The most beautiful zoo in the world

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San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, in downtown San Diego, southern California. It contains more than 4000 animals of more than 800 species, including pandas, polar bears, elephants, paradise birds, gorillas, giant turtles, and the Komodo dragon, And flamingos, tigers, and there are more than 25 koala in the park, and the 100-acre San Diego area was opened in 1916, and was chosen as the best zoo in the world at the Travelers’ Choice Awards 2015.

London Zoo

The London Zoo, which opened in 1828 AD, is located in the northern part of Regent Park in Westminster City, London, and contains the most comprehensive animal groups in the world, and these animals include the polar bear, Bear David’s deer, giant panda, hippopotamus, and flamingos Chile, and many others. It also contains the largest zoological library compared to other zoos, and the park has an area of ​​36 acres.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo was opened in 1973, and it relied on harboring animals in open pens with landscapes similar to their original habitats instead of cages. The park contains more than 2,800 animals of 300 species, 26% of which are threatened with extinction, and among the main animals in the Singapore Zoo Crocodiles, Asian elephants, otters, white tigers, pygmy hippopotamus, and chimpanzees. The park also contains the Night Safari Park, which is the first night zoo in the world that allows visitors to observe night animals in their natural habitats, and the park area is 70 acres, and visits Annually more than 1.7 million visitors, one of the best rainforest gardens animals in the world.


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