by intense waves of varying sizes and also its speed to take you to an unforgettable experience.
  • It is also possible to ride small rubber boats and go down in the wavy river, which is also in the city and is one of the most beautiful entertainment in the city, which has many waterfalls and slopes.
  • You can also see the lake in the city, see a group of statues on the spot and take many memorial photos.
  • And through your visit to that city, you cannot forget to visit the green maze that exists in the city as well, which can be entered, tried and out, and the maze is the letter (R) which is the first letter of the city’s name.

Ramayana visit dates:

The water city, which is one of the largest water cities in Thailand, can be visited throughout the week from ten in the morning, until only six in the evening.

Ramayana entry prices:

Entry prices to the city of Rama Yana differ according to the visitor, as they are different from other water cities, where the prices differ according to the length of the person or the child and not according to his age and this system is common in many cities for games, and the system is as follows:

  • Whereas people whose lengths are more than one hundred and twenty two centimeters, the cost of entry is one thousand one hundred and ninety THB, and this is equivalent to thirty-six US dollars.
  • As for people whose lengths range from ninety-one centimeter to one hundred and twenty-one centimeters, the price of a single ticket will be eighty-nine hundred Thai baht, and this is equivalent to twenty-seven US dollars.
  • As for children who are less than ninety centimeters in length, admission is free.

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